Admin Support with my Fiverr Store business brander.

Welcome to My Dollar Wise Network.

How I support all my team generate a real income online, avoiding all the false hype and outrageous promotions.

YES!!! Get Ready To Learn How To Earn $500 Or MORE Per Month On Autopilot!
With leveraging your income promoting our Refer Me Card at all the sites listed in the down line builder programs listed at Maree Designs.

Any Premium Gig activates Leadership cash back rewards.

I deposit 20% of all my Fiverr Store Sales into our Cash Pool Kitty.
Your rewards are activated the following month of purchase then paid out of the 20th of the following month.
Start Stock Piling Santa Club Gift Card Rewards for sharing my Store. ( Value $20)

We all surf at Social Surf 4 U daily! 

Request to see if we have an available spot open.


When we view adds at List Available our surf team at Social Surf for you receive team points. So we all are FREE Members Here.

I share on a regular basis this post at List Available.

I also go and duplicate this article at LinkedIn. Apsense and IBO.
This is called shadow marketing. Getting the word out there.

Piggy Back on a team Leaders Advertising With Locking In.
I am a freelancer writer and designer, online Enthusiast, marketing entrepreneur.
Participating with affiliate marketing for the past nine years.​​
Offering gigs to suit all levels of advancement.
Any Premium Gig actives Leader ship Club Entry.
I deposit 20% of all my store sales. Sharing monthly with team leader dividends.
Activates Santa Club Gift Card Rewards at our Facebook Group.

Join our Community of individuals who have been following my blue print for years.
Our platform offers member leadership benefits, supplying everything needed to know. ​
On how to start to grow your online business TODAY.
More Visibility , profitable and long term. This is the place to be.

Do not leave your dreams in silence, share your dreams with our community at our Face Book Groups.
We are a group of like minded individuals ready to support you.
Lock in your Gig Today.

​Cheers Maree.
​Admin Owner And Developer!
DWSEarner. Traffic Marketer Pro. ABC4Income.  Maree Designs.



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