Astro Bid and Pricebender Auctions

This is very exciting. Astro Bid Launches at Triple Clicks.

The Forum at SFI is full of support and ideas. 

HOW to start go to your Triple clicks home page.

Click at the right Auction to access Astro Entry.

When you click on the BID button, you will get a window asking you HOW MANY T Credits YOU WISH TO BET.  Enter the amount in the EMPTY Box of T Credits You Wish To Bid.

When you click the CONTINUE button, you will get another window, asking you how MANY T Credits you want to earmark to the Consolation  prizes...  the minimum is ONE T Credit.
There is a slider there.. Left Click to move the arrow so, you can move it right or left to find the number you want to earmark.
If you have bet 10 TCredits, you can leave just 1 TCredits...and if you don't win you will get your 9 TCredits can check them in your T Credits Ledger in Member Center on Tripl eClicks.

You can now win Clues for our popular new word puzzle game, HIDDEN, when bidding in Astro Auctions! Here's how it works: If you've won (banked) Clues at Astro, they'll be available to you from the HIDDEN game interface (click the new button that appears to access them). You can use up to 10 won Clues per game maximum. Enjoy!


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