SFI Gold Team Leader Since 2013!  Shares Big O Spill Over.
Maree looks after our entire SFI Team.  Communicating and Reassigning members.
Our Entire Team Promote this one splash page sharing new PSA Members.
Locking in Our Auto Renewal Training Package at her ECA Store.

Sale leads System for achieving SFI Team Leader Monthly.
Your One Stop Training Zone Supplied at ABC4Income.
Simple to follow Videos and Article in the back office.
Team growth That Will Generate Earnings.
Easy Down line builder to Explode your SFI business.
Make This The Year To Set Up Your SFI On Line Business Opportunity.

I do not promise 6 paid signup OR $88.000 overnight.
This sort of promoting is pie in the sky fairy tales.

BUT I do Promise!
A Proven and Paying Working from home on line business.
With Different Streams of income as you join our Down line builder Program at ABC4income.

You Join, We Advertise, You Earn! 


Our Team are looking for some passionate, dedicated and persistent marketers.

Who are tired of all the hype and false promises. 

Tired of spending and promoting other team members links.

Who want to start seeing results for all their time and expense.

  PAID into their pockets not others.

" Remember! " If it's to be, it's up to me "
Instead of spending here there and everywhere. 
Make your first priority monthly of locking in your auto renewal at SFI.
This is what I do before spending elsewhere.
I lock in the builder bundle which is building my SFI team on Auto Pilot.

If this is out of your reach. Select a cheaper package to start your journey.
Read the 7 Great Ways To Use Your TCredits 

Imagine your Team Over Ride Income if our entire team do this.


1..   Tidy up your G Mail Account. YOU do not want to be missing the easy Smart Start training course you will start to receive.
Make sure to send all unwanted emails to your spam folder, keeping a tidy inbox to work from. 

2..  View The Path to Follow.

The SFI Ultra Basic Plan is all you need to follow to start building a successful SFI business.

PSAs Refer To  (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)
PRMs Refer To (Personally Referred Triple Clicks Members). 
CSA Refer To   ( Co Sponsor Affilates.)


3..  Follow the Smart Start Program.

SMART START CAN’T BE MISSED!  Refer to this training often. 

 Be sure to click the blue Learn Tabs under each topic.
Transfer Buying!  Online Sales!  Affiliate Actions!

New to SFI take full advantage of this package. 

Only avail for the first 10 Days.

Check the Forum for support and training.
Leon congrads me on Platinum team leader

Must Read Post. Team Building forum.
Leave your review at our forum post.




The Plan I update often to follow daily.

My Introduction to SFI! I share this with all new signups and friends.

I designed this package to support all my SFI team in 2013.

Click the SFI Tools to view the benefits when locking in your auto renewal.
Find your link to promote my store with your SFI ID inserted.
I share new PSA signups with all my team that lock in.

Be sure to Click and connect with my ECA Store.

View the Read my ECA News when you click the TC Tab At SFI.

Daily go And Blast YOUR SFI Promotions at ABC and TMP.

NOT a member log into http://www.dwsearner.com

Click above Affiliate then click down line builder to sign up from Random Team Leaders.

Follow the instructions listed in this Video. 

As a team leader I am unique, I used my SFI commissions to pay a member to design this Video. I also started to launch my Network of sites. Giving all my SFI team a friends a one stop working, learning, work stations.
Things have evolved with SFI and DWSEarner since the designing of this video but the principles will always be the same. 
I no longer use Pay Pal.  I was receiving so many emails were arriving where members were requesting PayPal funds to be transferred to their accounts.
If I was not alert, I sometimes slipped up clicking the links, thinking it was Pay Pal funds being added to my account. Instead funds were going out of my pay pal account to random other members accounts I did not know.
Also Pay Pal Suspended in 2016 all Traffic Exchange owners PayPal accounts. When they decided that TE Owners could no longer use their payment processor facilities.
So I thought it easier and safer to just no longer use them.     

Spend around an hour daily listening to the training videos and read the articles I have designed. BE sure to follow our Daily Work Schedule.

It will seem boring and tedious but this is the plan I have been following day in day out for years. Not straying or being lured away.


Set aside one day to read and set up your Bitcoin Portfolio.


All I can do is show you what I do daily.

It is then up to each individual to put the plan into play.

This will determine your success.  

PROVEN and TRUSTED! Complete A - Z Business Set Up In A Box.

Our Dollar Wise Network family of sites are all extensions of Maree Designs.
A registered business in NZ.  ( Registering in 1989) Founding member of Trade Me.
I am the co-founder and developer of the Dollar Wise Network (Established  2009).
I am a successful Online Entrepreneur since 2009!
Mentoring and supporting all her new members within her family network of sites. Offering A Guaranteed Work Schedule, Daily Planner To Follow.
Patience + Persistance will = Profits.
Want to jump start your Affilite Marketing Online. Put me to work for you.
PROVEN and TRUSTED! Complete A - Z Business Set Up In A Box.

★ Learn how to operate your own online working from home affiliate program.
★ Premium includes.
Complete back office set up. Having your website online within 24 hours.
Premium Purchases. To set up your back office information I will need.
YOUR face book, twitter, blog full gateway links. One Business promotional link.
A short introduction about yourself to add.
Then sit back and watch me work my magic.

I provide many ways to network and brand yourself or your business, including Social Media share buttons, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog training Articles and More!
Subscribe today to my U Tube Channel. Access to all my SFI training videos.


DWSEarner is our bitcoin faucet, with great  Games, Mystery Prizes, Team Surfing!
Live surf chat bar for community discussions and updates.
The first page you see daily when you start to surf, gives access to our IBO Newsletter Board. Be sure to read and add your input.
Lock in your Traffic Views Today.  Activates Cash Back Winnings into real cash paid to members Bitcoin Wallets.


SFI Down line Building.
ABC4Income gives all our community back office access to all the SFI training video's and articles to start team building with leveraging your income as you receive commissions from our outside down line building program when any of your team decide to upgrade.
Jump start with putting me to work for you.
Any Premium Gig Includes complete set up of your ABC4Income website.
Just send me your details and watch me work my magic.

Bitcoin Portfolios.
Traffic Marketer Pro gives all our community back office access to all the Bitcoin training video's and articles to start building your bitcoin portfolios, with leveraging your bitcoin income as you receive commissions from our outside down line building program when any of your team decide to upgrade.
Upgrade today with Coin Payment Access in the back office.
Jump start your Bitcoin Business.  Activates our Bitcoin Club Entry.

Affiliate Marketing A-Z Set up Kick Start.
Maree Designs gives all our community back office access to all the Affiliate Marketing training video's and articles to start building affiliate marketing network down lines, with leveraging your  income as you receive commissions from our outside down line building program when any of your team decide to upgrade.
Members have the opportunity to access My Fiverr Store. 
I started to create individual online websites to send my Fiverr clients to gain access to the back office to all my training and fiverr gig services at the one location...
I focus on providing quality work for all my clients at Fiverr.
If you are a solo entrepreneur / independent consultant or starting a brand new business or organization, and need an attractive yet professional marketing pre-written affiliate program website that entices users to take the next step.
Need look no further.  I offer Pre Written Templates, simple Plug in and Go Access.
Each Individual site has all of the features you need built-in, including hosting and support, for a low monthly rate.
I offer numerous self help E Books, videos, Pdf files etc. A-Z online set up courses.
All you need to start your online journey the right way.
Avoiding all the scams and false hype. I have done all the donkey work for you. Researching over the years,  investing thousands of dollars and hours. 

This is a great Blog Post From George.

He is my Traffic Wave Sponsor.

As leaders we all support each other.

I see my Genealogy as a tool to build a list of prospects which I nurture into customers. 

I also use an auto responder to do the same.
In Marketing people think that advertising leads to sales. 

It does not. Advertising generates leads. 

Leads are people who see your products.
Leads then need to be qualified which means you find the people among the leads who are interested in your product, these are prospects.
Then prospects need to be nurtured so they begin to know and trust you and your product offerings. When they do, they become customers.
Customers need to be respected and served and when they feel that, they become your customer, repeat sales and mutual partnerships grow.
This is how I am successful in SFI. 

Building email campaigns that brings eyes on an advert all the way to loyal customers is how you succeed in this business.

Join Our Traffic Wave Team.


Unlimited Email Marketing For $17.95 a month!

Be sure to subscribe to my Blog, so you receive all my updates.




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