TMP Referral Contest.

Traffic Marketer Pro is your one stop location, to learn all their is to know on how and where to generate Bitcoin While Business Branding.
 As I write this article, new members are registering free, right now.

Instead of wasting your money, believing all the hype you see when surfing, instant cash overnight, follow a millionaires program.
(Really I have yet to meet a millionaire within any affiliate program I am with.)
Make your first priority to lock into our TMP Bitcoin Club.

New and Exciting at Traffic Marketer Pro.
Be sure to keep an eye out for the one time offer when you sign up.

Referral Contest. Unique I share profit I make with my community.
Log into TMP and click at the left the link Referral Contest to view.
Once activated TMP Bitcoin Club Entry or Upgrade.
Enter the promo code  "TMPUpgrade" at DWSEarner.

Numerous ways to activate TMP Bitcoin Club Entry.

1... Convert commissions at DWSEarner.
Click above Adds > Buy Credits. Scroll down and click the red button.
Pay With Commissions.
TMP Bitcoin Club Entry + 30 JP Tokens - $15.00
Receive Matching Admin Watch points for every dollar spent.
If you have an active Upgrade with locking in your Fiverr Gig Traffic Views.
YOU also earn 30% when ever one of your downline converts credits also.

2...  If with SFI.  Set this up as an Auto Renewal at my ECA Store.
If in my SFI team I share all new PSA signups.  12 Levels deep.
Click the SFI Tool Box to  View the VersaPoints and Commissions SFI Members will receive from any of their SFI Down line Purchases.
Free Gift ! Entry into our TMP Bitcoin Club.
View more information here.  Read Gery's Message to all SFI Members.
Receive Matching Admin Watch points for every dollar spent.

3...  Activate Access with purchasing this Fiverr Gig At My Store.
I believe in rewarding my clients that support my Fiverr Store.
Giving Cash Back Bitcoin Rewards for introducing my store to the online world.
Each Purchase Activates TMP Bitcoin Club Entry + Basic = Elite Access.
Standard Activates JV access  and Premium Activates Team Leader 3 months Access + 1 Santa Club Gift Card.
Receive with each gig Matching Admin Watch points for every dollar spent. 

4... Listen to the videos.
Convert cash into Game Tokens Bitcoin Club
Bitcoin Club Fast track Income
Traffic Marketer Pro Step Ladder Club
Bitcoin A to Z Set Up Guide
5... Tidy up your Gmail Account sending all unwanted emails to your spam folder.
Do not be one of the 95% that simply skim through their emails without really reading and putting into play the information they receive. 
YOU need to READ to SUCCEED. Do not expect instant wealth overnight. 
It does not work like that. As with any business it will take time to establish.

Remember to view the competition often to see where you are placed with new referrals.
I am advertising in Bulk, sharing all new TMP signups with active TMP Bitcoin Club Leaders.
Go and blast your TMP Splash Page 4 link this month at all the down line builder sites you see listed in the back office.
Change admin site to your User Name AT traffic marketer pro.
lets get some magic happening.

How does it work? Daily view web pages that our community have listed, you will  earn credits that you can use to show YOUR site to other members!
You will receive new eyeballs from our already established client base, viewing what you have to offer on a daily basis, with just surfing a half an hour daily! 



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