SFI Marees Tips to success.

How I will be building my team while generating Web Talk and GDI signups.
Introducing them to my team builder for SFI.

New EAs create new BTLs...who create new STLs... who create new GTLs...who create new PLTs...who create new Diamonds!

Now is the time to set your goals and start climbing the SFI Leadership Ladder, receiving huge rewards.

NOW imagine if 10 or 20 of your affiliates achieve a new leadership Level.

Our down lines will start to explode, doubling even tripling our Team Over rides.


1..   Start with locking into GDI. Best $10 Monthly Investment.


YOU can design all your SFI Training pages in the back office.
Giving access to all your training articles to your SFI downline even when off line.
Feel Free to duplicate all my SFI training articles you see listed at



2..   Register Free to the New Social Media Hub Central of the Future.


I am blasting my SFI and DWSEarner Promotions daily getting signups and sales.
Using my Pages Designed at GDI.
They Are Easy links to type in and introduce our SFI Network to Web Talk Members.

I suggest to lock in this package at my fiverr Store.

Purchase this Fiverr Gig if you would like me to design your GDI Webpage.


Premium Gig includes my Three PDF files I have designed.
1.. Web Talk Introduction.
2.. Web Talk Profile Set up.
3.. Webtalk daily to do.

Once you have locked in the gig.
Send my your GDI user name and password to log in and duplicate.


Changing my links to yours.  Include your SFI Id Number to add a banner to your page.

I have invested thousands of dollars and hours designing an A - Z comprehensive training series, on how to build, duplicate and communicate with SFI.

SFI Are The original working on line program where dreams are achievable.
Did you know? You MUST maintain EA status to retain any CSAs you have been assigned.


TIP! I redeem my rewardicals into VP or T Credits.

Become a Team Leader (TL) to qualify for shares of "Second Home CSAs.

Starting at Bronze, each leadership level you achieve, gives you more CSA's monthly.
New Astro Gateways.


SFI gives you free training for new affiliates


Also, you have Mr. Gery's Rules of success


Share these links with all your Movers Via E Cards Weekly.

How to become an EA.


The Plan Leadership climbing.


5 Years with SFI


Join us at our Facebook Group.


I look forward to watching your success.

Be sure to introduce yourself at the SFI Forum.

Save this letter and be sure to share with all your CSA and PSA members.

PSAs Refer To  (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)

PRMs Refer To (Personally Referred Triple Clicks Members).  

CSA Refer To    ( Co Sponsor Affilates.)

Read My Old SFI Review from 2013.


A lot of these links do not work any more. But still an interesting read.
You can see I had just over 400 in my team which has grown to over 19,500.

This is what setting long term goals achieve.


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