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Comp plan review and adjustments!  This is so exciting.

If you Left SFI NOW is the time to return.


November 19, 2018!

We are kicking off today a special new promotion for sponsors (regardless of your rank) which will allow you to earn 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of additional business-boosting CSAs.  

We call it the Special Compensation Package (SCP).  Full details below.

Effective December 1st, we’ll be testing a new “speed bonus.”  Full details below.

We’re introducing two new badges for the SFI Badge Quest contest. 

We now have an extra 12% of CV to pay out.  Who’s it going to?  Our Team Leaders of course!  In short, 12% of the CV that WAS going to Executive Affiliates…is now going to our Team Leaders as part of Team Overrides.  So, there’s now another big, juicy reason to “go TL!”  

Note that with backdating, you still have nearly 3 weeks to step up to the rank of Team Leader.

Yes Neil saw the power with the Smart Start Program.
Neil Joined on the 11/11/18  
He locked in his 125 T Credit package.
Seeing the power within the smart start program.

As a reward I sent him the three PSA members required to achieve Bronze.

He has not missed a day logging in since he signed up.
Wow and Wow again I say.
He only needs to get 3 VP and then he is BRONZE.


Special Compensation Package with 100% CV Direct Commissions and more!

Here are the details for the Special Compensation Package (SCP):

For any new PSA, you’re going to earn 100% of the CV for that new PSA’s first 30 days in SFI!  

This will allow you to get into profit faster than ever!  Note: This is retroactive to November 1st, so you may have already earned some of these biggest-ever commissions!

If your new PSA sets up a minimum-1200 VP Auto-Delivery order within their first 30 days, we’ll also award you 100 new CSAs.  

This 100 CSAs bonus is also retroactive to November 1st!

At this time, SCP is a limited time special deal, available only on PSAs registered between November 1st, 2018 and January 31st, 2019.  However, if it is well received, we may extend the program and, potentially, make it a permanent feature of our compensation plan.  

Executive Speed Bonus

Here are the details for the Executive Speed Bonus (ESB):

In December,  requalify as an EA (minimum EA) no later than December 10th, and you’ll automatically receive 10 additional new CSAs (to go with the standard 10 Bonus CSAs you receive as an EA perk for a total of 20 CSAs).

Note: ESB is planned to be offered for December 2018 ONLY.  However, if we see a significant number of affiliates requalify as EAs early in December, we will extend the program and, potentially, make it a permanent monthly feature.   

New SFI Badges

**Allow up to 5 business days for new badges to begin appearing**


The SCP (Special Compensation Package) also comes with a great new “CATALYST CLUB” badge.  Earn the basic badge and 250 Badge Quest points when you secure your first 100% CV Direct Commission.

Add bronze trim and a total of 500 Badge Quest points upon achieving 10 marks*

Add silver trim and a total of 750 Badge Quest points upon achieving 25 marks*

Add gold trim and a total of 1000 Badge Quest points upon achieving 50 marks*

Upon achieving 100 marks*, you’ll receive the very special “CATALYST CLUB Elite Member” badge and a grand total of 2000 Badge Quest points!

Special Bonus: Who will be the first affiliate to earn the “CATALYST CLUB Elite Member” badge?  The race is on!  And just to add a little extra energy to that race, we’re going to award 50,000 Rewardicals to the winner.

*How marks are scored for the “CATALYST CLUB” badge:  Each 100% CV Direct Commission you earn (maximum one per PSA) scores you one mark.  Score two more marks (three total marks) if a minimum 1200 VP Auto-Delivery is included.


Qualify for the ESB (Executive Speed Bonus) in December and you’ll receive the new “EXECUTIVE SPEEDSTER” badge. Earn the basic badge and 100 Badge Quest points by requalifying as an EA by December 10th.

Add bronze trim and a total of 200 Badge Quest points by requalifying by December 7th

Add silver trim and a total of 300 Badge Quest points by requalifying by December 5th

Add gold trim and a total of 400 Badge Quest points by requalifying on December 1st  

Should the ESB program be extended, the badges and points will be required to be requalified for monthly.

If you apply your commissions for your monthly re-qualification, you will receive the basic ESB badge.

I have opted OUT of the Big O!  As half of my new signups were going to members I do not know. They have not communicated with me.

So I have done a big restructure.  I reassigned DD Leaders under 3 of my team that have been with me for years.   I will use Martine as an Example.

I reassigned 2 Silver member to her team.  ( Sadly Laverne was one of them, she is very ill and will not be returning.) Martine and Myself will be concentrating in Dec on team Building Lee's Down line. 

This will help Lee Achieve Silver and Martine Achieve Gold.

I will be reassigning to my Team Leaders spill over when they achieve Bronze.

Once they have their two then I will move on to the next team member.

Be sure to send me your SFI Id to reassign members. ( This is for all 12 Levels)

NEW! Purchase this Package at My ECA Store.   A-Z SFI Set Up.


If in my SFI Down line activates One Share with my SFI Team Spill Over.
I invest hundreds monthly in Bulk advertising SFI.

Our own SFI Down Line Club Team Builder.  (12 Levels Deep)

 Average 5-8 NEW Psa  Each Share Purchase. (Send me your SFI Id)

(SORRY you must be in OUR Down line.  SO Check with your sponsor that I am in their Up line.) Go to the Genealogy Tab to view your Up line.

THE PLAN I Will Be Following in DECEMBER.

TIP! If you can afford it go and make sure your Auto Renewal is Paid on the first.

Be sure to Opt out of the BIG O in November.  So it is de- activated in DEC.

Members will still be receiving Big O Spill over in Nov from my promotions.

If this is your first month with SFI and you are working towards Bronze.

Be happy as I will be watching my Movers Tab.

When I see a NEW Member has the VP Requirements for Bronze.  

I will reassign the THREE PSA Required to activate.

All members Old and New be sure to review the Launch pad Training Often! 
Click the Green Tab Top Right. 

Click above the Scoreboard Tab.
Find here what you need to do to achieve the VP for Leadership climbing.

Aim for Bronze..  Receiving New CSA members monthly.
Imagine in a years time your growth.

How To Achieve Bronze Monthly.
Start with locking in your Auto Renewal 100 T Credit Package for $29.00.
This gives you 1200 VP.
Then use these T Credits to generate the 300 VP required to achieve EA.

Moving on to achieve Bronze team leader.
Daily To Do Actions. 
Use the T credits to bit daily with Astro Bids.
Use your winning Rewardicals to redeem into VP and Tcredits.

Use the TCredits to play the EZ games daily, redeeming your rewardicals into VP.

Lets see all our team achieving the Special Compensation Package
Get out their and blast your SFI promotions.

" Remember! " If it's to be, it's up to me"
My Mission! ONE Team - One Vision - One Goal.

My Favorite SFI Quote.
"Come to the edge, He said. They said, We are afraid. Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them...and they flew."
-Guillaume Apollinaire

Join us at our Facebook Group.
I look forward to watching your success.

Cheers Maree.
YOUR SFI and CSA Sponsor.



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