Thank you, for the great job with your SFI business!
For every email I receive from SFI with news about you, for sure, 
I know they are good!
For every look I've made on your profile, for sure, I know I'll smile. 
Just for how happy it makes me feel, to be able to witness your great behavior with your SFI business.
And for every time I smile in the morning because of you!
My day is super good!
Thanks for that too!
and because of how much your success means to me.
Concepcion Zaneldin
My CSA Sponsor.

SFI has now officially entered Their 21st year!  

From a small acorn, SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots.  But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…because we planted an entire FOREST… and it’s spreading across every country in the world.

Not a member sign up FREE today.  

Receive 100% C V + CSA Reassignments from all your new signups in DEC.

Designed for those business owners who want to "filter out" non-serious prospects (people who believe they can do nothing and that money's just going to fall into their laps), this Gateway includes an impressive list of reasons to join SFI and lets prospective affiliates know right upfront that there are no shortcuts to success.

Do not join SFI expecting instant results over night, this is an urban myth.

Expect to be out of pocket the first few months while you navigate your way around SFI. Learning all there is to know on how to build your business from the ground floor up.

Yes I have built a high rise complex with setting my Long Term Goals and working towards achieving Bronze every month since starting out in 2013.

Building my CSA referrals higher month after month, year after year.

With seeing the big picture, this month things have really paid off.

Can you imagine my excitement when I saw this with the SFI Badge Quest.

The key I do not stray. I follow my daily planner day in day out.

After finishing for the day at SFI I work from these two pages.


Check these links often as I update when needed. 

SFI 20th Anniversary PSA SPECIAL!

To help celebrate, SFI are offering a SPECIAL DEAL on PSAs TO GO for all SFI affiliates.  Buy 20 or more PSAs for the special price of just $.89 each!
Each PSA purchased also earns you 23 VP and 10 Rewardicals
(so 20 PSAs gets you 460 VP and 200 Rewardicals)!

I will be stock piling all month. 

These special prices are good until the end of the year (November 27th-December 31st).
ORDER NOW! Start December with a BANG!

A leader should always lead by example. Yes I grabbed my Package.

With the new, recently-announced Special Compensation Package, you’ll earn a full 100%-of-the-CV Direct Commission on all purchases by your PSAs in their first 30 days in SFI!
PLUS, if your PSAs set up a minimum 1200 VP Auto-Delivery order (during first 30 days in SFI), you’ll ALSO receive 100 new CSAs!  This is a fabulous way to build a big team and boost your monthly commissions.
There’s also the great, new “CATALYST CLUB” badge you can earn (see your Badges Tab)!
And don’t forget that just three PSAs (along with 3000 VersaPoints) will advance you to the prestigious rank of Bronze Team Leaders and numerous additional perks and benefits.


It will be interesting to see how my team grows in December.

I have invested thousands of dollars and hours researching Affiliate Marketing over the years.

I am one of the 5% of ECA Stores that Triple Clicks retained.

ECA Xmas & New Year Rewards .   Starting today until January the 25th..

All purchases of the package will receive Double Credits + Matching monthly entry into our Santa Club at Facebook. Activates One Month Premium at DWSEarner our one stop communication advertising funnel work Station for SFI team building.


YOU can use your T Credits to lock in.  TCredit Price: 167  purchase earns  182 VP + 10 Rewardicals. View more information here.



There are thousands of Affiliate Programs on line. WHO do you trust?

I prefer to work with SFI as they have not missed paying my commissions month in month out since I reactivated my account in 2013.

Imagine if I had given up when starting my SFI journey in 2013 simply because I did not understand the program.  I would not be the success I am today.

My December Plan Of Attack!

I make sure my first priority at the beginning of each month to have the auto renewal money in my bank. I pay this before spending any where else.


I changed my order to be paid on the first of each month to participate with the


Daily I start with sending all unwanted emails to my spam folder.

I keep an eye out for the email at the beginning of each new month informing me of the Rewardicals I receive from all my teams participation.
Last month I received 16,000.

I redeem half into VP and the other half into TCredits.

I check all emails from SFI.  Sending Welcome E Cards to all new PSA Signups.


I log in daily turning all red tabs green. 

I click all stream post updates from Gery. 

I then check what is required at the score board tab for leadership climbing.

YOU need to do 1 TCredit bid to activate the red tab for the auction to turn Green.  Click the Auction tab above then click one of the live Astro Auctions to enter.

I gain quick access with clicking the Dash board Link. This also shows me how many actions I need to bid with to stay VP. 

YOU Will See When the Auction is ready. Click Launch.

REMEMBER you must Redeem Winnings.  Click where you see the RED>

I use the winnings at Astro Bid to play the Games Daily. Redeeming the Rewardicals I win into VP or TCredits.  


Each Monday I activate Prime with the Poker and Zack Jack.


Gold Streak Top 10 player!  I love receiving these emails.

CONGRATULATIONS, Maree, you posted one of the top 10 longest streaks for November 28, 2018!

Besides grabbing Top 10 bragging rights for November 28, 2018, you also earned (for the day):

* 6 Poll Points* 10 Rewardicals (redeem at Rewardical.com)
* A Gold Streak badge (or badge upgrade)

I check my new PSA team that are participating with the Smart Start Program.

When I see on the Top Movers Tab that these new members have achieved the VP required for Bronze Advancement.  I go to the Genealogy Tab and reassign the required 3 PSA members to their team to activate The Bronze SFI Team Leader Achievement.  

Members are offered great incentives in the first month with SFI.

Best tip take full advantage of the offers to kick start your SFI business. 


After finishing the day to do at SFI.

Join us at DWSEarner! My one stop communication work station.

Be sure to add your information at the down line builder program.

Here is where I list Fab Prize Giveaways for all my team participation.

ABC4Income is where you gain back office access to all my SFI training videos and articles I have designed after researching SFI.

I practice what I call shadow marketing.
I promote different gateway links at the same sites that all point to SFI.
This way members can see how professional SFI is with amazing gateways.
I find it takes the average Joe Blog about 5 to 6 times of viewing a promotional before they take any action,
I share with my team 3-4 sites to promote SFI with.
Gaining massive exposure as we all promote at the same sites on the same days.
I stress to all my team.
To form the habit of starting daily at SFI. That we use our advertising porthole for ADVERTISING SFI solely.

Many thanks Maree, and Gery too.

Because you are varying SFI adds through different sites/portholes, no 2 adds are the same so in essence, you are already split testing, using different gate-ways and constantly changing and evolving new methods to attract an ever changing client customer prospect base.

In the song "The times they are a changing" by Bob Dylan .
The internet marketing World is also changing every day, and "Communication"Communication, Communication, is the golden key, to enlocking the "Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"
As clothes styles, designs and trends are an example of clients being influenced by an ever changing multicultural world who are not happy with the mundane daily topics, we need to seek out stronger marketing magnets to satisfy our publics needs and desires.

Kind regards
Joseph. D. SFI Silver Team Leader

E Card I Send to new PSA Signups.

My name is Maree Wells. Welcome to SFI.  🌹🌸
It will seem quite overwhelming when you first start your online journey.
SIMPLY take a deep breath, walk away from your computer then return.
Entrepreneur365 (E365) is a fun and exciting SFI contest that gives you great goals to shoot for during your first year with SFI.
While you're competing in E365, you'll also have the opportunity to win thousands of Rewardical Tokens!

MOST Important Follow the smart start program.: 👌

Check all SFI emails that you will receive.
The Smart Start program offers new Affiliates BONUS CSAs and BONUS Rewardicals up until their 30th day in SFI.  So take full advantage and Kick Start your SFI journey today.
Set your goals and for the first year work towards achieving those goals.
All the proof you need view my badges. 👌

SFI has now officially entered Their 21st year! 
From a small acorn, SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots.  But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…because we planted an entire FOREST… and it’s spreading across every country in the world.
SFI is designed for those business owners who want to "filter out" non-serious prospects (people who believe they can do nothing and that money's just going to fall into their laps), this Gateway includes an impressive list of reasons to join SFI and lets prospective affiliates know right upfront that there are no shortcuts to success.

THERE is no reason not to succeed if you follow the program.
Click the Green Tab top right Launch Pad.
Work your way through redeeming the VP for each article.

I look forward to working with you and watching your progress as you climb the SFI leadership Challenges. 
Any Questions ask away at my facebook group.

Cheers Maree.
Working from home online in New Zealand. 


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