SFI Prosper in 2019

Welcome! I hope 2018 was a prosperous year for you.

It was for me. I am starting 2019 as a Platinum Team leader.

The key is not to be lured away.  Stick to a plan day in day out.

Celebrating six years with SFI. Join our winning team and prosper.

it is very simple. Instead of flicking here there and everywhere.
In search for that quick dollar. Make SFI your first priority.


WITH the NEW Launch of the E Commergy.

I changed my Auto Renewals to ECommergy Standard Subscription.$9.97


100 t credit package  $35.00!   $29 if you set it up as an Auto Renewal.
When you activate the purchase a box will open reading. Save With Auto-Delivery!

Activate your Auto Renewal. Study, learn, promote duplicate.


The Headlines page will appear immediately after you log in (and before you see the SFI homepage). It will feature five components (though not necessarily always all five at the same time).

I applied for my Payoneer Master Card in 2013.

Log into SFI click above Income. Scroll down and click Commission collection options to activate. Select then click the GREEN TAB SUBMIT>
Every week I go to my local ATM and withdraw some cash to go grocery shopping.

I have not missed a day logging into SFI since 2013. 

The result.  A five figure income working on line.
I was not lured away with email hype, or promises of outrageous bribes, when surfing.
REMEMBER we surf to gain credits to promote SFI  OUR Primary business.
NOT to sign up with other random opportunities on offer.
THERE is no reason not to succeed with SFI.

Imagine if I had given up in SFI in 2013 simply because I did not understand the program.
I would not be the success I am today. Listen to the video.


Best Tips to 2019 Online Success with Affiliate Marketing.

START with funding YOUR Starter Incentive account.


SFI have announced great new incentives to start 2019 with a bang.
Yes, effective immediately, you can now earn 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of fresh, new CSAs!

Gain back office access to my down line builder program here.

Complete set up at my Down line builder program for SFI team building.
Back office access to all my video and article training I have designed for SFI.
I have invested thousands designing my ABC4Income Script.


Want a video designed like mine above. 

I change the title and the closing 4 text lines inserting your SFI Id Etc. 
Purchase the Premium Gig at My Fiverr Store.
I  host the videos at Our Community U Tube Channel.


If you left SFI now is the time to return. 

I share referrals and training, supporting all our SFI Team 12 levels deep.
Be sure to check your E Mails for all the SFI Training articles.
Take full advantage on all the offers. Locking in your Auto Renewal.

THERE is no reason not to succeed with SFI. As SFI supply all the training.

Simply promote your SFI Gateway at all the down line builder programs listed in the back office at   http://www.abc4income.com

Click above at SFI The FLAME Icon. 

Scroll down and click the Genealogy Tab.

Do not join SFI expecting instant results over night, this is an urban myth.
Expect to be out of pocket the first few months while you navigate your way around SFI. Learning all there is to know on how to build your business from the ground up.
Yes I have built a high rise complex with setting my Long Term Goals and working towards achieving Team Leader every month, since starting out in 2013.
Building my CSA referrals higher month after month, year after year.

Aim to achieve Bronze or higher to receive CSA Shares Monthly.
I have been receiving new CSA members monthly since 2013.
Long term goals means I have over 2435, (Jan 2019) CSA members in my down line.
Imagine my growth when 2020 rolls around.
YOU may check them with the date in your Genealogy:
Click the Visual Genealogy Tab to view your Team Leaders.
Click My Up line and introduce yourself. Request any tips from your sponsor.

Click the Visual Genealogy Link. To see your down line Team.
Click all the hand shakes to activate the icebreaker with new PSA Signups.


Click above at SFI at the right the lightning bolt to enter ECommergy.

Daily join in at the forum in the ECommergy back office.

How to Prosper In 2019.  Jump start your SFI Business.

Lock in at my ECA Store these Kick Starter packages.   RECEIVE my new updated E Books and Video's I have designed. Click the SFI Tool Box icon to generate your store link with your SFI Id inserted and blast everywhere. Earning commissions with every client you introduce to my ECA Store.

One on One training. Standing order for 1000 Visitors Monthly.


A-Z Guide for On line Marketing. Video's and Digital Article Download.


SFI Team Building Packages for online success. 


Great training packages on how to participate communicate and expand your SFI network. Generating a real income online with the original work from home program.

Start each day Logging into SFI, before moving on elsewhere.  Make your first task monthly to set up your Auto Renewal. YOUR goal for 2019 to try and achieve Bronze or higher. Receiving New CSA shares monthly.
Imagine your growth when 2020 rolls around.

Exciting news now rewardicals can be redeemed for CASH.
Remind all your team via E Cards about the NEW SFI EXECUTIVE SPEEDSTER badge! To earn the new Executive Speedster badge and 100 Badge Quest points,
simply re qualify as an EA (or Team Leader) no later than January 10th.

All members Old and New be sure to review the Launch pad Training Often! 

Click the Green Tab Top Right. 


Register free to receive My boot camp training for SFI.


Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life line of your business.

This is a great tip from Leon My Sponsor.  Never and I mean never click through a link in an email UNLESS you had just requested that email (password reset etc...).
Go to the website in question using a previously saved bookmark on your computing device and then securely login to your account.
Phishing scams are very complex and often times very convincing!

READ My SFI Story:


Team Overrides.  

"If your sponsor has not logged in for 45 days and made at least 250 VPs, he will LOSE YOU... and all other his PSAs. You and all other PSAs will go to the next active upline: your sponsor's sponsor if he is active... if not... the first active up line in that line."

Grab the new ECommergy CHARTER SUBSCRIBER badge now! If you've subscribed to ECommergy, your Badge Quest mantel is now sporting a cool new CHARTER SUBSCRIBER badge!
Not yet a subscriber? We'll be offering the new badge for all who subscribe during this month, May, or June.
Not up to speed yet on our new product? Read the announcements here:

We are excited today to take the wraps off another main piece of ECommergy...our ECommergy Forum!

Get all the important details here:



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