I am proud to introduce Oru the Game Changer for 2019.

Welcome to Our Oru Network. 
A wise man once said "use the right tool for the right job."
This proverb not only inspired my desire for marketing tools…
It also inspired my inspiration for designing my Dollar Wise  Blue print.

Register and start receiving great ORU benefits and rewards immediately.


It is not often I join a new program. In all my ten years working online, nothing has built as fast as my Oru Network. Impressive I must say.

Join Our community of thousands of individuals!
Who have been earning for years, simply with following My Dollar Wise Planner!
We all have the same goals and desires.
How to generate a real income online.

Be sure to give the page a like and check in often adding your input.

Listen to my Introduction Video.

No Bells or Whistles! No Store! No Worries!
As A team we all promote the same link at the same sites on the same days.
Gaining massive exposure for our members On Line Shopping Outlets! 

Linking communities one transaction at a time.

When viewing you will be asked to enter your credit card details to pay a one off fee of $24.00 ( This covers the cost of the debit card )  + $5.00 which is a monthly auto renewal subscription.

Each and every following month your Debit Card will be charged $5.00.

Once inside the back office click at the left and fill in the details to receive your debit card.

You will find all the training videos in the back office.  

Set aside one day to review them. 

Log in at the left scroll down the menu and click where it reads HELP!

I am a seasoned online entrepreneur, co- founder and developer of the Dollarwise Network. (Established 2009) 
Life Style Coach for everything affiliate marketing related.
Introducing sellers to buyers and advertiser.

In 2017 I moved over to paying our Dollar Wise Network Community with Bit Coin.
NOW! I am introducing ORU as a way to reward my community for participation and duplication.
Rewarding members with rebates, rewards, and client introduction incentives.

Paid to their Debit Cards or ORU MYFUND Accounts.

DWSEarner Monthly Down line club entry.

Includes 2000 Traffic Views to blast your Oru Promotions at DWSEarner. 
1 monthly share in our Down Line Club. ( 5-8 new signups.)
Earning 30% from all your Client  referral purchases. 
Paid monthly to your ORU MyFunds Or Debit Card.


Debit Card Security use a second debit card for all your online transactions.

Transferring money over from your main bank account.

Think About -Anything & Everything to Anyone & Everyone - 

Anywhere & Everywhere!

Log in and click at the left Oru Social.

Do a Daily Post keeping the community updated with your progress.
Join Our Group at Oru!  Dollarwise.

ORU Market Place.
Check out my Products for sale.

DWSEarner Monthly Premium Upgrade.

Includes 2000 Traffic Views.
Earning 30% from all your DWSEarner referral purchases.

I am very excited to be able to start paying commissions to members Oru Debit Card.

Video Business Brander.

Put me to work for you designing your Video Promotion. 

NEW I will host these videos I design at our Santa Club at Facebook. Introducing A Complete A-Z online business video setup in a Box.
Place your Order at my Oru Store.
Earning Oru Club Cash Back Rewards with every sale.

Power Point Videos. Videos are approx 2 Minutes Long.

Listen to the introduction Videos.

ORU Network - Nick VandenBrekel - ORU Market


ORU Rewards Program - ORUPAY


ORU Social - How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives - Nicholas Vandenbrekel


ORU Visa Black Card - ORU Prepaid Visa Card


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Share this Welcome E Mail I send weekly to all my team.

Apply for your debit card today.

You will be charged $29.99 then monthly after that $5.99
The $24.00 covers the cost of the debit card.
Make sure to copy and paste my sharing code DOL6440 if it is not showing  as the sponsor before continuing.
I love this quote.
"When you tell someone about ORU, keep in mind the old adage ...
 You can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed."

NEW Maree Designs will be paying members commissions owed throughout her Dollar Wise Network with her My Funds or Oru Debit Card.

Register your information today on how your would like YOUR Cash Back Rewards PAID.

1...  Oru Card ( Add User Name)     Or         2...    Bitcoin Wallet. (Add Wallet Address)

Team Leader leading by example.   With in my first week this is the email I received.

Congratulations! You have received an ORUScore Participation reward deposit of $ 2.79  in your MYFUNDS account!  Plus I am receiving $10.00 for every new client that activates their membership.

Starting with baby steps that will turn into giant leaps.

My Sponsor is training me all the way.  This is the email I received from them.

I want you to understand is that when business owners REALLY grasp what ORU has to offer.

This thing will blow up to an astronomical level.

That is going to happen either with us, or without us. What you need to do, if you haven't done so already, is get positioned immediately.

You don't need to analyze it to death right now.

There is so much to it, you won't get it all at once anyway. After you're in a while, your mind will illuminate and you'll start to really "get it."

The cost to start is $29.95, After that, it's $5.95 per month.

The benefits far out-way the 5.95 a month. Not only that, you'll get a monthly participation bonus, that offsets the monthly six bucks.

In addition to, and on top of, tell a few people, stand back, and watch your fortune grow! 

It's gravy on top of gravy, on top of gravy. Just do it!!!

You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

When you consider the world of commerce, everything from A to Z is available to buy.

When you consider the range of opportunities available, there are people who are attracted to certain products and services, but not to other businesses. And, when you survey the regions of the world, you'll find some areas where a particular business thrives, but other areas, where they do not go over well. Having set the stage, let me explain the wonderful world of One Race United or ORU as it's known.
The genius behind ORU is that in the world of commerce, there is one consistent factor. Money must be exchanged to consummate the transaction. Doing this money transfer can be problematic, especially with online sales that take place internationally. My wife Christina and I, have been full-time marketers for over 30 years. We've seen a lot of changes over those years. Most recently, there have been a rash of terminated PayPal accounts, perhaps you, or someone you know has experienced this. Both my wife and I have had our PayPal accounts shut down after 20 plus years. It's happening all over. But that's not all.

In addition to problems with PayPal, all businesses battle with banks and merchant accounts. The cost involved in processing credit cards is enormous, leading to higher prices, and decreased efficiency. The solution to all this chaos is ORU.
The benefits to belonging to ORU are many and varied. For starters, You'll be able to move money anywhere in the world for (drum roll) ZERO fees. That's very cool, but there's more! You'll get discounts of prescription drugs, travel, and all kinds of shopping. All this for only $5.95 per month! AWESOME!!!
Just consider the benefit for business owners. They can offer discounts and other incentives to their clientele who are willing to pay with the ORU debit card included in the program. This whole deal is amazing. I've never been as excited about any opportunity like I am about this one. Imagine getting a slice of every financial transaction taking place with anyone, and everyone, anywhere, and everywhere, on anything, and everything, anytime, and everytime!

On top of what's already been explained, consider the income you can generate by sharing ORU with others. It will blow your mind. There are ten levels of compensation. I'll spare you the mathematics. Suffice to say, it's astronomical.

Earn Fab Prize Giveaways + 30% referral/affiliate commission!

DWSEarner monthly coop!

Oru Introduction

Make More Money Without Using Merchant Accounts

Why Oru

Get paid for using and sharing Oru


Cheers Maree.

Click reply to receive 100 A W Points include your DWSEarner user name.

Activate your membership and receive 500 Bonus Admin Watch Points.





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