Dollar Wise Santa Club

My name is Maree Wells.  Founder and developer of the Dollar wise Network Established 2009.  Welcome.

Lock into our Dollar Wise Club Today.

All active gig purchases activate Santa Club Entry. 

In to win fab prize giveaways. 

As you can see we have a large community of individuals that have given our page a like.     Sharing our vision of developing and making a world wide foot print with our digital marketing throughout the online world.

This is the place to be.  

In a very short period of time I have watched our community thrive.   

As they put into practice all the training available within the back offices of our Family Network of sites.

How our Santa Club at FACEBOOK will operate for 2019 Christmas Bonus.
10% of all sales will go into our Santa Leadership Club Cash Back Pool.

PREMIUM activates 2 shares..  Each Renewal.

BASIC activates one share after 3 months renewal.

Standard activates one share after  2 months renewal.

These rewards are shared on the 15th of December with all Active team Leaders that keep their subscription active.
Give our Santa Face Book page a like and log in often to see what prizes I am giving away.

All Premium Purchases double all winnings of the Progressive jackpot, monthly raffle and Pick A Block Prizes at DWSEarner.

Listen to the video.
Dollar Wise Network Introduction.



My Dollar wise network is an E-commerce training platform.
Giving you access to everything related to affiliate marketing to boost your ONLINE Business.  

Each individual site has training video's and articles located in the back office. 

Learn how to triple your sales, with introducing your products to my already established client base.

I train all our community introducing them our Fiverr Store, generating their Unique Dollar Wise Club User Id at DWSEarner. 
If their sponsor at DWSEarner has not locked into our Dollar Wise Club.
Then the client is reassigned to one of our club leaders team. 

So your DWSEarner Sponsor and Dollar Wise Club Sponsor MAY BE DIFFERENT.

When any of your clients you introduce to the Fiverr Store decide to purchase.
BOOM fab cash back rewards are generated and paid to your Bitcoin Wallet around the 20th of each month.
YOU will see the sum listed on your commissions earning page at DWSEarner.

How it works you lock in your Dollar Wise Club Fiverr Gig at my Store.
YOUR cash back rewards are determined by which Gig Level you Lock In.
Basic 30%  Standard 40% and Premium 50% Cash back Rewards.

YOU earn the percentage of cash back rewards depending on what level gig you locked into.
If any client purchases a higher Gig then the remaining percentage of that cash back reward is paid into our Leadership cash back pool. 

Basic.  One Month Entry, then will need renewing. 
Gives you access to my E Commerce email training course.
A series of 25 different training articles you will start to receive daily to your inbox.
Once you have completed the course, you will still receive all my newsletters and updates,  with new video designs monthly on how to operate within our Dollar Wise Network.
Random Promo Code Cash Giveaways, advertising packages etc, can only be redeemed if you have an Active Monthly Subscription.
Free Bonus of 20 Progressive Jackpot Tokens added at DWSEarner.

Standard. One Month Entry, then will need renewing.
You receive the basic gig + 200 credits manually added each month to Traffic Marketer Pro, ABC4income, DWSEarner and Maree Designs.
Free Bonus of 30 Progressive Jackpot Tokens added at DWSEarner. (Total 50)

Premium. THREE months Entry then will need renewing.
YOU receive the basic and Standard Gig Package each Month.
PLUS!  All Premium Gigs Receive 1 Profit Share earning you commissions from The Leadership Cash Pool. ( This is a bonus determined by activity at the Fiverr Store.)
I pool the cash from my Fiverr Sales and advertise our Network at all the down line builder programs you see listed in our down line builder program. 
Sharing all new members with our Team Leaders.
Free Bonus of 40 Progressive Jackpot Tokens added at DWSEarner. (Total 90)

All Premium Purchases double all winnings of the Progressive jackpot, monthly raffle and Pick A Block Prizes at DWSEarner.

YOU lock in basic your cash back reward is 30% of the $15.00
If one of your client locks in the standard gig you receive 4.50 and the remaining 30% ( $3.00) Premium ($12.00) is added to our monthly leadership club cash pool.

YOU lock in Standard, you receive from all basic and standard Gig Sales 40%
If any of your clients lock in the Premium Gig your cash back rewards are 40% of the cost $25.00 the remaining 40% of cash back rewards are paid into our Leadership Cash Pool to be shared Monthly with Our Active Team Leaders.

I have designed this system to encourage everyone to become more involved with their team.   Learning all their is to know on how to communicate, brand their business, market their business, while generating numerous different income resources.
Simply with listening to all our Kiwi Talk Community Utube Training Videos.
YOU can Broaden your knowledge, learning today, then sharing and training your team tomorrow.  Starting with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps.


Be sure to check in often and do a little brain storming and sharing your news with all our members.

With advertising you only get the one shot to attract attention to your promotions, before surfers simply click surfing on ignoring your advertising.

Use our attractive splash page designs to stop them in their tracks.

You will find lots of individuals are out there looking for the ideal working from home on line program. They will be eager to thank you to the introduction and leadership support you can provide.

I Offer A Unique concept.   I reward members with fab bitcoin cash rewards.

Our Santa Club has been operating at Facebook since 2015.

Personally I got sick and tired of members expecting everything for nothing, without the participation or involvement.  I was giving away to much cash to members requests, that simply gave up before even starting.

So Now I inject back a percentage of my income supporting the members that support me. Harsh but Reality.

I got sick of all the investment programs over the years that simply swooped in taking my cash never to be heard from again.

So I decided to offer a savings plan for all my clients, where I reward them when investing a portion of their purchase into a long term Cash Back Christmas club reward planner.





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