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Newest Addition Added to Our Dollar Wise Network Of Sites.

Welcome to HEAL! The Home of the $1 and a Dream Story by Stephen Munson and our transformational community.

This is much More than a Business. Much More than a Product. 

More than a Profit. This is an answered prayer and legacy, a family, a mission and dream come true.

Become a Heal VIP and Go ALL IN!  You can see my membership Id is 5839.

 Joining in October 2019 I watched the site grow to over 70,000 members. 

In my ten years online dealing with affiliate marketing, I have never seen a site grow so fast. 

I earned signups and commissions within my first few weeks. 

I was able to apply for my Visa Card which arrived in my letter box in New Zealand loaded with commissions. 

View my Proof Of Earnings Received within the first few months of launching.


There is no guarantee you will produce the same results. Duplication is the key. 

If You signed up to Discover Heals new launch but have not activated VIP. 

Find the link within the email to log into the back office. 

You keep the same straight line position and Id. Earning from 10 random members you do not refer.

It is going to be so exciting to watch my team and earnings grow month by month year by year.  

YOU will be receiving emails from Discover Heal.

Access to body, mind, spiritual videos to inspire you in your Back Office. 

The idea of having a profitable online business is wonderful and exciting. 

You get to work from home, earn money while you sleep, work your own hours, set your own pace etc.

It really is a dream lifestyle that is perfect for me.
Register free to receive my Discover heal boot camp training series.

By the end of the training series you should be quite the expert, knowing all their is to know about team building and marketing.

Join our Facebook group for 24/7 support.

At the left Click Units and Complete the training to start your online journey.

I have spent a month researching the back office then designing these units for team support.  REMEMBER to click Done and add your review.

REMEMBER if you have not locked in then members are passed up with the power lines.  


This is so amazing. YOU get a 24 hour Half Price Pass to lock in ANY Digital Product.   I went all in. Setting up my Monthly VIP Renewal.  Making my One Off Payment to Activate the Big Profile Profits and 21 Day Challenge.  

 Start shopping earning from all your Referral and Power Line Members shopping.

Log into your Discover Heal Back Office.  At the left click Physical Products to view and generate your sales gateway promotional link with your Id Inserted.

Since 1977, APCO has pioneered the best quality products available to support your immune system and overall health. We are committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery, with products to help you lead a healthy life.

APCO 5 Ingredient Plant-based health products give your immune system the ability to Strengthen, Boost, Balance, and Power UP Your Immune system against potential health threats. Backed By Science More than 40 Years Research, Boost Natural Killer Immune Cell Activity by up to 517% and 5 Plant-based Non-Toxic Ingredients.
HEAL CLASSIC T-SHIRT (it's worth it)
Next Level Classic High-quality, soft, comfortable fabric with great stretch and memory.

2020 Online Success!  

This is proof that any individual if they set their minds to something. 

Having a daily schedule to follow. Can start their journey down the road to success. 

If you have the patience and persistence then profit will naturally follow.

Personally I am so excited to see my name listed on the Leadership board in January 2020. It will be interesting to watch my growth as the year progresses.

It is TRUE The top leaders earned over 16,000 when they launched their Discover Heal Project.  To achieve these sort of results these leaders would of invested thousands monthly in their promotions to generate this sort of income.

Our team consist of the Average Joe Blog looking to achieve the same sort of lifestyle.  It will take us a little longer to achieve the same sort of results.                     As we do not have the same capital to invest.  BUT if we all make this a long term project, reinvesting some of our commissions. 2021 will see a major injection of commissions. Growing larger each month as we continue to keep our subscriptions active.  Leveraging our income as we earn from all the down line builder programs I will introduce you to.  This is the plan I will be following day in day out in 2020.


I am an SFI Gold Team Leader Adding Discover Heal to our Dollar Wise Network of Programs.

Not a member with SFI Be sure to check out my badges and sign up today.

Make sure to redeem my incentive rewards I have activated.  

We share all new signups with our SFI Team Leaders. 

I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.

Check out my SFI ECA Store for all your training while earning requirements.  

All SFI members earn from all their SFI Referrals Spending at my Store.

Get paid for shopping selling and supporting our communities online shops.



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