2021 New Launch Flexxity

2021 Is So Exciting With The New Launch Of Flexxity.

Team Leader leading by example. Not missing a day logging into SFI since 2013.

Apply to be Store Service Provider  Today.


Grab my E Book on how to apply and set up Flexxity.


Find people in your area or worldwide to help you get stuff done.

Flexxity is also very timely because of how the world changed in 2020.
The COVID19 pandemic has left millions of people worldwide stressing about the stability of their jobs (assuming they still have one). Having a "side hustle,   is looking more and more like a very prudent way to "stay afloat"
Flexxity provides millions with a platform to monetize skills they have (or can develop), while committing as little or as much time to it as desired.

From creative home projects
to landscaping to business services, Flexxity offers simple and easy access to experts who can get the job done. Or do you have a skill or talent that other people might need? Turn it into a paycheck by listing it at Flexxity!

I pay my fees with my Triple Click Gift Cards I purchase with redeeming my rewardicals.  So no out of pocket expense.  I bid daily with Astro and play games winning rewardicals. At the start of each month I buy my Tcredits with my SFI  Auto Renewal.  I then use these TCredits daily to build up my commissions and earnings.  While climbing the SFI leadership board.  Activate this at the beginning of each month on the Win To Do Tab.

Joining SFI to make money is a great proposition  (which is why MILLIONS have become SFI affiliates over the last 20+ years).  90%+ of our sign-ups eventually walk away or never really get started because they can't "connect the dots" and/or motivate themselves to "learn a whole new language" (how to sell our products online). Flexxity changes all that because it can be quickly understood, and the Flexxity platform provides virtually everything that's needed to operate your own service business.   With Flexxity, those "scary" things are eliminated; it's just "make some side money doing something you already know how to do (or can learn to do)." How many more new affiliates will become engaged in SFI when the Flexxity option is available to them?

The new Flexxity tab supports our push to build a vibrant and robust "members buying from each other" culture here at SFI. Coming together as a community is very powerful! When you decide to work with your community members and peers, you move from being an individual to being part of a community where everyone helps each other.
We’re counting on every affiliate to visit the Flexxity tab every day to discover the newest Flexperts and, ideally, become customers of your fellow affiliates. What a fantastic win/win for all! Earn all the SVP you need each month buying services you need from your peers…and make extra money when they buy from YOU!

There are 3 ways to earn your daily VP:
1. Head over to Flexxity and hire a Flexpert.
You'll earn daily VP qualification for 30 days once complete!
2. Refer a service provider to Flexxity. Once they're approved,
you'll earn daily VP qualification for 30 days!
3. Become a Flexpert and complete a sale and you can earn 1VP for 30 days!
Subscriptions are free for Team Leaders!


Benefit Chart of introducing new members.

For any provider that you refer to Flexxity,  You'll earn the 1-10 matches on any Rewardicals they distribute to their customers on sales. That's ANY customer, no matter how they managed to come to be buying services from a provider you referred. That's why referring providers (just like referring vendors to Localvantia and Rewardical) is a big deal; you get to earn matches on potentially tens of thousands of Rewardicals THEY are handing out each month.

Now, if the customers happens to also be one of your PSAs or PRMs, well, then you get to "double dip." You get to earn both Rewardical matches AND Direct Commissions.

If you refer a NEW SP you will get 30 SVP, 1 SVP per day, in the next 30 days, and Your FLX TAB will stay green for 30 days.
That NEW SP could be your PSA.  I encourage all my PSA to become a Flexpert.
If you are not a Flexpert you simply promote Flexxity to everyone on the web. Example "Hey, do you have some skills like playing guitar classes, or teach kids math, or language, or know cool cooking tricks you put in your eBook you wanna sell, or about gardening.... or whatever" and trumpet about that on Social Media, Classified ads... Worldwide! And you get some new SP and you are all set for the 30 days! You get 30 SVP, every day extra entry into DG, Badge
The FLX TAB in the back office at SFI is extremely useful to quickly get an IDEA ON WHAT to promote.

Join people around the world making extra money with a Flexxity listing.

No Service No Problem earn with promoting and supporting other Community Flexxity Store Providers at SFI.  Simply generate your referral link and blast in at all the down line builder programs at   http://www.mareedesigns.com

Order your Interactive Video today with your Flexxity Sales Link inserted.


Great to add to your GMail Signature and for Social Media Promotions.

View the page I design with your personal information once you lock in my Flexxity Service. 



Check out my Flexxity Bitcoin Starter Pack.



Every business needs an Introduction Video.




Apply today to be a Flexxity Service Provider.

We've just added powerful new marketing tools for all SFI affiliates at Flexxity.

For any listing at Flexxity, you'll now see the new AFFILIATE INFO panel.


Click the "VIEW" link and you'll see the following details:

SVP, Total CV, Direct Commissions, and the Executive Pool amounts are provided.

Two types of affiliate links are also provided:

1. To promote the specific LISTING, use the "Promote this service" link.
2. To promote the FLEXPERT (all of his/her services), use the "Promote this Flexpert" link.

Special Note: You can optionally use key codes with both types of links; just add a dot and your key code right after your SFI ID like so (shown in red):


More "flexciting" developments coming soon! Stay tuned! 

Be sure to join us at SFI.

View my badges all the proof you need for online success.

I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.


Activate your Auto Renewal and I share all new PSA Sign ups from my bulk advertising. 

Go EA Pack (75 TCredits + Standard ECommergy Subscription)


Listen to this video on how to apply for an Etsy Store.

So you can send your Store Link to your Flexxity Customers and they can pay with Credit cards etc.


Read my Blog for full instructions.


Check out the new product SFI is introducing.


 Simply change my SFI Id to yours to blast promotions.



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