Mighty 101 is here.  Purchase Today.

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Buy a Spray bottle add product add water Shake and you are ready to go.


Calling all kiwis.  You will not see this product available in shops.
Our mission is to be "totally green." 
Mighty101 is a single product that really tackles over a hundred & one cleaning problems around your home.
We highly recommend all businesses to replace their many (often toxic) cleaning products with this simple yet brilliant single cleaning product that's safe to use around people and pets and is great for our planet too.


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Mighty101, a powerful new program designed specifically to help you get to know, market, and make money selling this fantastic, Triple Clicks exclusive product.

No out of pocket expense as already added to household budget.

Wow I am so impressed I just used Mighty101 to clean our shower.

I guarantee after you see these video's you will not hesitate to buy.

Bryan is a printer so I always hate trying to clean the shower.
It really is a mess.  For years I cleaned it the best I could.
Never being satisfied with the finished result.
But today within 10 minutes the shower is sparkling.
I am so impressed. 

Mighty101 is so easy to use – simply empty the contents of a sachet of Mighty101 into a standard size spray bottle – 750ml is ideal – and JUST ADD WATER.
Works Out At Less than 99 cents per bottle. Just add one sachet.
Mighty101 is a single product that really tackles over a hundred & one cleaning problems around your home or business. This simple yet brilliant single cleaning product eliminates tough grime, dirt and grime on nearly every surface and can replace almost every cleaning product you are currently using.  

For the past 16 years we have supplied this product in bulk to large-scale commercial and industrial businesses. We are now introducing Mighty101 in single-use sachets so everyone can use this amazing multi-purpose cleaning product in their homes, cars and workplaces.
Mighty101 is an innovation in cleaning technology, uniquely formulated to remove the toughest grease and grime faster than the conventional toxic cleaning products, yet is still completely safe to use anywhere in your home or business and around young children and pets.
Mighty101 cleaning sachets only measure about 90 x 60 x 0.02 mm and weigh just 4 grams each, so whether you need to save space under your kitchen sink, or in your cleaning supplies cabinet you can immediately see that this amazing cleaner will save you space,
By the time you use up all the massive array of mostly unnecessary and often toxic supermarket “single use” cleaning products you are currently buying you will only need a storage space of about 100x65x30mm (or 4”x3”x1.5”) to store a whole year’s supply.


A Few Mighty 101 Triple Click Members Reviews.

Last week I received my order of Mighty 101 and made shower cleaner.

Then I redid my white window frames outside. I had used the suggested expensive

stuff just a few weeks earlier. They look fantastic.   Shirley J.

“ Great product. I used it in the kitchen. It works great on ceramic tile,stainless steel and every other surface in the kitchen. Highly recommend this product for cleaning everything! ”  EMan M.

The recommended mixture, 1 sachet to 750 ml is excellent for grease and for mirrors I needed to dilute it further with 250 ml water so 950ml water per one sachet is a good ratio... I will try to use for stubborn grease built on pans and will update this review. What feature I like is it doesn't produce strong fumes... ”    Jeremiah T.

“ It cleans very well! I have been using it for a week now and keep finding new uses for it! ”   Billy H.

“ I have tried it on mold and extremely happy with the result and effort , because I have tried other mold product. Anyway I need to try it on other things. I will be back to tell you more and jump from a 3 to a 5 , I am back to recommend Mighty 101 not because it’s price is cheap but mainly it’s because it’s live up to its claim   Scott L.

“ Cleaned up a coffee stain on our carpet very well. Very impressed! ” Alan T.

“ Amazing product. Cleaned paint work great. Took off burned food from oven pans in minutes. Well worthy of a ten on all counts. ”   Jeanne L.

“ Really does clean everything, I use it to clean my carpets from pet stains, and it works great. I've used it on my car, it cleans very well. I am 100% pleased with this product! ”

Abe C.

“ Highly recommend Mighty 101. It does exactly what it says in advertisements. Great that it works on so many different types of surfaces! ” MARGARETHA A. D.

“ Mighty 101 has so many uses... It does exactly as it says. I used in the laundry it got out old set in stains from red clay dirt, blood, grease etc. from several clothing items. Cleans outdoor patio furniture. Cleans grease and grime from outdoor grill. Very happy with this cleaner. ”  Anna W.




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