Welcome to our new and improved Admin Watch.


Covid changed everything so I have revamped Admin Watch.

I closed my Ecwid Store and launched Etsy to link to my Flexxity services I provide.  

A lot of the sites you see in the video have disappeared along with their members hard earned cash.  Be sure to check in often to our down line builder Portal in the back office of Maree Designs, Traffic Marketer Pro and ABC4Income.

Receive 100 A W Points for every dollar spent at my ECA, Etsy and All our Down line builder programs you upgrade with using Skrill, bitcoin etc as the payment provider.

Confirm all spending within our down line builder programs to receive bonus Admin Watch Points message me to redeem at facebook.

Check in daily to our Face Book Group to see where I am surfing. 

Starting in July be sure to support our community online stores I will be listing.

I deposit 10% of all my sales into our Admin Watch Cash Pool Kitty. 

Receive AW Points for posting and sharing at our Face Book Group.

Open up your Skrill account ready to send and receive real cash to your online bank account.

Log into skrill and activate your monthly Admin Watch Entry.

Receive a monthly Advertising Power Pack when you lock into our Admin Watch Club At Skrill.   Earning 30% commissions from all your ABC4Income Referral Spending.

Keep an eye out for the Promo code to enter in the back office of ABC4income.

Log into Skrill.  Click at the left SEND>
Enter my skrill email address.

Click at the right Continue
At the left make sure it reads US $$ Enter the amount in the box 18.00

You will need to make payment at the beginning of each new month.

Where it reads add message CLICK and enter
Your name And ABC4Income User Name.  

This is how I know who to pay commissions to each month. No need to request.

Add What you are paying For!  ADMINWATCH Monthly Subscription.

Add YOUR skrill email address to receive future commissions.
Click continue.

It will read. Amount to send.  Check the fee charge.
Click Confirm

Enter your 6-digit PIN to complete your transaction
Tick box add to trusted list. Click Confirm.  


Add your ABC4Income Sales Page Promotions at these three sites.

Working together as a team all promoting at the same sites on the same day. Generating huge exposure to our individual sales pages.

Join these sites and surf daily to earn AW Points.

They all pay via Skrill 


Read more information here. 


I remember the day I reactivated my SFI account in 2013.  I had lost my entire team in 2011 due to the Christchurch Earthquake.  Leon my sponsor sent me an email saying he earns a five figure income.  Never in a million years did I think I could achieve the same results.  BUT I DID within my first year and every year following.  HOW  because I never gave up.  My first three months I was happy to earn commissions that JUST covered my membership.

Buy my  E Book I have designed on how to apply and set up your Flexxity Service.

Flexxity is also very timely because of how the world changed in 2020.
The COVID19 pandemic has left millions of people worldwide stressing about the stability of their jobs (assuming they still have one). Having a "side hustle,   is looking more and more like a very prudent way to "stay afloat"
Flexxity provides millions with a platform to monetize skills they have (or can develop), while committing as little or as much time to it as desired.
I pay my fees with my Triple Click Gift Cards I purchase with redeeming my rewardicals.  So no out of pocket expense.  I bid daily with Astro and play games winning rewardicals. At the start of each month I buy my Tcredits with my SFI  Auto Renewal.  I then use these TCredits daily to build up my commissions and earnings.  While climbing the SFI leadership board.  Activate this at the beginning of each month on the Win To Do Tab.
Joining SFI to make money is a great proposition  (which is why MILLIONS have become SFI affiliates over the last 20+ years).  90%+ of our sign-ups eventually walk away or never really get started because they can't "connect the dots" and/or motivate themselves to "learn a whole new language" (how to sell our products online). Flexxity changes all that because it can be quickly understood, and the Flexxity platform provides virtually everything that's needed to operate your own service business.   With Flexxity, those "scary" things are eliminated; it's just "make some side money doing something you already know how to do (or can learn to do)." How many more new affiliates will become engaged in SFI when the Flexxity option is available to them?
Is Flexxity a game-changer? We certainly think it will be!

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Lock in your Maree Designs Yearly Subscription TODAY.

Receive A Complete A-Z Set Up Correspondence Course.
Learn how to be an Online entrepreneur and Influencer.
Learn HOW TO BRAND Your Self Spreading The Word.
Thousands of people looking for information about network marketing are visiting ABC4Income every day.
Our Community ARE A targeted audience for anyone wishing to promote and EXPAND THERE home based business. 

With the Pandemic DID you know it is predicted?
That the mobile gaming market is poised to grow by USD 63.66 billion during 2021-2025.
Decelerating at a CAGR of almost 13% during the forecast period.
Start promoting it, It\'s another underrated source of generating huge commissions.
Eager Zebra games can also attract millions of new people to Zing Network sites (including TripleClicks and Astro Auctions).
That’s potentially millions of new shoppers, new customers, new bidders.
And new Personally Referred Members (PRMs)–and their lifetime commissions–for you. 

Cheers Maree Admin
Mareedesigns, ABC4Income and Trafficmarketerpro.




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