SFI June 2024. New and improved look.


I am loving the new look at SFI.
This is why I have stayed a member with them since 2013. They always see the big picture and adapt with the times.
The key to success is reading all the training articles. All this information I have gathered from the back office of SFI.

There’s no such thing as free registrations into SFI any more.
We are leaving MLM (e.g. Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing) behind.
If you wish to be an SFI affiliate, you’ll now need to either refer at least one ECommergy subscriber OR you’ll need to have an ECommergy subscription yourself.
There are FOUR subscription tiers for affiliates, starting at $19.95: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum––with each level offering more perks and benefits

This is a great explation SFI told all its members. "Traditional 9-to-5 workday is dying. Blame it on the pandemic, culture change, or whatever, but it is happening before our eyes.
The 9-to-5 workday is becoming a relic of the past. This is a major opportunity for my online business.
Why? Because ECommergy can play a major role in helping people transition from the old 9-to-5…to an internet-based endeavor that’s matched with their personality, skills, and goals.
There’s also the “elephant in the room.” If you read any tech news at all, you’ve undoubtable become aware of it.
It goes by the name of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it may actually be the real 9-to-5 murderer.
AI is RAPIDLY deploying in all kinds of industries. And because AI gets smarter exponentially in very short periods of time, it is a tidal wave coming and that is growing bigger by the minute. It’s potential to change our world in incredible ways is undeniable. Is AI good or bad? I believe that AI poses some real threats. But at the same time, AI has the potential to greatly move humanity ahead in ways we can’t even imagine. It is the future, and it’s coming, whether we like it or not.
So how does all this relate to YOU? AI is going to kill jobs by the MILLIONS.
It’s already happening and the pace is only going to accelerate.
ECommergy can absolutely be a lifeboat for millions who may be facing the loss of their jobs in the next few years.
ECommergy can help them make the transition to a new career.
As an online affiliate entrepreneur You could be marketing ECommergy."
Join our Team today.


Here’s something else to love about the new “S&S SFI”:
The new S&S compensation plan was specifically designed to make getting into profit fast and feasible.
With our overhaul of the system, many terms were able to be retired or have been necessarily rebranded. Here are some of the main changes to know going forward: Personal Advisor (or just Advisor for short) Because SFI is no longer operating in the MLM space, all MLM terminology is now retired.
The person who used to be known as your Sponsor is now your Advisor.
PRA = Personally Referred Affiliate
PRAs are persons who have purchased either a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum ECommergy subscription.
PRM = Personally Referred Member
New PRMs are now persons who have registered for the ECommergy free trial subscription and who then either purchased a standard (non-affiliate) subscription or have not yet paid for a subscription.
The terms PSA, CSA, and NSA are no longer in use. Same goes for other MLM terms like upline, downline, etc. We’ll now use the term “team” when referring to your group of PRAs.
There’s now ONE Gateway, WITH ONE focus. Check out the splash page I designed free at Click Voyager.

So today, we are implementing a very SIMPLE (yet still quite lucrative) compensation plan. It has just two main parts:
1. Direct Commissions (up to $70 per referral per month)…and…
2. A new, revamped Affiliate Pool from which you can earn unlimited shares.
There are three types of shares––Core Shares, Flex Shares, and Legacy Shares. Get more details in our separate Flex Shares and Legacy Shares auxiliary announcements. We’re calling the new plan “S&S” (short for Sales & Shares).

Be rewarded for participating.
OUR CORE FOUR Eager Zebra Games. ECommergy. Elevation Mall shopping. Rewardicals
✔ LEGACY SHARES (LAPS) are “grandfathered” AP shares for qualifying affiliates who were registered with SFI prior to June 1, 2024 only. LAPS allow legacy affiliates to continue to earn on the activities of CSA affiliates who were under their purview prior to June 1, 2024.
Note that you must be at least a BRONZE level affiliate by the end of June or you will permanently FORFEIT your Legacy Share.
Earn 1 Flex Shares for each Daily Crown win you achieve during the month. Limit 10 shares per month.
Earn 1 Flex Shares for each purchase you make in the Elevation Shopping Mall during the month. Limit 10 shares per month.
Earn 1 Flex Shares for every 50 Rewardicals you tip in the Forum during the month. Limit 10 shares per month.
Earn 5 Flex Shares for each new Silver subscription you sell during the month. Limit 50 shares per month.
Earn 10 Flex Shares for each new Gold subscription you sell during the month. Limit 100 shares per month.
Earn 20 Flex Shares for each new Platinum subscription you sell during the month. Limit 200 shares per month.

This is my favorite game I play daily. Earning rewardicals from all my teams participation.
There are some new rules for Rewardical Matches. Matches are now awarded to Silvers Affiliates and up only.
• If you’re a Silver Affiliate, you’ll earn 1 Rewardical for every 15 earned by your referrals.
• If you’re a Gold Affiliate, you’ll earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 earned by your referrals.
• If you’re a Platinum Affiliate, you’ll earn 1 Rewardical for every 5 earned by your referrals.

When a new person joins SFI now, they’ll know exactly how to get started and what their goal is each day. And I believe it’s going to be a very refreshing and result-boosting change to have a single selling focus.
"Fun Fact: In the book, “The Tyranny of Choice,” it’s shown that fewer choices lead to more and quicker purchases, and with less post-purchase regret. While common sense would say that more choices are better, behavioral economics shows that lots of choices actually often result in no choice at all—and more importantly, no sale.
My Advisor Leon McKee, always puts it like this: “A confused mind says no.” So let’s stop confusing people with too many choices. Let’s make it SIMPLE."
I would strongly recommend to log in and read all the Ecommergy articles you will see in the back office.

Be rewarded for all your shopping. "WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED on Elevation Mall! Not only do we plan to partner with hundreds of stores from all over the world in the months ahead, but we also hope to add some amazing services that will set us apart from, for example, search engines. We’re also working on some “VIP” features for our affiliates, incorporating ECAs, and incorporating Rewardicals, too, perhaps…and more!"
"Special Note: For the first time ever, every product purchased at TripleClicks will now put money into the Affiliate Pool! Every time you buy even SFI marketing tools (e.g. X-Cards) now, you’ll be adding to the pool and potentially increasing share values. At this time, we expect to deposit approximately 80% of the CV on these sales into the pool."

Duplication power!
Getting the most from your up-and-coming Personally Referred Affiliate is about quality, not quantity...and the power of duplication.
The fact is, you don't need to sponsor tons of members to be successful. Rather, you simply need to sponsor a handful of good people who DUPLICATE what you do.
Yes, regularly sponsoring new members is very important, but it should not be 100% of what you do. At least 50% of your time and effort should be spent working with those who you've already sponsored, teaching them how to do what you do. Have you ever said to yourself, "Gee, if I just had a few people just like me!"? Indeed, this is the key. And the way you "clone" yourself is by identifying your Personally Referred Affiliate's who show serious interest…

I share my daily plan with all my team. I log in daily and enter the daily Grand. Find link bottom left.
I click the flame you see in the blue task bar and enter the biz quiz. I click the stream tab and every few days add a post.
I go to the blue task bar and click the lightning bolt drop down menu. I play gammes. View the Elevation mall and Triple Click stores doing some shopping.


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