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Christchurch Earthquake 10 years on.

      Where was I at 5 minutes to 1, February the 22nd 2011. A date I shall never forget, forever etched into my brain. I was sitting at my computer typing, a fine Tuesday morning, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping.   I was surfing my exchanges, having a ball, allocating credits, totally engrossed in the activities I do daily on the computer. Confident in the knowledge that I was earning and establishing my down lines at the sites I belong to, yes on track to succeeding with my on line marketing business. It started to shake, and I thought here we go again, just another aftershock.  I had so often been sitting and typing, not bothering to stop as we have had 1000's of aftershocks. Since September 2010.  I wasn't scared as it had just become a natural way of life, never knowing where or when the earth would rock, it became an every day occurrence. I just continued on with what ever I was doing totally ignoring the shaking, confident that it would stop in the next few

2021 New Launch Flexxity

2021 Is So Exciting With The New Launch Of Flexxity. Team Leader leading by example. Not missing a day logging into SFI since 2013. Apply to be Store Service Provider  Today. Find people in your area or worldwide to help you get stuff done.  From creative home projects to landscaping to business services, Flexxity offers simple and easy access to experts who can get the job done. Or do you have a skill or talent that other people might need ? Turn it into a paycheck by listing it at Flexxity! The new Flexxity tab supports our push to build a vibrant and robust "members buying from each other" culture here at SFI. Coming together as a community is very powerful! When you decide to work with your community members and peers, you move from being an individual to being part of a community where everyone helps each other. We’re counting on every affiliate to visit the Flexxity tab every day to discover the newest Flexperts and, ideally, becom

Online Income Community.

  NZ has gone back into Lock Down.  Feb 14th 2021. I AM SO  thankful that SFI provides me the means to generate a real income online. I am looking for Craft Suppliers and Individuals ready to support our community. JOIN us today. No business no problem sign up Via My SFI Link.  View my badges all the proof you need for online success.  I have not missed a day logging in since 2013. Triple Clicks is where I have been hanging out daily. Buying T Credits. Spending T Credits Earning T Credits.   Three Step Set Up to start your online journey. 1..    Start with joining me at ApSense. Great Social Media Platform I have been using since 2010. 2..   Online Marketing Starter Set Up Kit. One time payment will set you up with life time income.   3..  Join our down line builder Website. Let Me Set You Up Rig

Setting up your Etsy Store.

Welcome to Maree Designs. Check out my Etsy Store.  Have the link open in a second browser window for reference. First time here be sure to purchase the digital download at my store. Inspirational E Book. Best little $8 investment to start your online business. Free Bonus with Purchase receive my E Book Face Book Set Up For the serious store owner lock into our Yearly subscription. Receive with this package. 1.. E Book Business Planner. 2.. E Book Business Branding. 3.. Promoting of your Craft  Store added to my Cash Back Shopping Page. 4.. Shout outs of your products for sale at my Facebook groups. NZKiwitalk 5.. Receive a link to receive my Weekly Newsletters and training course.     Feb 14th NZ has just gone back into Lock down. WHY I decided On Etsy To Design My New Store Post Covid.. The beaut