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Listen to the video and click the U Tube Tab And Subscribe FREE. Leon's Forum Post.Just wanted to congratulat…


We all need to learn how to socialize via social media contact.The world is changing.  Most countries are now in lock down with all communities practicing physical distancing which is now considered the new norm...  March the 30th in New Zealand we are heading into our 5th day.This article is dedicated to all Digital Marketers, Business Owners, Digital Agencies. People going stir crazy at home, looking for projects to generate an income working from home.  Each and every marketer who wants to stay ahead of the curve through 2020 and beyond! I have designed some great projects for each individual to work on.Turning the negatives into something positive. Using the down time to keep minds occupied learning all their is to know on how to set up a remote working from home business.  So when society reboots you will be ready to support our communities on line store promotions. Personally I am disgusted with people using the virus as a way to lure people to spend a fortune to listen to som…

My Remote working online business.

March The 20th Everything is changing online.We all need to adapt to the changes as no more outside markets to generate sales. I had designed by business plan and budget forecast for the year ahead. Now it is all blown out of the water, I can not predict my earnings ahead.We need to update and check our affiliate programs as a lot of mine have gone into Lock down. So no sales will be generated. I am updating my sales funnel. I will not be joining any new programs as there will be to many scams and I feel to many emails with false hype and promises.  It is better to stick to trusting programs with the cash flow behind them that have been online and operating for years. View my badges all the proof you need for a successful operating remote business. Lock in this package at my ECA Store. Click the SFI tool box to see the benefits included with setting it up as an Auto Renewal. Complete A-Z set Up…

Online shopping

Welcome to my Community online shopping page.Apply for your ECA Rewardical Store Today. With all that is going on with the Corona Virus.  SFI and Triple Clicks will be the place to work from home online.Since 1998, more than 20 million people worldwide have become SFI affiliates. During this time, SFI and its affiliates have invested millions of dollars and millions of hours in trial and error. What has emerged is a very clear picture of what does and what does not lead to success. We have distilled for you all of this into the SFI Rules Of Success. If you want to SUCCEED in SFI, you must follow these rules. If you want to risk FAILURE, ignore them. Be sure to white list all emails. Click the email you will see this.Click add to Contact list. We all need to support our Local Community Stores. Make contact with your local ECA Rewardical Stores at Triple Clicks.  Here are some great packages I have designed for Kiwi's who can think about settin…

Moving Forward.

The Corona Virus is here and spreading. In order to best adapt to the situation at hand, we all are heading into unknown territory with the spread of COVID-19.  They predict it will take 6-12 months of uncertain times as they work to develop a working vaccine....  Lets turn this negative into a positive.We all need to adapt to a new way of life for the time being.Starting todayit will not be about the commissions I earn, but about the friendships I will make, the entertainment, the shopping opportunities, getting rid of the boredom blues and keeping my mind distracted and occupied ready for the re-boot.I will be using the down time to build my knowledge, design more clothing ready to list at my ECA and Trade Me Stores when my sites re-boot once we come out the other side.  At the moment all my stores are in Limbo. I will be organizing a new budget forecast, building a new business planner, my Plan of attack is to use my time wisely, building my Remote on line business.Be sure to chec…