SFI June 2024. New and improved look.

Image I am loving the new look at SFI. This is why I have stayed a member with them since 2013. They always see the big picture and adapt with the times. The key to success is reading all the training articles. All this information I have gathered from the back office of SFI. There’s no such thing as free registrations into SFI any more. We are leaving MLM (e.g. Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing) behind. If you wish to be an SFI affiliate, you’ll now need to either refer at least one ECommergy subscriber OR you’ll need to have an ECommergy subscription yourself. There are FOUR subscription tiers for affiliates, starting at $19.95: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum––with each level offering more perks and benefits This is a great explation SFI told all its members. "Traditional 9-to-5 workday is dying. Blame it on the pandemic, culture change, or whatever, but it is happening before our eyes. The 9-to-5 workday is becoming a rel

Brighton Gallery Review

I joined the Brighton Gallery at the end of 2023. I love meeting new people every Sunday. We have such fun doing video's to share at Tiktok. It has the most amazing atmosphere with some wonderful people in the gallery community. I have had such fun doing video's and making tiktoks of everyone showing their talent. I thought I would share the video's. As video tells each individual story. I tell everyone at the Saturday Brighton Market to be sure to go and check out the Gallery before they leave. The New Year was an exciting time as I started to make clothes especially for the Gallery. I was inspired to design wearable art one of a kind creations. I did my first sale to a client from the Saturday Markets. She thought it was great to be able to try them on in a changing room and under cover in the gallery. When I see someone walk past on a Sunday I run and let them know to come on in and browse my clothing and to view some amazing products. The best part

Maree Designs Plus Size Fashion

2024 is an exciting time as I sort out a new catalogue to show what you can order in your favorite size and colors. Specialist for the fuller figure. You can now find a range of my fashion especially designed to show case at the Brighton Art Gallery opposite paper plus. I work every Sunday 10-1pm. Open Mon-Sat 10-4pm Sundays 10-2pm Great place to come and chat and check out the community talent. Check out my Trade Me Store for Kiwi Shopping. Mareedesigns. Aussies shop at my Etsy Store MareedesignsNZ. If visiting Christchurch be sure to contact me and arrange a time to view. You will find me at the Brighton Seaside Market every Saturday 10-2pm I love designing one of a kind Tee patchwork bohemian inspired dresses. Clients can come around home and pick the right size tee and fabrics to order a one of a kind creation. I love designing to client measurements one of a kind d

Saturday Shopping At Brighton Market.

Welcome to Maree Designs. Be sure to check us out at the Brighton Seaside Market every Saturday. I cater for all sizes. Specialist for the fuller figure. Ready to sell at the Brighton Market. Check out these happy client purchases at the market. I love it when new clients love my designs and become repeat customers. Meet some talented people that sell their crafts every Saturday. Something for everyone. Ideal gift shopping. Their is great talent at Brighton. Check out this creative individual Margy. Be sure to follow me at TikTok (mareedesigns) to view my latest creations I will be selling. I have started making new stock ready for summer. This design never goe's out of fashion. Maree Designs Client Rewards. If you are a small fashion boutique owner or operate at markets and are looking for kiwi design clothing. Check out my Mystery parcel bargains at Trade Me. View my of a kind bargains listed at my store at Trade Me. Buy 5 or more items listed at Tr

Maree Designs. One Of A Kind Fashion

Welcome to Maree Designs. I have been selling clothing via my Trade Me Store since 2003. Specialist for the fuller figure. I am a Kiwi Fashion Designer. Over 25 years designing unique creations. Specialist for the fuller figure, catering to all sizes. Tie Dye specialist. Each garment is an expression of individuality. Check out my new summer range of plus size dresses. These designs are one of a kind. Stand out in the crowd in a Maree Designs Original. View my Trade Me Store to see latest designs. I am getting ready for summer. Check out my tie dye creations at the Brighton Seaside Market every Sat. Or my Trade Me Store. Start generating a second income working from home. Check out my Mystery Parcels at Trade Me. Maree Designs Client Rewards Program. If you are a small fashion boutique owner or operate at markets and are looking for kiwi design clothing. View my of a kind bargains listed at my store at Trade Me.

Maree Designs On Line Side Hustles.

Hello, My name is Maree Wells. I am an Online Entrepreneur! Mentor! Offering 24/7 support FREE. After the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, I transferred my Store Online. Researching the wonders of affiliate marketing. I am looking for real businesses with real products to sell throughout my Maree Designs Business opportunity. Or members looking for work with affilitate marketing supporting our online community. We are a group of individuals all with the same goals and desires. HOW To GENERATE A Real Income Online avoiding all the scams and false hype. I offer a great affiliate program showing you different online affiliate program opportunities that pay you commissions. All our Members have a close association with the enterprise as sellers or consumers of our products or services. Generating a second income online while supporting our communities on line store ventures. Gain back office access to my down line builder

Maree Designs Selling Online.

Welcome to Maree Designs. After the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011. I decided not to open another shop. Instead I transferred my store on line, researching affiliate marketing programs to promote my clothing while generating a second income online. I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years. I specialize in Originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection. No mass production. All garments are individually crafted then priced accordingly to cost of fabric and time to produce the finished result. Over 1500 sales at Trade Me, with great customer feedback since 2003.. I love working from home. I can set my own hours and work when I want. I love creating unique garments for that individual taste. My puzzle pants are a huge hit at the market and trade me. May 2023 I decided to update my Etsy Store as I love the way you can add videos. You can also pay in 4 installments using Klarna I started to study Tikt