GDI Power Of Three.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active GDI referrals?
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I reassign new Signups to all our members once they have remained active for two months.
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Traffic Wave get your first sign up then receive spillover from our cooperative promotions.
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During this Covid 19 Pandemic I decided to revamp our Power Of Three GDI Program.
We all use the easy GDI Webmaster to desi…


"New Zealand Government update for Aranui residents" Alert Level 3 is a milestone in our struggle against COVID-19. We are all responsible for what happens next. Every contact we make is a chance for the virus to spread.

We could easily lose what we have gained. Our success, or failure, depends on the decisions that we’ll each make alone – but which in turn – will affect all of us.
Two Weeks Then a review. • On 11 May, we will review our progress and decide if we can safely continue to step down restrictions, or if more measures are required to protect us all.
• So the decisions we each make now, matter. Because every interaction we have is an opportunity for the virus to spread.
Keeping safe at Alert Level 3. • At Alert Level 3, the best way to keep those around you safe, is by keeping your bubble small. Interact with as few people as possible. Less people equals less risk. And continue to stay at home whenever you can.
• We should each be making the minimal number…


Welcome to my thoughts and review of the month of April.Most important be aware of all the scammers sending emails.Here is an Example. There was a problem with the delivery of your package, MareeI did not open it as the mail is not being delivering in NZ throughout the lock down.  Stupid person.Sender: JB HlFl Recipient: Maree -
Packagenumber: NZ-9271927DND Packagevalue: $2195 They write this sort of rubbish or YOU ARE A WINNER to try and lure you to open the email. 
Read my first article I designed when everything changed.

I will be building my new kingdom within my safe haven bubble.

I have designed this great page at Face Book, supporting our community.

I wrote this article many moons ago.
My introduction to the world of affiliate marketing.
It was refreshing to read again as it shows we can come out the other side of this Lock Down with Goals an…

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You Join, We Advertise, You Earn!
Listen to the video and click the U Tube Tab And Subscribe FREE. With the Corona Virus E-commerce is going to cha…