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I am a seasoned online entrepreneur, co- founder and developer of the Dollarwise Network. (Established 2009)  Life Style Coach & Mentor for everything affiliate marketing related, and business branding.  
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SFI Leadership Challenge.

July will rock with the NEW release of the SFI Leadership Challenge.The Leadership Challenge is a monthly contest for all SFI affiliates interested in developing a strong, active group. It’s for affiliates who understand that duplication = compensation. Do not hesitate join our TEAM TODAY! because we love rewarding those who embrace these principles, the Leadership Challenge (LC) contest offers great prizes including prestigious SFI badges, cash, Rewardicals, and exclusive Zing Network gear!JULY 2019 QUALIFICATION AND PRIZESLEVEL 1:Develop 2 personally sponsored EAs
You will earn the LC badge and 2000 Rewardicals. LEVEL 2:Increase to 3 personally sponsored EAs
You will earn the LC badge (or badge upgrade), +1000 Rewardicals (3000 total), and $10 cash. LEVEL 3:Increase to 5 personally sponsored EAs
You will earn the LC badge (or badge upgrade), +1000 Rewardicals (4000 total), and an extra $10 cash ($20 total). LEVEL 4:Develop 2 personally spo…

GDI Best Little Monthly Income Generator.

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Welcome!  My name is Maree Wells.  I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
Online Entrepreneur & Mentor.  Offering The Best Cash Back Reward System Online!
$500 or More weekly.  Don't think its possible?
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$100 BONUSES  Earn an unlimited number of $100 BONUSES each week by simply referring five new confirmed affiliates in a 7-DAY contest period.
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Dollarwise Online.

Getting started with setting up your Dollar Wise Network is incredibly easy!
My name is Maree Wells. I am the the Founder and developer of the dollar wise network.
A collection of websites that will explain all there is to know about, affiliate marketing, bitcoin, down line building.

WELCOME! My Dollar Wise Network is an E Commerce Online Service, Business Brander and Referral Training Platform. Offering FREE Reseller Websites + Online Stores for all your marketing requirements.

I am a seasoned online entrepreneur, co- founder and developer of the Dollarwise Network. Established 2009.
Life Style Coach & Mentor for everything affiliate marketing related, and business branding. 

Every action you make through out our Dollar Wise Network OR Down line Builder Programs Will Generate Income. 

Dollar Wise Santa Club

My name is Maree Wells.  Founder and developer of the Dollar wise Network Established 2009.  Welcome. Lock into our Dollar Wise Club Today. active gig purchases activate Santa Club Entry. In to win fab prize giveaways.  As you can see we have a large community of individuals that have given our page a like.     Sharing our vision of developing and making a world wide foot print with our digital marketing throughout the online world. is the place to be. In a very short period of time I have watched our community thrive.As they put into practice all the training available within the back offices of our Family Network of sites.How our Santa Club at FACEBOOK will operate for 2019 Christmas Bonus.
10% of all sales will go into our Santa Leadership Club Cash Back Pool.PREMIUM activates 2 shares..  Each Renewal.BASIC activates one share after 3 months renewal.Standard activates one sh…

Key To Success Online.

Welcome to my Dollar Wise Network. My name is Maree Wells..  My story is this Nothing to something within 2 years. Founder and Developer of the Dollar Wise Network (Established 2009)  I am a freelancer writer supplier, teaching my customers how to build a better shopping and selling experience with viewing My gigs on offer for programming-tech e-commerce-services, development, marketing, E-Book and Video designs, short course modules with video reviews.
These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else, because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them! My Dollar wise network is an E-commerce training platform.
Giving you access to everything related to affiliate marketing to boost your ONLINE Business.  Learn how to triple your sales, with introducing your products to my already established client base.
Follow the instructions in the video.
by learning to operate a Mini-Office…