October Challenge 2020

Post Covid success and income online.Sustainable - diversified - transparent - long term.
Maree Designs offers you a complete digital product and service, Online Sales System.
Maree has built a complete A - Z platform all under the one roof, giving easy access to all her training videos and articles on how she has been generating numerous different online income, while building her primary business..
Powerful automated, email marketing system when you activate your Traffic Wave Membership.
It has always been my desire to help as many people as possible create financial freedom with Cryptocurrency and sales paid to their bank accounts from proven and paying  income resources.
I'm going to do my very best to help you every step of the way, in a clear, honest & transparent manner. Find all the tools necessary to create a daily passive income & to help others do exactly the same. Make sure to read all the training articles in the Index in the back office of our Family Network Of S…


The SFI Mission Statement! View my badges at the bottom of the page.  All the proof you need for online success. Entrepreneurs Community!
ECommergy's strength comes from its exclusive focus on small business owners and internet entrepreneurs of ALL experience levels. Anyone who's in Ecommerce... or wants to be...  should be utilizing Ecommerce... ECommergy is one of the top potential moneymakers for SFI affiliates!  taught me how to Build residual and leveraged income to create real wealth. If you're like most SFI affiliates, you started your SFI business to make some extra money...or perhaps a substantial full-time income. Both are great goals. Or maybe your goals aren't really about the money, but more about what you can do with that money; perhaps what you aspire to is buying a new house or a new car, or to pay for a college education for your children or grandchildren. Ag…

Traffic Wave Communications.

I have been a member with Traffic Wave Since 2013 Using them for Team Communication and Training.Words of encouragement from Maree.The Corona Virus is here and spreading.Start your Remote online business with joining Traffic Wave TODAY. FREE to receive my boot camp training series.

Then apply for your Skrill account to receive commissions paid to your bank account. having an active Skrill account I also receive commissions from

Traffic Wave Monthly Compensation Plan! Updated August 17th 2020.
Your Team:            Sales:     We Pay:             You Make:
Level One Sales       3          $6.00                     $18.00
Level Two Sales       9         $1.00                       $9.00
Level Three Sales     27       $1.00                     $27.00
Level Four Sales      81        $1.00     …


Down Line Club Community shares!
Admin Shares How She Will Be
Operating throughout this Covid 19 Crisis.
Influencer Down Line Club Network!
"As the world continues to change, your business has to adapt quickly. Video can help you navigate the new normal."Our Team Leader is the founder of the Dollar Wise Network Established 2009.GDI being her very firstaffiliate program she joined.Best $10 Monthly investment on line. Register to receive your commissions paid to your online bank account. View the GDI training videos in the back office.Duplicate Maree's GDI Webpages using the easy to design webmaster.    & Start generating income from all your new signups 5 levels deep.

Lock in your Down line club shares in the back office log in offer at AdExchangeCommunity.Activate Face Book Promotions And Shout Outs. Auto Pilot Cash Generator.
Each purchase includes 200 advertising credits + Random Reassignments.
CHECK Your Email to RECEI…

GDI Power Of Three.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active GDI referrals? 5-20 CURRENT Group referrals in your Power Of Three Team Builder. Everyone knows that you make money at GDI Daily by participating and promoting and gettingreferrals....
But what ifALLthe new members who joined after you went under you?
Well, that is EXACTLY what happens When you follow Our Power Of 3.!

Sign up to these three programs.

"As the world continues to change, your business has to adapt quickly.
Video can help you navigate the new normal."
I reassign new GDI Signups to all our members once they have remained 

Active for two months.
This sorts out the time wasters and free loaders.

Traffic Wave get your first sign up then receive spillover from our cooperative promotions.

During this Covid 19 Pandemic I decided to revamp our Power …