Brighton Gallery Review

I joined the Brighton Gallery at the end of 2023.
I love meeting new people every Sunday. We have such fun doing video's to share at Tiktok.

It has the most amazing atmosphere with some wonderful people in the gallery community.
I have had such fun doing video's and making tiktoks of everyone showing their talent.
I thought I would share the video's. As video tells each individual story.

I tell everyone at the Saturday Brighton Market to be sure to go and check out the Gallery before they leave.

The New Year was an exciting time as I started to make clothes especially for the Gallery.
I was inspired to design wearable art one of a kind creations.

I did my first sale to a client from the Saturday Markets.
She thought it was great to be able to try them on in a changing room and under cover in the gallery.
When I see someone walk past on a Sunday I run and let them know to come on in and browse my clothing and to view some amazing products.

The best part about Sunday's is watching Sonja teach the young children Art. She is a very talented Lady.

The last Sunday of every month is change over. When everyone turns up and changes their art work.

The power of video is strong. I did this one of Jamie showing her pottery.
When I showed the video to my daughter SOLD. I went in the following Sunday and brought it.

Then to top everything else, I was mentioned in the monthly Wave Magazine.

Take some time to listen to these great video's introducing some of our members.

We all had great fun at the yearly I love Brighton Market. Letting everyone know we were open 7 days per week in Brighton.

Be sure to check out Tiktok and follow mareedesigns. I list new video's weekly.

We are getting new members as people walk in off the street and love the vibes.
You pay a yearly fee then you get to display your artwork. Be sure to check us out and join our happy family.


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