Maree Designs On Line Side Hustles.

Hello, My name is Maree Wells.
I am an Online Entrepreneur! Mentor! Offering 24/7 support FREE.
After the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, I transferred my Store Online.
Researching the wonders of affiliate marketing.
I am looking for real businesses with real products to sell throughout my Maree Designs Business opportunity.
Or members looking for work with affilitate marketing supporting our online community.

We are a group of individuals all with the same goals and desires.
HOW To GENERATE A Real Income Online avoiding all the scams and false hype.
I offer a great affiliate program showing you different online affiliate program opportunities that pay you commissions.
All our Members have a close association with the enterprise as sellers or consumers of our products or services.
Generating a second income online while supporting our communities on line store ventures.
Gain back office access to my down line builder advertising porthole.
I have tested thousands of sites. These are proven and tested for results.

I am looking to connect with like minded individuals all with the same goals and desires. How to generate a real income online.
Check out my home page to see how I transferred my business online
I am a Fashion Designer operating at the Brighton Market every Sat in Christchurch.
I own a Trade Me store mareedesigns. Member since 2003.

1 TEAM - 1 VISION - Sharing 1 GOAL Since 2013
The only affiliate program I participate with.

I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years.
I specialize in plus size clothing and originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection.
No mass production. All garments are individually crafted then priced accordingly to cost of fabric and time to produce the finished result.
If you see something you like at Tiktok or Instagram message me to see if it is available. Be sure to follow mareedesigns

I use American dyes where I paint the garments then wrap them in gladwrap letting them sit for 8 hours.
Each garment is unique as not two garments give the same finished result.
Each garment is an expression of individuality.
Over 1500 sales at Trade Me, with great customer feedback since 2003..
In to win Fab Prize Giveaways and Cash Back Rewards at our Face Book Page NZKiwitalk
Join me at the Saturday Weekend market down at Brighton.
Check in Weekly to our Facebook Group for Fab Prize Giveaways.

I started to design my Etsy store when in lockdown in NZ in 2020.
I had time on my hands so I kept busy with designing EBooks to share, on how to business brand and build a client list.
Follow in my footsteps starting your online business.
Here is where you can also view videos of me in designs you can order.
Please note prices are in American dollars. So when paying it will convert in NZ dollars.
You may also use their buy now pay later plan.

I designed my ECA Store Pre-Covid in 2013.
SFI were my life saver when in lock down as I was able to still generate an income working online selling my digital products. While earning with their affiliate program from all my team.
Kiwi members at SFI can earn rewardicals with shopping at my ECA Store.No boredom blues as hours of entertainment with playing games etc. Earning commissions from all referrals.

I designed this video in 2019 introducing SFI. A lot has changed and things are very exciting.

Maree Designs Client Rewards Program

Check out my Fashion Catalogue and view video's of satisfied customers in my clothing at

f you are a small fashion boutique owner or operate at markets and are looking for kiwi design clothing.
Check out my Mystery parcel bargains.
Message me and lets discuss making one of a kind items for your boutique.
View my of a kind bargains listed at my store at Trade Me.
Buy 5 or more items listed at Trade Me and get 20% credit of purchases to spend on stock.
No shop no problems hold a house party showing my Trade Me Store to friends and family.
Everyone Can Use after pay for budget shopping.
After the house party.
Email me a hostess information sheet.Write down your name and the date you hosted the home viewing.
List the Names and items purchased.
Add up the amount sent.
Divide the spending by 20% and let me know what garments you would like to receive FREE.


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