Maree Designs Selling Online.

Welcome to Maree Designs.
After the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011. I decided not to open another shop.

Instead I transferred my store on line, researching affiliate marketing programs to promote my clothing while generating a second income online.
I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years.
I specialize in Originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection.
No mass production. All garments are individually crafted then priced accordingly to cost of fabric and time to produce the finished result.
Over 1500 sales at Trade Me, with great customer feedback since 2003..
I love working from home. I can set my own hours and work when I want.

I love creating unique garments for that individual taste.
My puzzle pants are a huge hit at the market and trade me.
May 2023 I decided to update my Etsy Store as I love the way you can add videos.
You can also pay in 4 installments using Klarna

I started to study Tiktok as a great way to promote myself FREE.. I now have over 6000 followers.

It took me a few years to study and learn how to do video's. I have doubled my sales with using Tiktok and sharing what I design.

In 2022 I started a stall at the Brighton Seaside Market on Saturdays. I love putting a smile on new customer faces.

I am working on making lots of my Poncho's ready for Winter.

I started to invest my earnings in buying a few import stock to tie Dye.
I use American dyes which hold the color and are a delight to work with.

My Etsy Store is a great portal to view the designs I offer at The Weekend Brighton Saturday Market & Home Viewings.
Check out the services I provide!
Global Digital Products to learn the A-Z for Business Branding And Selling.
In to win Fab Prize Giveaways and Cash Back Rewards at our Face Book Page NZKiwitalk

In March 2022 I opened my Trade Me Store so people can take full advantage of after pay and pay for purchases.

Now I am updating my Etsy store in 2023 so people can start to order made to measure garments.


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