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Welcome to my Community online shopping page.

Apply for your ECA Rewardical Store Today.

With all that is going on with the Corona Virus.  

SFI and Triple Clicks will be the place to work from home online.

Since 1998, more than 20 million people worldwide have become SFI affiliates. During this time, SFI and its affiliates have invested millions of dollars and millions of hours in trial and error. What has emerged is a very clear picture of what does and what does not lead to success. We have distilled for you all of this into the SFI Rules Of Success. If you want to SUCCEED in SFI, you must follow these rules. If you want to risk FAILURE, ignore them. 

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We all need to support our Local Community Stores.

Make contact with your local ECA Rewardical Stores at Triple Clicks. 

Here are some great packages I have designed for Kiwi's who can think about setting up their own store at Trade Me.

Check out my Collections for world wide earning from all your SFI Referral Purchases.   

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Team Building Packages for online success.

Great training packages on how to participate communicate and expand your SFI network.
Generating a real income online with the original work from home program.
SFI Platinum Team Leader shares how she builds her SFI Network.

NEW Bonus all members that are in my SFI Team.

 START with clicking the SFI tool box and setting this up as an auto renewal.

I will be sharing all new PSA signups from my bulk advertising.

Receive Sales VP Points plus random reassigned PSA members to your team.

A-Z Guide for Bitcoin set up + 1000 traffic views to your Rewardical ECA Gateway. 

FREE bonus If you own an online store send me the link to add to this community shopping page for One Month.


All sales at my ECA Store RECEIVE A BONUS interactive video design.


These products sell themselves. Share your story and step up your game.

Use the Social Media Interactive Video pages to build your list of followers.

Use GDI as the domain provider.

Use Traffic Wave for your autoresponder.

Start building your client list with repeat sales with introducing them to your splash pages. Updating with regular news letters.

Receive Skrill bank payments from Traffic Wave and bank transfer with GDI.

Here are some of my favorite products I have bought at Triple Clicks. 

Remember you earn from all your referral spending.

Become a Maree Designs Clothes Representative working from home.


Great investment. start building your new online business today.

Or purchase the stock to be made to your individual requirements.  Huge discounted special.

Starter Kit 2.

Starter Kit 3.


11-Piece Resistance Band Set For Yoga, Pilates, P90X, 

Resistance Bands.  I love this product, I use them daily.

They were one of my best buys a few years ago at the Triple Click Store.
To build my strength when recovering from major surgery.


Listen to the video on how I set up Instagram to business brand. 



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