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Welcome to my Community online shopping page.

I started to revamp Maree Designs in April 2020 to be the number one site to start your day. 

More than ever we need to support our online community stores, ready for when the economy reboots.

 Kiwi's Connect and Share Her Maree Designs Fashion Collection At her Trade Me Store.

Register to be a Maree Designs Fashion Rep FREE.  

Check out this great FREE advertising portal. Maree adds this link to her Tiktok Profile.

Earn 20% cashback rewards to spend on any garment of your choice, for all New Kiwi Client's you introduce to our Maree Designs Network. 

Global members earn FREE Advertising packages at website.

If With SFI Be sure to connect to receive my weekly blog updates.

Team Building Packages At Maree's ECA Store for online success.

Great training packages on how to participate communicate and expand your SFI network.
Generating a real income online with the original work from home program.
SFI Team Leader shares how she builds her SFI Network.

NEW Bonus all members that are in my SFI Team.

 START with clicking the SFI tool box and setting this up as an auto renewal.

Earn from participating daily.

Click the U Tube Icon to view all the information.

Receive rewardicals with all spending to transfer into commissions monthly.

A-Z Guide for business planning and promoting.. 


 Onley Dreams Infinity    Shoes Bags Fashion and so much more. 

Celtic Spirals Jewellery Designs 

Joseph is an amazing member of our community.

Digital down loads ECA Store.


Udon Business

Pain Management and Quality of Life through Good Nutrition

Thea Store Clothing 

Home decorations, kitchen gadgets, clothing and so much more.



PURCHASE your personalized design of the video above. 
Etsy Support at my Store.

Title Video.  Best side hustle online.

Title video!   Learn Ecom

Check out these Newest Etsy Community Stores.  

Connect with our Instagram Community Stores.



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