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Welcome to our new and improved Admin Watch.   Covid changed everything so I have revamped Admin Watch. I closed my Ecwid Store and launched Etsy to link to my Flexxity services I provide.   A lot of the sites you see in the video have disappeared along with their members hard earned cash.  Be sure to check in often to our down line builder Portal in the back office of Maree Designs, Traffic Marketer Pro and ABC4Income. Receive 100 A W Points for every dollar spent at my ECA, Etsy and All our Down line builder programs you upgrade with using Skrill, bitcoin etc as the payment provider. Confirm all spending within our down line builder programs to receive bonus Admin Watch Points message me to redeem at facebook. Check in daily to our Face Book Group to see where I am surfing.   Starting in July be sure to support our community online stores I will be listing. I deposit 10% of all my sales into our Admin Watch Cash Pool Kitty.  Receive A


  Join us at SFI.  This is where I hang out Post Covid.  YOU decide the pace. SFI were my life save when in lock down in NZ.  I have not missed a day logging in since 2013. Study the Videos and training in the back office. Log In Daily. I remember the day I reactivated my SFI account in 2013. I had lost my entire team in 2011 due to the Christchurch Earthquake. Leon my sponsor sent me an email saying he earns a five figure income. Never in a million years did I think I could achieve the same results. BUT I DID within my first year and every year following. HOW because I never gave up. My first three months I was happy to earn commissions that JUST covered my membership. Flexxity is also very timely because of how the world changed in 2020. The COVID19 pandemic has left millions of people worldwide stressing about the stability of their jobs (assuming they still have one). Having a "side hustle. Is looking more and more like