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SFI! My Case Study for success.

My SFI Case Study of what results you can achieve with focusing on your SFI business.
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First I would like to point out I have not missed a day logging in since 2013. Second I would like to point out since day one I spend around three hours at SFI daily. This is why my graph starts in 2013.  As with any business it takes time to build. Set your goals for the year. Then work towards achieving those goals.
Best Tip! I spent the first year studying and learning all their is to know about SFI. Gen           2014        Feb 2017     BIG O April 2017   Aug 2018
1 (PSAs)       5                164                            5                 14
2               1860            2522                      1838             1938
3               1089              950                      3704             4886
4                 529              132                      4382             5962
5             …

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