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If you left SFI now is the time to return. I share referrals and training, supporting all our SFI Team 12 levels deep.
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THERE is no reason not to succeed with SFI.

Yes, effective immediately, you can now earn 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of fresh, new CSAs!
I see great deals a head with Shopify and SFI This looks to be a game changer and Money Maker for 2019.
Imagine if I had given up in SFI in 2013 simply because I did not understand the program.
I would not be the success I am today."You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."
-Les Brown 

SFI has now officially entered Their 21st year!  From a small acorn, SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots.  But you…

Newbie Kick Starter.

Welcome to my SFI Social Media E Course. View it Today!  Now Available At My ECA Store. an eye out for my Welcome email with the link to register to our Private Auto responder training series. Through out this training series each article includes Admin Watch Points and PDF files to request.  Simple after reading the article Click Reply to redeem.Better still set it up as an Auto Delivery. Click the SFI tool box link to see the rewards.  Each month you receive a traffic view package at ABC4Income to blast your SFI Promotions.  You may use your T Credits To Purchase.Now when any of your SFI referrals purchase this package at SFI or ABC4Income. Boom SFI Commissions Earned.  Receive Admin Watch Points with all your spending at my ECA Store. Remember the good old days, when the expression “You’ve Got Mail” was something that excited you.  It did me.Then the Nigerian schemes, lottery scams, and piles of unsolicited spam and junk mail st…

SFI Commissions

Comp plan review and adjustments!  This is so exciting.If you Left SFI NOW is the time to return. 19, 2018!We are kicking off today a special new promotion for sponsors (regardless of your rank) which will allow you to earn 100% CV Direct Commissions and hundreds of additional business-boosting CSAs.   We call it the Special Compensation Package (SCP).  Full details below.Effective December 1st,we’ll be testing a new “speed bonus.”  Full details below.We’re introducing two new badges for the SFI Badge Quest contest.  We now have an extra 12% of CV to pay out.  Who’s it going to?  Our Team Leaders of course!  In short, 12% of the CV that WAS going to Executive Affiliates…is now going to our Team Leaders as part of Team Overrides.  So, there’s now another big, juicy reason to “go TL!”   Note that with backdating, you still have nearly 3 weeks to step up to the rank of Team Leader. Yes Neil saw the power with the Smart Start Program.
Neil J…

Members testimionals.

Recommendations Thank you, for the great job with your SFI business! For every email I receive from SFI with news about you, for sure,  I know they are good!
For every look I've made on your profile, for sure, I know I'll smile.  Just for how happy it makes me feel, to be able to witness your great behavior with your SFI business.
And for every time I smile in the morning because of you!
My day is super good!
Thanks for that too!
and because of how much your success means to me.
Concepcion Zaneldin
My CSA Sponsor.
 Mary Hati.I am a Team Leader, founding member of Maree Enterprises and Site Moderator for all her Online Business Site Moderator and Team Leader. atMaree  has genuine class and distinction and a very on to It entrepreneurs , If you are looking for a Business On Line you will get one genuine Mentor and Friend  who goes out of her way to help you succeed.Maree definitely is the Real Deal, I recommend if you are seriously considering trying your hand at some online business, y…