Welcome To Our Down Line Club!   Three Step Set Up.

Instead of flicking here there and everywhere in search of that quick dollar.

As a community we all promote our GDI webpages at all the down line builder sites and at Web Talk daily.

We send welcome emails to all new referrals introducing them to our GDI dollarwise Web Page.

Leveraging our income with the numerous online opportunities you will see listed at our DWSEarner Down Line Builder.

Listen to the video.     



Join A Global Domain Guru's Team!  Member with GDI Since 2009.

Lock in at the Fiverr Store to get your GDI Domain online.

Basic Gig. Includes 1000 credits at the site of your choice within our Dollar Wise Network Family of sites.  DWSEarner, ABC4income, Traffic Marketer Pro or Maree Designs.

Your first purchase of the Basic gig includes the PDF File how to introduce your down line club at LinkedIn. Plus the designing of your Down line club Web Page.
E Book.  GDI online + Web Talk Online.

Standard Gig. Includes the basic gig with the designing  of your dollar wise Web Page.

Premium Gig. Includes what is offered in the basic and standard gig. + Power of three page design (Joining Traffic Wave is Optional) with 3 months Down line Club membership.

I use the LFMTE Script at DWSEarner to generate your Down line club user name

Sign up to DWSEarner to generate User Id for our Down line Club.

Keep your Fiverr traffic view gigs active monthly.
Activates Admin watch cash paid to members Bitcoin Wallets.


Down Line Club Rules for Success.

Remember the good old days, when the expression “You’ve Got Mail” was something that excited you.
It did me.
Then the Nigerian schemes, lottery scams, and piles of unsolicited spam and junk mail started to fill up our inboxes.
Annoying as we were left in doubt as who to trust.
People were emailing all sorts of rubbish, introducing the next best thing since sliced bread.
Which normally just turned out to be Pie In the sky fairy tale's.

$500 or More weekly. 
Don't think its possible?
You either have the wrong business or... It's a good day to expand your vision!
Sure - it will take some work. Are you up for the challenge?


Instead of flicking here there and everywhere get into the habit of daily following the Schedule.  Start with clicking above Affiliates then Down line builder.
Adding your user name or Ids.

I have Just finished designing my GDI Down line builder check it out.
3 Steps to success. Teaming GDI Fiverr and Web Talk

Are you active with our Down Line Club, following the Dollar Wise Work Schedule.
If not there is your answer as to why you are not generating income.

WHY is it? Members expect me to invest at SFI and GDI etc and share new signups.
YET they do not invest in the programs. Expecting instant wealth over night.
It took me a good six months designing and upgrading with all the down line builder sites you see listed at DWSEarner.

Log into DWSEarner and read the entire Home Page Introduction.
START with generating your Social and Profile Pages.
Click above Accounts > Social Profile > Profile page.
Add the links with your promo wall link to your advertising.
Click Above Ads > Websites.  Participating with Admin Watch Daily.

Make sure to fill in the down line builder.
Click above Affiliate > Down line builder. Promote one link, leveraging your income within our Sales Funnel.
Promote DWSEarner at these sites, generating numerous different income resources.

Just imagine what it would be like to follow a program and have your own online income;
This is what Our Dollar Wise Network offers you:
The opportunity to start generating a real income! Working From Home. 

It is very rare to be given the opportunity to be in an Early Bird Launch.
Members that helped promote the early bird launch for SFI Traffic Wave and GDI.
Earn Thousands of dollars Monthly.
Sadly I missed it.
But not with Web Talk. This is so exciting.
If you have not received an invite from your sponsor.
Sign up today HERE>

Read this old review I did in 2013.
I was awarded a Gold Star for the article.

It is interesting to see I had 435 in my team which has grown to over 19,500 now.
This is what sticking to a program generates.

I do not promise instant cash overnight, flash cars, or bitcoin doubling.

BUT I do Guarantee a working and proven program I have been following day in day out for years.
The next step is up to each individual to put the plan into play.
This is how I have built my LinkedIn Connections to over 8600 members.
Growing larger day by day. Month by month. Year by year.
Send me an email and request my LinkedIn PDF File Set Up.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?
5-20 CURRENT referrals in your Dollar Wise Down Line Builder Advertising Porthole.
What if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you at GDI & DWSEarner!

Well, that is EXACTLY what happens when you join our Team.
The Dollar Wise Down Line Club system works far better than going it alone.
It gives both you and your referrals a method to establish an affiliate business through team work.
Are you currently in GDI and going nowhere? Hop on board our GDI Express.
It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight!
Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online.
Admin watch is activated with any purchase made at my Fiverr or ECA Store.
When you set up the down line builder advertising porthole at DWSEarner.
When any of your team upgrade you will start to see your earnings explode.
GDI pay via paypal or cheque 5 Levels deep.
SFI pay via master card or paypal with team over rides.
Traffic Wave start receiving cheques in the post.
The earning potential is beyond your wildest dreams.
This is how I am generating a five figure income. Year In Year Out.

As A Down Line Club member Teamed with Our Dollar Wise Network Community.

All of our friends & colleges work together as an "Awesome" team, helping each other daily, building our individual businesses.  Through the down line training E Commerce Course you will receive.

Surviving online in today's uncertain economic climate has becoming more difficult due to fraudsters, and scams, at every turn.  One business alone is not enough.
In order to earn residual income, a broad network of programs & platforms is vital for survival.
Our Down line club provide's a down line builder sales funnel system, that integrates within Our "DOLLARWISE" network

Bit-Coin is now a big part of affiliate marketer's new technology.

I launched our Traffic Marketer Pro Program. Giving access in the back office to all my bitcoin training articles and videos.

Listen to the video on how to use Coin Payments to Upgrade.

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bit-coin in 2009, it was worth only penny's.
Today 1 bit-coin is now worth over $6,000 and growing in value most days.

You should start saving  Bit-coin now with earning commissions paid to your bitcoin wallet for participation. Starting with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps.
Building your nest egg for your future retirement.
It is never too late to start.  YOU can learn all there is to know with listening to my videos and reading the training articles in the back office at Traffic Marketer Pro.
With in a few months you will be quite the expert.

Mark Twain has a great quote :  What are the 2 most important days in your life?
The day you were born & the day you found the reason why"

Great Quote from one of our Team Leaders.

Join with Maree today & change your lifestyle for a better future.
I highly recommend Maree Wells as a kind, caring, spiritual lady, who goes way beyond the call of duty to help all her team members, sharing her vast knowledge of Internet Marketing is second nature.
Maree's work ethic speaks volumes of her life-time achievements, going from strength, seeking out new marketing idea's and planning new strategys to share with her thriving business groups, and members who help each other on a daily basis through her flag-ship platform w/site @ Chat-box at DWSEarner.
Come join in the fun, and start your new journey to success. . Kind regards Joseph. D.

How our Down line Club Works. 


Fiverr Store Rewards For All Sales.

Step Ladder Rewards!  

When you introduce a client to this gig that makes a purchase at the fiverr store.
Earn cash back rewards from all future sales they make at the Fiverr Store.
For every Client THAT Completes the three step process Monthly.
Receive $8.00..

At the end of the month the Bonuses for the down line club are paid.

The monthly earning opportunity is huge.

For Every 2 Clients that purchase the gig monthly receive
Cash Back Bonus $2.00.. 

For every four clients that these clients introduce, receive
Cash Back Bonus $4.00..

No Limit to rewards Monthly..
The more you refer and Cross Promo Surf at DWSEarner the higher the Cash Back Rewards.

START Earning for infinity…   Making this a long term project.

Video Library.

On Line Work Schedule

Upgrading with bitcoin

Web talk Online

Dollar wise blue print

World of online marketing.



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