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Things are going to be very exciting with Maree Designs in 2021.   Join Start to share your online business with our already established community.    Our Teams strength comes from its exclusive focus on small business owners and internet entrepreneurs of ALL experience levels. Anyone who works from home... or wants to start a new side hustle... Duplicate the same system for your business building. Our passionate creators, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs help boost our communities online business opportunities. We help businesses grow as a Seller, Buyer Or Advertiser with promoting our Maree Designs Gateways And ECA Rewardical Or Flexxity Services Our Community Offer. Maree Designs addresses the challenges of long-term sustainability. With selling Educational Packages that include videos and other forms of education services for Affiliate’s to gain the knowledge on how to market online any business project. I

SFI Online Set Up

  Did you know...?  Affiliate Marketing is a great way to build your business and get your products sold.  If you are willing to give it a good six months to set up.  You can start your Success Story Easily.   True affiliate marketing is when you are promoting A Real Product NOT some get rich scheme overnight.  Sign up today.  We share new members and fab prize Giveaways.   I designed this video in Jan 2020 before Covid raised its ugly head. So much has changed since then.  I love SFI as they have weathered the storm. 2021 is an exciting time as SFI launch new tools to support small businesses online. At the beginning of a new month. Listen to the video. This is how I operate Daily Within SFI. Making money with SFI!  This is my primary business I joined in 2013. Confused or unsure about how to earn an income with SFI?  Log into the back office and click the rocket top right to check out the Launch Pad Lessons.  You will find an easy overview o

My budget forecast 2021-2022

My Budget forecast is very different than last years. Listen to the video I designed to support all my teams income Post Covid.  I will be concentrating this year on  SFI GDI and Traffic Wave Promoting.  Setting up my Kiwi Club for selling my fashion range of clothing to Kiwi's via my Maree Designs Website which I have started to promote at Instagram and Tik Tok.  Once you generate 1,000 followers you can add your link here on your profile page.   I will also be working on supporting our Community online stores.  Listing them at our business directory.  Find details in back office of Maree Designs. Sign up via your sponsors link in the back office down line builder program at   Register FREE to receive my A - Z boot camp training series.   What is a budget forecast.  It is a plan of how you will be spending to establish and set up your business.   I have been designing budget forecasts since 19