Things are going to be very exciting with Maree Designs in 2021.



Start to share your online business with our already established community. 


Our Teams strength comes from its exclusive focus on small business owners and internet entrepreneurs of ALL experience levels.
Anyone who works from home... or wants to start a new side hustle...
Duplicate the same system for your business building.
Our passionate creators, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs help boost our communities online business opportunities.
We help businesses grow as a Seller, Buyer Or Advertiser with promoting our Maree Designs Gateways And ECA Rewardical Or Flexxity Services Our Community Offer.
Maree Designs addresses the challenges of long-term sustainability.
With selling Educational Packages that include videos and other forms of education services for Affiliate’s to gain the knowledge on how to market online any business project.
I offer ambitious members with a love for entrepreneurship and sales the steps to follow to provide both employment and a source of income online.

ALL MEMBERS earn from all digital product sales at my Etsy Store.

Kiwi & Aussie bonus at Maree Designs.   Receive commissions for all clothing sales from clients you introduce to my Trade Me and Etsy Store Listings.

View some of my videos showing my clothing range.



JOIN OUR SFI TEAM.  Our Leaders share new PSA Signups.

Looking for A Kiwi Side Hustle.  Need look no further.

ALL SFI MEMBERS earn commissions from all sales Of Any ECA & Flexxity Store Listings. Listen to the video I designed for promoting at Traffic Exchanges.

Fashion Garments Only sold in NZ sorry. 

View my training set up articles for SFI Success. 

If you have a Flexxity Listing this is a great way to send and receive payments.


Kiwi Members register your online bank account details to receive commissions.

Global members will need to join Wise to be paid commissions monthly to their online bank accounts. 

Send me a private message via our Face Book Group.

Communications....   >   Is the life line of any business.
This is the very first video I made way back in 2017 for SFI at Face Book.

 Follow the instructions and set up your Face Book Profile and Join Our Groups.


It takes Amazing Products to create a Lifetime of Residual Income.   

Maree Designs offers A One Stop Shopping and Selling Zone.  

Where our Community list their favorite On line Shopping Products. 

Add your service at Flexxity.  Example hairdressor's, dog groomers, babysitting, lawn mowing, garden clean up.  The opportunities are endless.
No service no problem.  Introduce Flexxity online with your sales gateway link.

Check out Mine As Examples.


*    You Sell Products, You Earn.
*    Down line Sells Products, You Earn.
*    You Buy Products, You Earn.
*    Down line Buys Products, You Earn.
*    You Publish Ads at Our Down line builder Programs listed at ABC, You Earn.
*    Down line Buys Traffic to promote and support your store, You Earn.


1...  Purchase Mighty 101.

No out of pocket expense as already added to your Monthly House Hold Budget.

I did not hesitate to invest in the bond US $$ 250 and arrange to be the Very First FULFILMENT CENTRE Operating In New Zealand.

Kiwi's Join Me At The Oceania SFI Forum to stay updated.

Ideal as everyone will already have cleaning products added to their monthly household budget, so no out of pocket expense. 

Join Easy Hits 4 U to design your splash page FREE to blast promotions.



2...  Purchase this Flexxity Service for me to design your Interactive Video Web Page.

Blast your new page link via social media.  Sharing your business information.

Not a member with SFI.  Buy at my Etsy Store.

View My Video Design Reference Page.

 Select the video you wish for me to duplicate.


3...  Join Our Down Line Builder Program ABC4Income. 

LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS!  Marketing &  Management Skills.
GAIN Access TO our Digital course's & videos of almost any topic.
Learn how to build your library for your career and personal growth.  All under the one roof.
Creating yourself a "Perpetual Feedback Loop" Of Traffic & Instant Commissions Today.
Showing entrepreneurs how to innovate with the right marketing solutions  Post Covid.
Long Term Goals are the way to succeed. .
Gain an insight on how to transfer your business online.  Buy, Sell, Trade, Earn.

Stay updated with all our Bitcoin News.

Activate your account with Coin Base to buy and send Bitcoin.

Be sure to join our Power of three network.

I offer to design members Webpages for a one off fee at my Etsy Store. 

This also activates yearly entry into our Down line club.

I share new members with our GDI And SFI down line team.

SFI pay to my Master Card.  

GDI and Traffic Wave Pay to my online bank account.

ABC4Income I pay via Wise.

Join Skrill to receive Banner of Bucks and Traffic Wave Commissions paid to your bank account.

Need I say more.  Start Your Journey Today. 


 I love this video all shops should do this if people are meant to wear masks.


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