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This where I show my latest fashion videos of garments I have listed at Trade Me. 


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Kiwi's earn fab prize and cash back rewards from all sales.
This Is where all our New Zealand members share their trade me listings. 


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This can be done at trade me with simply clicking the share icon to your main face book profile then clicking and sharing it to over to our Group when listing new products.  
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This is where all our SFI members stay up to date on how to promote their SFI Gateways and where members that purchase at my ECA Store can list their products for sale. Staying up to date with our community news.



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GDI was the very first program I joined in 2009.  Best monthly $10 Investment.

I have generated thousands with GDI over the years.. 

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Here is where I have recorded all events that have occured with Covid 19 in NZ since March 2020.  A journal for future reference.



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