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TikTok MDesigns Social Club

" Tik Tok Social Club Getting started with Tik Tok was the best decision I ever made. Within a year I have over 5300 followers. The key was, I connected with fellow kiwi's, and people of a similar age all over the globe. Talking about how I love the affiliate marketing life style. I share posts about everyday life. You need to make video's interesting not just blast posts about your business. I use the hashtags. Kiwi. plus size. fashion. mareedesigns. Etsy. Community. Affiliatemarketing. Lifestyle. Etc Simply use hashtags associated with your business. Click the banner sign up to Tik Tok then in the search bar enter mareedesigns and follow If you live in Christchurch message me to come around home and lets do some tik toks. I will share with you how to get started. It is amazing how many followers turn up to the weekend market to say Hi. Post Covid things have become a real struggle online. In a year unlike any other, every customer can be rewarded f