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2021 Post Covid

 I am so glad to see the back of 2020.  Bring on 2021 I say. 2020 was a game changer read how Covid 19 affected New Zealand.   Starting 2021 Confirmed cases with 25 deaths.  We are quite lucky as are in Level 1 and things are almost normal. We are able to go to concerts and visit our friends.  This is a great video which shows how the NZ Government encourages all kiwi's to behave when they are out and about.   I am enjoying my experience with TikTok.  Signing up in September 2020. I have over 1600 followers already sharing this video welcoming 2021. I am an Online Entrepreneur and Mentor. Life Style Coach for everything affiliate marketing related. Introducing sellers to buyers and advertiser.  Sharing the steps I followed when I transferred my business online after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011. Our Dollar Wise Network offers you: The opportunity to start generating a real income! Working From Home. We are a com


 Welcome to Maree Designs Fashion Catalogue.     Watch the videos of me modelling my garments at my Etsy Store.. Kiwi's be sure to view Maree Designs Starter Kit.   This activates your Maree Designs Representative Account. Earn from all sales of my MD E book Online Set up.  Click at the left the individual catalogue to view tops, skirts,  dresses, Midi dresses or long tops. Winter Collection. I have over 2000 sales at Trade Me.  I use my Etsy Store so clients can also view the products before purchasing when they call around home. Or wish to pay at Trade Me using After Pay.  Paying over 8 weeks.     Tie Dyed Collection. No two garments ever give the same Tie Dyed Finish. So each garment is an individual statement.   Reseller Collection. I will be designing in 2021 some great one off originals that members can buy to resell at their fashion boutique or at Weekend Markets. Or simply grab a bargain at throw away prices.  Click the Banner at the right and view my