Welcome to Maree Designs Fashion Catalogue.


  Watch the videos of me modelling my garments at my Etsy Store..

Kiwi's be sure to view Maree Designs Starter Kit.  

This activates your Maree Designs Representative Account.

Earn from all sales of my MD E book Online Set up. 

Click at the left the individual catalogue to view tops, skirts,  dresses, Midi dresses or long tops. Winter Collection.

I have over 2000 sales at Trade Me.  I use my Etsy Store so clients can also view the products before purchasing when they call around home. Or wish to pay at Trade Me using After Pay.  Paying over 8 weeks.  

  Tie Dyed Collection.

No two garments ever give the same Tie Dyed Finish. So each garment is an individual statement.

  Reseller Collection.

I will be designing in 2021 some great one off originals that members can buy to resell at their fashion boutique or at Weekend Markets.

Or simply grab a bargain at throw away prices. 

Click the Banner at the right and view my Trade Me Listings.

Over 2000 sales from happy repeat customers.

   One Of a Kind Collection.

These are garments I will be making when I have spare time.

There is a lot of time and work involved as each garment is individually cut then sewn.

Prices are determined by the cost of fabric and hours taken to produce the finished result.

  Creators Collection. 

These are garments that are not one of a kind.  Popular designs that I repeat.

  Child's Play

A collection of great children's clothing that grows with them.

NO FAILURE ZONE! As a Maree Designs Sales Representative you can start a

great side hustle online.  Introducing my Trade Me Listings.

Showing your friends and family my Etsy and ECA Store.

Earning commissions from all sales. 


   Order Today !

Check out my Maree designs ECA Store. All you need to kick start your online journey starting today.  Let me work in the back ground building your teams, freeing up your time to study all their is to know on how to work online the right way with affiliate marketing.  Global members earn at SFI from all store digital products. Kiwi Bonus earn from all garment sales.

1...  Start with joining Maree Designs. Here is where I generate the client Id to see if commissions are owed from any sales made at Trade Me or my Etsy Store.  Clients must be registered at Maree Designs.

You could be earning commissions when out entertaining, sleeping, endless possibilities. Maree Designs operates on Auto Pilot day in day out.

2...  Check at Trade Me for garments at discounted prices made from discounted fabric I have purchased in my one of a kind or reseller collection.

3...  Receive Monthly Commissions paid to your online bank account from all sales. 

Message Maree your Bank Account Details.


In To Win Monthly with Admin Watch At Face Book

Receive A W Points for every $$$$ Spent throughout our Dollar Wise Network Of Sites.

Receive Random A W Points for posting at our Face Book Groups.

Earn cash back rewards from all your spending.
Buy Clothing, Advertising Or Upgrade with any of the down line builder sites within our Sales Funnel in the back office of our family of sites.



WOW my LinkedIn Profile has climbed to over 12,500 Followers. Covid will not stop us.


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