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I had very little understanding of affiliate marketing when I started with SFI in 2013.  So yes I made a lot of mistakes wasting a lot of time and money in the beginning.

I always say readers make future team SFI Team Leaders.

The internet can be a very dangerous place if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Promises of wealth and fortune over night never happens.
Newbies Guide to social media online marketing.

Click the SFI Tool Box to see the bonuses you receive with setting it up as an Auto Renewal.    Free Splash page design with an interactive video with your SFI link inserted at the end of the video.   

View my example.  Once purchased reply with your SFI Gateway link.

Ideal for face book and Traffic Exchange promotions of SFI.

Free monthly hosting as long as your Auto Renewal is active.

Also if you are in my SFI Down line I share signups.

Post Covid SFI is the place to be not a member sign up at the end of the video.


My secrets on how I achieved a Five Figure Income within Six Months.  
Earn big money online reselling my E Books via my Etsy Store.


Your Goal with your SFI Marketing  is to achieve leads with email addresses so you can excite these new clients with newsletters, updates, tips, success stories.

FIRST you need to think of a User Name. (Example mine is Dollarwise)

YOU want to be noticed throughout the online community with all your marketing efforts. Now when members do a Google Search for Maree Designs, they will gain access to my online websites plus training articles I have designed.

TEST IT! Do a google search for Maree Wells New Zealand.

NO need to buy to achieve Google Rankings.

Check me out at Tik Tok and Instagram  User Name mareedesigns 

With writing articles at LinkedIn and Facebook etc, you can achieve the same results.

My personal thoughts!    It takes an individual 3 to 5 views of your promotions, before they decide to take the gamble and sign up.

EMAIL Marketing.  On average only around 2% of your emails you send will be opened. The more you get your promotions out there, the sooner you will see results.

DO not expect to generate results, simply because you did a marketing promotion, investing at some random website and buying 1000 traffic views.
THERE are thousands of sites online,  with hundreds of new ones launching daily.

NOT all will survive,  I have seen thousands disappear within a few short months.


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