Maree Designs 2021 Post Covid

 I am so glad to see the back of 2020.  Bring on 2021 I say.

Post Covid is a challenging Time.

Thinking about setting up your Flexxity Service with SFI.

View my Etsy store launch.

In to win all of March check out our Santa Club Information.

You can apply for your very own Etsy Store so you can receive payments from your Flexxity Service listings.

Be sure to buy my new E Book Post Covid Reboot.

Best little $8.00 Investment to start your online journey.


Triple Clicks is where I have been hanging out daily.

Buying T Credits. Spending T Credits Earning T Credits.



2020 was a game changer read how Covid 19 affected New Zealand.


Starting 2021 Confirmed cases with 25 deaths.  We are quite lucky as are in Level 1 and things are almost normal.

We are able to go to concerts and visit our friends.  This is a great video which shows how the NZ Government encourages all kiwi's to behave when they are out and about.


I am enjoying my experience with TikTok.  Signing up in September 2020.

I have over 1600 followers already sharing this video welcoming 2021.

I am an Online Entrepreneur and Mentor. Life Style Coach for everything affiliate marketing related. Introducing sellers to buyers and advertiser.  Sharing the steps I followed when I transferred my business online after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011.

Our Dollar Wise Network offers you:
The opportunity to start generating a real income! Working From Home.
We are a community of like minded individuals, all with the same goals and desires.
How to generate a real income online, avoiding all the false hype and scams you will come across.
Putting money into our pockets and not some one else's.
The Best Trained Team with a 24 months focus and all out massive promotions.

Start with signing up at Maree Designs to generate your User Id to receive commissions.
Join GDI and then Traffic Wave.  Be sure to check all emails for my Boot Camp Training Series.
By the end of the course you should be quite the expert learning all their is to know about online marketing.
Kiwi's show my Trade Me Store to all your family and friends earning cash back rewards with all sales.  Global members introduce Maree Designs generating numerous different income resources as your referrals duplicate the same system.
Activate your Power Of Three Entry.  Then add your link to your G Mail Signature. 

Kiwi's show my Trade Me Store to all your family and friends earning cash back rewards with all sales. Global members introduce Maree Designs generating numerous different income resources as your referrals duplicate the same system.

Activate your Power Of Three Entry. Then add your link to your G Mail Signature.

If you live in NZ reply to join our Kiwi Club FREE.

Earning 20% from all sales at Maree Designs Listings at Trade Me.

New Updated ECA Package for 2021.


Be One of the First to Join the Hottest Opportunity to Earn an Online Income in 2021!

Learning all their is to know about business branding and planning. 

Join us at Triple Clicks and be ready to list your service for selling in 2021.



View some of my examples to give you an idea how to register your application.

Make sure to join our team at GDI we share signups.

I have been teaching my team at GDI since 2009

Feel free to duplicate and design your Power of three website at your GDI Domain.

I have approved all your advertising.

Lets make 2021 rock.


As you can see we have a large community of individuals that have given our page a like.

Sharing our vision of developing and making a world wide foot print with our digital marketing throughout the online world.  I launched our Santa Club in 2015.


Members have watched our Facebook groups evolve over the years.
This is the place to be.  
In a very short period of time I have watched our community thrive.  
As they put into practice all the training available within the back offices of our Family Network of sites.

How our Santa Club at FACEBOOK will operate for 2021.

Team Leader leading by example.

I will be depositing 10% of all my commissions into our Santa Club Cash Pool Kitty. 

Sharing the dividents with active share holders on the 15th of December.

Lock into our Santa Club in the back office of any of our family network of sites.

REMEMBER subscription needs renewing every three months.


2021 new product to sell

Give our Santa Face Book page a like and log in often to see what prizes I am giving away.

Be sure to check in often and do a little brain storming and sharing your news with all our members.

With advertising you only get the one shot to attract attention to your promotions, before surfers simply click surfing on ignoring your advertising.

This is how random winners are drawn at Christmas.

YOU must keep your subscription active to redeem the cash prize at Xmas paid to your bitcoin wallet.  You will find lots of individuals are out there looking for the ideal working from home on line program. They will be eager to thank you to the introduction and leadership support you can provide.

I Offer A Unique concept.   I reward members with fab bitcoin cash rewards.

Personally I got sick and tired of members expecting everything for nothing, without the participation or involvement.  I was giving away to much cash to members requests, that simply gave up before even starting. So Now I inject back a percentage of my income supporting the members that support me.

Harsh but Reality.

I got sick of all the investment programs over the years that simply swooped in taking my cash never to be heard from again.

So I decided to offer a savings plan for all my clients.

Where I reward them when investing a portion of their purchase into a long term Cash Back Christmas Club reward planner.


2021 Admin Watch Giveaways

Think of your first 6-12 months primarily as a training period.

In this era of "instant everything," I know it is tough for a lot of people. 

But instant wealth will not happen over night....

Cash back shopping


 Feb 14th 2021 Bummer we are heading back into lock down.

Listen to my Video I shared to my Instagram Page From TikTok.



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