GDI. My Beginning.

Today lets talk GDI.  I love this domain provider.

I use them to design all my training articles.


My Life line was  GDI and SFI.  When housebound and bored in 2009.
Personally I love the fact that when you click SFI.
It will show the year I joined plus the badges I have achieved.  Proof of my writings.

A day I shall never forget the 26th August 2009.
I remember waking in a hospital bed, the fear, looking around the room, totally unfamiliar of where I was.
Bewildered and confused, I just burst into tears, screaming from the bottom of my soul, so loud I am sure the whole hospital shook.
I underwent major life saving surgery, forced to shut shop and concentrate on my recovery.
Waking up with a colostomy due to a Doctors Blunder. My bowel had ruptured.
Not eating for 21 days, all the nurses told me how lucky I was to be alive.

Once I was home I was determined not to feel sorry for myself.
My new saying was. Illness is not a disability. Just a challenge. 
I decided to turn the situation around to benefit me instead.

I spent hours searching the internet for a domain provider to transfer my Maree Designs Clothing Range online. This is when I was introduced to GDI.
There was so much just waiting for me to achieve, I was staying awake until 4.45 in the morning, hardly sleeping with so much stuff running through my head.
It took my mind away from the pain within, as sleep was a luxury way back then.

I was introduced to affiliate Marketing in 2009 when I joined GDI.  
This took me my total surprise as I was god smacked when I learnt I could earn commissions with simply introducing GDI to my family and friends.
I saw this as an extra bonus, as I had joined them for the Domain Provider.
I spent the next few years not really bothering with the affiliate side of things.
I simply added my referral link to the training pages I designed as I went about developing my Dollar Wise Network Blue Print.
I had something to wake up to now. Goals to set then achieve.

I just had to get up and start typing, it was so exciting.
Listing all the information at my new website I had designed at GDI.
Recording everything to refer back to later, as so much information was cluttering my head.
Yes it hit me hard and strong in 2009 seven months after surgery. 
When I first started my online journey.

I did not see my investments I was paying monthly as a waste of money.
Instead I saw them as a life line. Giving me hope and goals.
In 2010 I discovered SFI .  SFI is where I transferred my store.
Setting up my own shopping ECA website
Connecting with over 100,000 members.
I started to use my GDI domain to design my SFI training website.

Triple Clicks SFI Sister Site offered Games to Play. 
This was so cool because when I felt a little under the weather I just relaxed, keeping myself entertained.  Taking time out every few days when things started to overwhelm me.
No more boring moments trying to fill in the day. Housebound and sore.
I was waking up each morning with a new sense of achievement. 
My mind was occupied, no time to dwell on the pain that ripped through my body day in day out. 
Now in 2018 this seems all a bad dream, life is back to normal. 
Back then I wrote everything down, this was my way of dealing with all the challenges and releasing all the thoughts of total anguish..
Now I enjoy referring back to them as I design this blog. Proud of how far I have advanced.

My team have seen many changes to my website pages as my project evolved and started to take shape.
NOW I mentor thousands of individuals with everything affiliate marketing related.
Simply with sharing my Individual GDI page training links.

I was just starting to progress with understanding SFI and GDI.
Then the Christchurch Earthquake struck in 2011. I lost everything.
Needing to relocate and build my strength up once again.
This putting my reversal on hold. Due to all the earthquake damage.
I had to wait until 2012 to go private for my operation.
Which was a success.  It was as if I had been in limbo for a few years.

I took some time out then decided to  pick myself up again in 2013.
Starting again from scratch. Designing new clothes ready to react ivate my ECA Store and SFI Account..I have not missed a day since 2013 logging into SFI.
Getting back on track. Not looking back.
The great thing was I was earning GDI Commissions monthly in the back ground until I decided to return.
Now I have a successful business up and running once again.

I started out with one little program GDI in 2009 progressing forward investing with other on line working from home programs.
Designing my Dollar Wise Blue Print to mentor and coach all my new affiliate teams.
Yes I also as a newbie I made many bad decisions years ago believing all the false hype and scams.
Investing with programs that are now long gone.

The worst mistake I made was when surfing in 2012, being lured to another GDI Team Promotion.
That guaranteed 6 paying members into my down line.
The hype he gave me via emails were very impressive. 
This member encouraged me to delete my accounts and rejoin GDI from his promotional link.
Which silly me did as I thought this would be ideal to build my GDI Network.
I did what he suggested for around 6 months. Promoting the Co-op link he supplied.
Receiving no signups for all my surfing and advertising. I am still waiting today.
THEN it dawned on me, he was receiving all the sign ups from my advertising efforts.
THIS is when I decided to branch out myself. Designing my own GDI reward system.

I do not Guarantee 6 paid signups, nor do I guarantee success.
But I do guarantee reassigning members to team leaders with in our GDI Network.
Training them to duplicate the same system I follow.

All I can do is show members the path I took, and what I do to develop my success.
It is then up to each individual to start their journey and develop their own system.

GDI is such a great program. YOU receive a $25.00 Training bonus.
Easy steps to follow and achieve with in eight weeks.
Just log into GDI and watch the video's and read the training articles they supply.
They also pay you $100 Bonus for referring 5 new members in any given week.
Unheard of with other programs.
Plus when 10 of your team achieve their training bonus.
You receive a $250 Bonus. Pretty impressive I say.


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