Pros and Cons With Affiliate Marketing.

My thoughts about the pro and cons with affiliate marketing.

People ask how do I achieve earning an income online.
My answer!  I have a proven Down Liner Builder Sales funnel System I developed over the years. (View my site links above.)
I spent years researching scripts and designing my own on line websites.
Sharing with my members throughout the universe a proven program to follow daily.
THE GOAL. Daily Participation = down line and cash.
"DID you know by the end of 2015, the worldwide number of Internet users had grown to include more than 40% of ALL the people on the planet!"
Affiliate marketing is not easy.
But there are many proven strategies which will put you on the path towards success.

Life can be a great mystery. Discovering hidden opportunities on line as you start to investigate with google searches and exploring all the wonders on offer.

My story is this …Nothing to something within 2 years.

The key is to select the right business to work with.
Avoiding all the scams and false hype on line.
SOME People are JUST Dishonest.
So be very aware before joining any new site. ARE they REAL or JUST a scam.

Yes New Zealand is like!   Way down at the bottom of the universe. 

Affiliate marketing was rare and unheard of back in 2009.

I had no understanding of computers. 

What was an affiliate Id?  Left me puzzled and confused. 

I spent many hours searching individual sites just to find my ID, giving up and logging out in total confusion and annoyed with the time I had wasted with no results. With no support from sponsors.

When I first began my journey in 2009.    I spent thousands of dollars joining sites that other admin recommended grabbing life time or yearly upgrades.  I started to notice as I started to broaden my knowledge, that a lot of admin were launching new sites before sorting out the original ones I joined.
After six months I noticed some admin were not paying and just kept launched new programs.

So in 2016 I removed a lot of sites. Kissed my money goodbye and stopped joining new programs.
Launching Maree Designs and ABC4Income instead, providing a surfing friendly safe environment for all my team.

My Question is this?  HOW many sites do these ADMIN NEED>  

Daily I receive so many emails introducing me to new launches that people are recommending.   NOW I have learnt to just ignore them. As I feel most are just a money raking project.                   That are only benefiting the Admin and not looking after the needs of their members with the original sites.  When I first started investing with Affiliate Programs in 2009.  I started to notice slowly that many were shutting their doors, sadly very few of my original online investments are on line today.  Personally I feel why change something that works. WHY Gamble with new ventures, when I already have a working, proven and Paying System SET IN PLACE.

I use McAfee Web Security. This is a must if you wish to be working online.  McAfee test the sites I surf and blocks content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites.

Affiliate Marketing doesn't mean pyramid schemes, or selling some mysterious powder that's supposed to cure everything, it is simply a product where you can sell it to earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing is when you join A Network and support all the members building client bases and selling advertising or recommended products.
NOT some GET RICH SCHEME, that offers instant wealth overnight without a REAL Product to sell.

Most Programs CAN generate an income for you.
But there is only one little problem:
All of the online opportunities require "Team Work" "Honest Admin." "Payments"
"Guide Lines To Follow" Plus an Audience viewing.

Be aware there are some outright scammers online.

I was researching different sites years ago to buy photo's from, to make my GDI Domain training articles I have been designing since 2009 appealing and interesting. 
The cost varied between site to site.  At one site to buy copy-rite for photos, Image Packs etc.  5 downloads starting at  $99  Subscriptions $184/month.

To often I see members promoting copy cat sites that have just duplicated  other programs. 

Do not  get lured into programs with outrageous promotions.
Sites change with the wind. What was paying yesterday can some times take a dive and stop paying members with constant excuses and delays. YOU must keep update with all news of your programs.

I hate this sort of promoting.
Now you, too, can profit on demand with an automated traffic and profit machine!
Showing earnings in a screen shot.
These often are not the members earnings but just a copy of someone elses.
The only person making profit is the Owner that sells these designs.
Another. Earn 53,000 Over night. Load of rubbish. Nothing happens over night.
It is so amazing how many people believe the hype and sign up.

Pyramid Schemes. This is a way some sites operate offering cash for signups without any physical products, or investment offers. Normally they offer huge rewards when they first launch. Example. Pay $20 and Receive $10 from your first level members and $5 from your second level members. The only people that get rich are the ones at the beginning.
Revenue shares I also stay well away from. They are robbing Paul to pay Peter and will collapse eventually .

"My thoughts for the day."
1. Do not over analysis things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.They are telling you their story, not mine.
5. Set your goals and work towards achieving those goals.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that I love:
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.”

I came across this in my research.
How to Start a New Website for $587.32

So many people get conned and spend the money to be totally disappointed never to hear from the supplier again.

THIS is why I decided to invest in my own script to share with my affiliates within my different programs. SFI GDI and Traffic Wave. 
A trusted Sales Funnel Down line builder program.
What’s my point?

I think anyone is capable of building a successful affiliate business.
If they are willing to put the time into reading and broadening their knowledge.
The Internet lifestyle gives me the means to generate a real income working from home.
I love it. I set my own hours. I can work at my own leisure.
Determining my own future with my investments and daily participation.

My Favorite SFI Quote.  This inspires me every day.
The same principle I apply to all the affiliate programs I belong to.
Folks, we can't give away money (or co-op units or PSAs, etc. which cost lots of money)
Without the recipient EARNING that money by producing revenue.
We would be completely bankrupt and out of business within months if we were just giving money away to anyone who signed up!
Indeed, sign-ups would likely explode to tens of thousands of people a day for everyone and and their brother joining just to grab some free money.
Do you not understand how COMPLETELY UNFEASIBLE that would be?
A Signing Bonus is just what it says...a BONUS.
And no one is stopping you from earning as much of it as you want, as quickly as you want.
If you want to quickly earn your entire Signing Bonus right now, then get busy and make some sales (that's why you're an affiliate)!
YOU control when you earn your Signing Bonus. Please stop being so negative and underestimating what you can do!
Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There is no shortcut to success.

This is my number one affiliate program I have not missed logging into daily since 2013.  Trusted and Proven Program I follow. 

View my badges all the proof you need for online success.


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  1. Excellence, does not describe your attention to detail Maree. Your knowledge flows "like a mountain stream" sharing, is second nature to you.
    You love of life & what you do so well, has become your life-time ambition.
    I salute your humility & passion, as a work college, friend & mentor.
    Kindest regards always.
    Joseph. D.
    "The Lilt Of Irish Laughter"
    Congratulations on your new position! Maree.
    May the road rise to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    & may you be in Heaven 30 minutes before the divil knows you've passed.
    Traditional Irish Greeting.
    It is said, even to this day.
    This Ode came from the Irish Leprechauns.
    Known as a "Pisheog."
    There are still Fairy Forts, all over Ireland, & locals, think it unlucky to interfere with "The Little People" or their Forts or Fairy Rings.
    A lone Hawthorn tree in a field , known as "The Blackthorn, " produced dire cosequences if cut down or damaged in any way.. and testimonials have prove correct.

  2. You are a natural as well. I enjoy reading all your reviews.. Brightens every day

  3. Even though we live on the other side of the planet "Opposite sides" we can chat every day through
    your "DWSEarner Chat box."

    Isn't it amazing that in 2018,

    That reminds me of Star Trek, when William Shatner ~ AKA~ Capt. Kirk said to Leonard Nimoy ~ Aka My Spock,
    Remind me if you will, "Where will we be in the 20th century ?

    Mr Spock replied. "With my enlarged alien I.Q. even if I told you that in 20018, Elon Musk, would launch the biggest "Goliath" Space-ship ever constructed on planet Earth, and program it to return to a moving vessel on the ocean, before sending a Sports Car into orbit & program a module to land on Mars our nearest neighbouring Alien Planet, to colonise & grow a botanical garden, to support new life, because the humans are destroying Earth, you would never believe me.
    Capt Kirk replies, Mr. Spock, you do talk a lot of nonsense, next you will be telling me that Maree Wells will go where no man has gone before, and launch a new Legitimate DollarWise Business, that will take the World as we know it by storm. Changing the network marketing business, producing her own Online retail Empire & share it with The World.

    Mr Spock replied, yes this will be a reality,
    Something in your future life, that is also changing lives, highly recommended by Maree Wells and endorsed, is a Company you will be promoting called G.D.I.
    We will keep you posted on this new W.S Website update Captain.
    Spock over and out.
    Beam me up immediately Scottie.
    Kind regards
    Joseph. D.


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