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March The 20th 2020 Everything is changing online.

We all need to adapt to the changes as no more outside markets to generate sales. 

I had designed by business plan and budget forecast for the year ahead. 

Now it is all blown out of the water, I can not predict my earnings ahead.

We need to update and check our affiliate programs as a lot of mine have gone into Lock down. 

So no sales will be generated. I am updating my sales funnel. 

I will not be joining any new programs as there will be to many scams and I feel to many emails with false hype and promises.  

It is better to stick to trusting programs with the cash flow behind them that have been online and operating for years.

I wrote this article many moons ago.

My introduction to the world of affiliate marketing.

It was refreshing to read again as it shows we can come out the other side of this Lock Down with Goals and Ambitions set in place.

View my badges all the proof you need for a successful operating remote business.

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28 Cases Reported in NZ and numbers are climbing.

Since designing of this article one hour later 11 new cases reported. Now 39.

Two weeks ago there were no reported cases of the Corona Virus in New Zealand.

We had 5 Cases then  Tues March 17th. 3 more cases 2 in wellington and 2 in Dunedin = 12 so far in NZ. Then 28 reported cases March the 20th spread throughout our Islands.

Today Sat 21st of March 14 new cases have been recorded, now we have hit over 50. 
2 of these cases have not been linked to traveling so community spreading is developing.
Every Saturday we visit Bryan's Mum. Last Saturday there was only 6 cases.

As of Thurs 19th!  Sorry folks no more visitors are allowed in New Zealand.

New Zealand is not in lock down we have just closed our borders.

I am here to support all my members throughout this time of crisis.  

When in lock down in New Zealand we were unable to buy our Lotto Tickets at the supermarket.   So I bought my tickets online spending like everyone else.

Most of us spend weekly buying lotto tickets. BUT with being able to buy online, you could spend a lot of cash very quickly with being bored at home.

In Six Months Post Covid I had not WON A PENNY.  So I decided In August I would invest with the entertainment at Triple Clicks.

Food for thought!  Six months of not buying a Lotto Ticket = over $600 Savings. 

SFI Monthly Investment is peanuts considered to this sort of spending.  The beauty is I am earning a Five Figure Income Yearly as I have been participating daily at SFI.

I am designing A business continuity plan (BCP) to help prepare my team and our businesses for disruptions and emergencies, I will be updating this page often.

19/90  19 days to form a habit.  90 days to start seeing results.

The world is a changing for the moment but their is no need to panic.
We just need to change our situations to suit the global environment.

I will be logging in daily to Crypto Jam and blasting my SFI Promotions.

The beauty is I receive cash back rewards for all my advertising.

I am luckier than most as I have been operating my remote business on line for the past decade.  I am an experienced old hand when it comes to dealing with a crisis.
I've been self-employed and working from home since the 1990's.
In 2009 due to a doctor's blunder I was forced to shut shop and concentrate on my recovery.  This is when I was introduced to the wonders of the internet.

Joining SFI in 2010.  Then the Christchurch Earthquake Struck in 2011.

I lost my entire team and did not reactivate my account until 2013.

I spent the next year building my ECA Store at Triple Clicks, offering digital products for business branding and building.  Promoting to all the Kiwi's my great range of Maree Designs Clothing. Giving them a second income opportunity.

Now in this new age of distancing social interaction.  

I have developed a new page for our community to interact with at Face Book.

Remember Stress lowers your immune system.
Go and watch funny videos, play games at Triple clicks, occupy your mind.


Share all my interactive videos I will be posting.

NEW post your business links and updates at our Kiwi working online page. 

NO spamming it must be real businesses that are promoted throughout our Dollar Wise Network.  Members will be instantly removed I will not tolerate misleading posts.

YOU must apply via messenger to register.


My Daily Plan Of Attack. 


I am so lucky as I have been cashing out my commissions at my local ATM for years.

Start with joining us at SFI and apply for your Master Card.

Use the same login information to activate your Triple Clicks Account.

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Find it hard to get referrals I share all new signups with my SFI team leaders from my bulk advertising campaigns.

When you find the world closing in, you start to feel the isolation do some exercises, do some medication to get yourself back into the right mind frame.


This is the message I reply to all new Linkedin Contacts. (15,000 Followers)

Follow the video instructions to set up your Profile Page.

Thank you.  I am so busy there is not enough hours in the day.
Join a society of Global Thinkers brainstorming and sharing at our face book groups.
Listen to the video, view my badges all the proof you need for online success.
We are turning the negative vibes with the corona virus into something positive.

I have never missed a day logging in since 2013.
Kick start your SFI Business Today.

Join My down line builder program found all under the one roof.
Learn how to leverage your income with numerous online opportunities.

Read my article on how I am dealing with the corona virus.


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Duplicate these emails to blast at all the social media Email Portholes.


HEADING!  Stay entertained throughout the Corona Virus pandemic

As we head into unknown territory with this COVID-19 global pandemic.
You need A business continuity plan (BCP).
I Have been Working Online from home for the past decade.
Train and educate your people on how to best make a living. 
Start YOUR OWN Homebiz with us!

We show you how to promote the best money making programs all under the one roof.  Generating Income.

You can count on us to give you the best creative experience possible.
REMEMBER Stress lowers your immune system.
YOU need to keep your mind occupied, this is why I will be buying TCredits and playing games daily.

My plan is to be so busy online, I will not have time to dwell on what is happening around me.
Starting  today it will not be about the commissions I earn, but about the friendships I have made, the entertainment, the shopping opportunities, getting rid of the boredom blues and keeping my mind distracted and occupied.
Keeping myself sane and busy throughout the day.

Cheers Maree.  Admin
Maree Designs. ABC4income and Traffic Marketer Pro.

Home base business 468 banner to use.



For Triple Clicks. 

Heading!  Stay entertained and earn throughout this time of change.
You can count on us to give you the best creative experience possible.

REMEMBER Stress lowers your immune system.
YOU need to keep your mind occupied, this is why I will be buying TCredits and playing games daily. 
SFI is a well established company that will easily come out the other side a lot stronger.

My plan is to be so busy online, I will not have time to dwell on what is happening around me.
Starting  today it will not be about the commissions I earn, but about the friendships I have made, the entertainment.

The shopping opportunities supporting our community.

YES get rid of those boredom blues and keep your mind distracted and occupied.

DID you know gaming is a billion dollar industry, which will grow in strength day by day.

I have been a member with SFI since 2013 playing daily.
Cashing out every Wedsneday from my Local ATM.

Need I say more.

Cheers Maree Admin
Maree designs.  ABC4Income and Traffic Marketer pro.



Log into Traffic Marketer Pro! Now is the time to build your bitcoin portfolio.

I have the bitcoin investments to insure all bitcoin commission payments.

Coin Payment Store Verified.

Community support click in the index at the left.

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Listen to the video on how to set up your Traffic Wave Campaigns.

Not a member sign up via your sponsors link in the down line builder program.

Capturing email addresses and building your client base.

Here is where I design all the email letters you receive.


Now is the time with all this spare time to view some training.

Be sure to subscribe FREE to my U Tube Channel. 

Listen to my Admin Watch Reward Video.


I am designing an online shopping page for our community.

Free listing for all stores when you purchase at my ECA Store this package.

Click the SFI Tool box and set it up as an Auto Renewal.

After purchase email me your banner link and information to list.

Listen to my introduction to my Dollar Wise Network.

I will be updating the down line builder often as a lot of the bitcoin faucet sites are already closing their doors. 

Traffic Marketer Pro is not affected as I have the bitcoin investment to pay commissions each week as members earn.


March 20th latest news updates.

Be sure to view your Government updates. Do not listen to fake videos with the wrong information that will just upset you at U Tube.

REMEMBER Lock Down is not the same as Border Closures. 

We are all learning new things daily.

We are now in full digital and learning mode. 

Do not believe everything you read.  Scam emails are flying in.

I am in lock down with any new sites. I will not be joining.

I have developed a proven and paying program I will be following day in day out.

March 21st!  Okay so we are in a months lock down.I am going to go and set up Game Leagues for all our team to stay occupied
and keep our minds distracted from what is happening around us.
Start with joining us at SFI.

Take note of your password and be sure to redeem the incentive rewards on offer
All kiwi's can earn 15% commissions with all sales of my clothing or digital products.
World wide members can earn with sales from the digital products.
View how to set up your online business branding platform.

Monthly competitions.
One lucky kiwi receives a mystery parcel in the post.
One world wide member receives an interactive video design.

Poker games.
League Password: XvBdPS 

King Card League
League Password: QTN9Kn 

Eager Zebra Games.

My SFI Leagues Playing Daily



Today we are very excited to provide a sneak peak of our new digital product,

What is ECommergy? In brief, it's a site for and by ecommerce entrepreneurs. 

It will feature:

* "Best of the best" articles, videos, and audios from across the web, hand-selected and curated by us and other experts in ecommerce.
* Exclusive articles and other content.
* New content added daily.
* Our exclusive "Ask An Expert" program allows you to get your questions personally answered by ecommerce experts at no additional cost.
* Sophisticated search engine makes finding the exact content you're looking for fast and easy.
* Peer ratings and reviews.
* A variety of tools and features for managing your favorite articles, reading lists, etc.
* More!

Note that ECommergy is 100% generic (it's not a site for soliciting people for SFI or any other biz app). 

Anyone who's in ecommerce...or wants to be...or should be...are potential subscribers.


  1. I would like to give you huge thumbs up for the information you have shared in this post.
    Distributed Team .

    1. You are welcome it is all about team support.


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