"New Zealand Government update for Aranui residents"

Alert Level 3 is a milestone in our struggle against COVID-19. We are all responsible for what happens next. Every contact we make is a chance for the virus to spread.

We could easily lose what we have gained. Our success, or failure, depends on the decisions that we’ll each make alone – but which in turn – will affect all of us.

Two Weeks Then a review.

• On 11 May, we will review our progress and decide if we can safely continue to step down restrictions, or if more measures are required to protect us all.
• So the decisions we each make now, matter. Because every interaction we have is an opportunity for the virus to spread.

Keeping safe at Alert Level 3.

• At Alert Level 3, the best way to keep those around you safe, is by keeping your bubble small. Interact with as few people as possible. Less people equals less risk. And continue to stay at home whenever you can.
• We should each be making the minimal number of trips. Be sure to stay local, and only make necessary trips.
• And importantly, work and learn from home if you can.

Lets Do THIS.

We’re a team of 5 million. Formidable. And we can do this.
So thank you New Zealand for making the right decisions, when it really counts.
Self employment will be the way of the future.

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Thinking global supporting local. 

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For Health and Well Being to keep stress levels down.

Exercise daily is so important. 

Facts sourced from

NZ Cases 1451 cases. 1036 recovered. Deaths 14
America 839,675 cases, 77,366 Recovered. Deaths 46,583
Australia 6,547 cases 4,124 Recovered. Deaths 67

In NZ we have had 79 people hospitalized.
In Level 3 hopefully all cases would have recovered.
We will be keeping our boarders closed and no face to face contact.

Today I listened to Donald Trumps Live Media Update.
He really does not live on this planet. He is in Cuckoo Land.
It was all me me me.
He has blood on his hands with these actions.
Both Aussie and NZ Graphs show we are declining.
Trump Fake News saying US are recovering.
The graph is still climbing, showing more deaths growing daily..
How can Americans not see this. Mind Blowing.

With no facts or support for the American people in his interview. It is as if he does not see the deaths climbing.

I love our daily updates at 1pm in Newsletter.
Our Prime Minister gives all the facts and figures.
I am so proud of her.


I can  so relate to this.

I thought I would share this great face book post.
People say that It takes around 21 days to build a habit, and 90 days to build a lifestyle. 📅
But why aren't most people living the life of their dreams if its literally only 90 days in front of them? 🤔
Well quite frankly, most people can't last 3 days with their commitment to new habits never mind 90 😫
The ones that do, they know this trick...🧙‍♂️
The trick is to take things one day at a time and focus on being just 1% better than you were the day before.👈🏿
Don't try to rush it...
Don’t let the false persona and lifestyle people post on the internet rush you. 🙅🏿‍♂️
Remember this though people...
No one is ever posting about their failures. 😏
People (mostly) will only show their wins on social media. 🏆
However, every success you get comes with a struggle.💯
But that isn't so cool to talk about 😂
But it is true!
Take things one day at a time and build the habits that build the lifestyle that you want to live...on your own terms.
People have the process backwards, they want to live the lifestyle without creating the correct habits.
But then when reality roundhouse kicks them in the head🦵
They quit before ever even developing those essential habits for success.
It’s boils down to: consistency, determination and how bad you truly want it?
I have not missed a day logging into SFI since 2013.👂🏿
It is not about the money any more.
It is about the entertainment and friendships we all make at our Face Book Group.
Keeping our minds active, stopping us from overload information with Covid 19 and going stir crazy.

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