Down Line Club Community shares!
Admin Shares How She Will Be
Operating throughout this Covid 19 Crisis.

Influencer Down Line Club Network!

"As the world continues to change, your business has to adapt quickly.

Video can help you navigate the new normal."

Our Team Leader is the founder of the Dollar Wise Network Established 2009.

GDI being her very first affiliate program she joined.

Best $10 Monthly investment on line. Register to receive your commissions paid to your online bank account. View the GDI training videos in the back office.

Duplicate Maree's GDI Webpages using the easy to design webmaster.    &

Start generating income from all your new signups 5 levels deep.

Activate Face Book Promotions And Shout Outs. Auto Pilot Cash Generator.
Each purchase includes 200 advertising credits + Random Reassignments.

CHECK Your Email to RECEIVE Instructions.
1.. Re Purchase if you wish more than one monthly share.
2.. Receive random new AEC sign up members.
3.. Each Purchase equals one share.
4.. Receive 1 new share from all referral purchases
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5.. Receive 30% commissions from all referral purchases.

KIWI'S  message me at our FACE BOOK GROUP to PAY Via Your Online Bank Account.  Register your Kiwi Bank Account to receive commissions.

Global Members are paid to their bitcoin wallets.  Register at our Face Book Group.


Down line building is the Key to success.

Make your first task to join all the sites in the down line builder Sales Funnel. Listen to the Video I designed Pre Covid 19.

Check in often as I will be updating the down line builder often, as sites have disappear Post Covid.  E-Commerce will be changing. We all need to stay updated.

Example.  One Ad Pack, Discover Heal I no longer recommend.

If in Admins SFI Or GDI Team. 

She shares signups with all Team Leaders.

Admin is a platinum Team Leader at SFI. 

Not missing a day logging in since 2013.  

Apply for your very own Master Card to withdraw from your local ATM.

Study the SFI TV Videos. Your Goal is to achieve Bronze or higher monthly.

Receiving New CSA members to your down line and sharing dividends monthly.

Start Building your knowledge month in month out.  

Watching your nest egg grow larger year in year out.

When in lock down in New Zealand we were unable to buy our Lotto Tickets at the supermarket.   So I bought my tickets online spending like everyone else.

Most of us spend weekly buying lotto tickets. BUT with being able to buy online, you could spend a lot of cash very quickly with being bored at home.

In Six Months Post Covid I had not WON A PENNY.  So I decided In August I would invest with the entertainment at Triple Clicks.

Food for thought!  Six months of not buying a Lotto Ticket = over $600 Savings. 

SFI Monthly Investment is peanuts considered to this sort of spending.  The beauty is I am earning a Five Figure Income Yearly as I have been participating daily at SFI.

Triple Clicks is where I hang out daily now. 

Since Covid 19 raised its ugly head in April 2020.. 

I do not bother with new launches as there are way to many scams.

Any Purchases at my ECA Store by my SFI Team. 

I share New PSA Signups with.


Face Book Influencer.

With the Covid 19 Panademic you want to be participating with programs that will still be online in the years ahead.

Lock in Special Offer 1, when you next log into Ad Exchange Community and I will design your personalized webpage with video inserted for facebook blasting.


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