October Challenge 2020


Post Covid success and income online.

Sustainable - diversified - transparent - long term.

Maree Designs offers you a complete digital product and service, Online Sales System.
Maree has built a complete A - Z platform all under the one roof, giving easy access to all her training videos and articles on how she has been generating numerous different online income, while building her primary business..


It has always been my desire to help as many people as possible create financial freedom with Cryptocurrency and sales paid to their bank accounts from proven and paying  income resources.
I'm going to do my very best to help you every step of the way, in a clear, honest & transparent manner. Find all the tools necessary to create a daily passive income & to help others do exactly the same. 

Make sure to read all the training articles in the Index in the back office of our Family Network Of Sites.  Powerful Video marketing built right into my training articles.

Maree Designs Santa + Kiwi Club.



Leverage your income, with simply giving away FREE Websites.
Members duplicate the same system.
Signing up to our Proven and Paying Down line Porthole from their sponsors link.
I do all the work you generate commissions! Discover how it works.

Check out my Kiwi Fashion Stores.




Down line club splash  http://splash.clickvoyager.com/?page=29794

TWaveSplash               http://splash.clickvoyager.com/?page=18533


We are bringing arts and craft people together at Maree Designs and Face book. Going global supporting local.

Activate your Santa Club Entry in the back office of any of our Family Network of sites.

Kiwis activate Entry at My Etsy Store.


Mark it as a favorite then enter Code Tiktok to receive 10% discount.

Be sure to apply at GDI for your Domain. 


Best $10 Monthly Investment and duplicate my online website.  Giving access to all my team training even when I am off line.  Duplicate my websites.





SFI  success. Team Leader since 2013.


Words of encouragement from Maree.

Not a member with  SFI Sign up today.


In these uncertain times post covid.  I do not bother with new launches.
I hang out at SFI daily.   Earning from all referral participation and spending.
Knowing they are here to stay. Proven and Paying me since 2013.

The key aim for Bronze, receiving shares and random reassigned CSA Members Monthly.
Watch as your team and earnings grow larger month by month.

Sadly this month a few of our team just lost all their CSA members that they had accumulated over the years as they did not retain EA last month.

Did you know only around 3% of emails sent are every opened.
That is why I encourage everyone to click the rocket above and check their launch pad training. All members will view the SFI TV Training when they log in.

Start receiving emails like this. I love the beginning of each month.

CSAs in September 2020, you've just earned 8231 Rewardicals! That is, for every 25 Rewardicals earned by your CSAs, you automatically earn one Rewardical. 

Zing Network members in September 2020, you've just earned 2504 Rewardicals!
For every 10 Rewardicals earned by your referred members, you earn one Rewardical.
GRAND MASTER, the second highest level in Badge Quest, that only the top 200 players can attain!  You're awesome! 2000 Rewardicals.

Good news--you were a winner in today's Triple Clicks DAILY CROWN Drawing!  You won: 500 Rewardicals
YOU won the 500 RT Pick The Bid contest. Congratulations!  


Great way to use T Credits         http://www.tripleclicks.com/MightyTCredits.php
View products                               http://www.tripleclicks.com/buy
Join us at our Facebook Group.    https://www.facebook.com/groups/sfipays/


5 Step Set Up

Making money online does not have to be difficult or complicated.

I have generated thousands post covid, with following the same plan.
In order to best adapt to the situation at hand, we all are heading into unknown territory with the spread of COVID-19.
We all need to adapt to a new way of life for the time being.

I have revamped our Down Line Club.

1..   SIGN UP TODAY.... We share signups and Fab Prize Giveaways.


If you are ready to commit for the first six months to build a simple business model that has been paying me month in month out for years. Lets start your journey.

Join a society of Global Thinkers brainstorming and sharing our Covid 19 Recovery Ideas.
Earn Multiple Passive Income By Giving Away Free websites!
Saving members thousands of dollars in set up costs.

2..  New Maree Designs Commissions For Kiwi's Selling My Fashion Range Of Clothing



If you are a Kiwi with a business follow my Set Up Instructions.


Send me your Business Link to add to our Maree Designs Business Directory.

Personally since the Corona Virus raised its ugly head in April 2020.

3..   I have been hanging out daily at Triple Clicks.

Promoting at all the down line builder programs in the back office at ABC4Income.

Have you wanted to have your own online business that you could do anywhere.

But didn’t know how to start?  BE sure to join us at GDI and Traffic Wave.
Make it a reality! We’ll show you how with our easy-to-follow online business system!



4..  Most important follow me at Instagram and view my video updates I share at TikTok.


Here are some great examples. I am loving Tik Tok I have built my followers to over 800 since joining in September 2020.  User name mareedesigns




5..  Todays Task go to ABC4income. Set it up having all your promotions on the one page.

Click edit details and enter your blog facebook and twitter links.

Click edit your links and add 5 Tex messages, 4 Button banners and 1 468 banner

for your favorite programs.

Then blast your ABC4Income link daily at all the down line builder programs and watch your income grow.


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