2021 is going to rock as I design Splash Pages for all my Clients.

I have spent a few weeks designing splash web pages with a Banner Intro and Video where I insert the clients sales link into the end of the video.

How many times have you gone to promote an affiliate program at Traffic Exchanges or at Face book.  For the link to be declined.

NOW I solve all these issues with designing Personalized Splash Pages. 

Purchase your Splash Page design at my Etsy Store.


Then send me an email with the name of the Splash Page you wish designed plus your Sales Gateway Link You Wish To Be inserted into the end of the video.. 

I Change My Sales Link To Yours

Ideal for new Cottage Industries.  I can design your Personalized Splash Page to introduce your products you sell online. 

View My Example For My Maree Designs Fashion. 

Send me your 768 Banner plus quick Introduction to your business to add to your Splash Video Web Page Design.  In the video I change my photos to be business photo's.



I suggest for everyone to start with GDI.  Best little $10 Monthly Investment.

I have generated a five figure income since joining.

All GDI members that sign up via this video link.  Will be in our GDI Team and I share all new signups with these GDI Team Leaders.



Kiwi's be sure to join our Kiwi Club Selling Maree Designs Fashion.

YOUR client Id is generated at Maree Designs so I can identify who is owed 20% cash back rewards from all clothing sold to new customers at Trade Me or Etsy.

Imagine the exposure as we all promote the same splash page at the same locations day in day out.  


View Some Examples.  SFI is my number one program. 

I design SFI.  Mighty101 and Flexxity Splash Pages. 



Flexxity is a great place to offer your services.  

Not a member Sign up at the end of the video..


Mighty101 I did not hesitate to invest the bond to be the New Zealand FC Supplier.



Change this video to include your Face Book Page Invite Link.

Send me your Face Book Page Or Group Name to change in the banner.


These are the Splash Pages I recommend to Start With First.

View More Examples at our Reference Library





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