Market Review


Catch Up With Me The First Saturday of each month at the Church Market.    

309 Breezes Road 10-2am

Maree Designs Supports Other Community Online Store Activities.  

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The beauty is you can add your Business Website link to your Instragram Profile.

I had so much fun getting ready for my first market of 2021.  

I did Tik Tok Video's all week sharing my progress with all my followers.

Markets are a great way to introduce your Business to the neighborhood.

As with any business it takes time to build up a client base. I use markets to hand out business cards to everyone walking by.   Sending them to my Kiwi Talk Website. 

This is how I generate sales working from home when these individuals view my Trade Me and Etsy Store Listings.  I was so excited as I had customers purchase on Monday from my Trade Me Store.  I also will be having customers organize a time to pick up stock they had me put aside at the market. 

My Kiwi Talk Website introduces them to my Social Media Platform.


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