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Welcome. Shop hours 10 - 2am Mon to Wed. Message Me for out of hours Home Viewing.
Check Out My New Etsy Store Ready for Xmas Shopping. Pay in four easy installments AT ETSY.
All Purchases activate Entry to Win Fab Prize Giveaways and cash back rewards at our Kiwi Club at Face Book.
Post covid is a challenging time so I have decided to share my income with all my clients.
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I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years.
I specialize in Originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection.

No mass production. All garments are individually crafted.
Then priced accordingly to cost of fabric and time to produce the finished result.
Over 2000 sales at Trade Me, with great customer feedback since 2003..

Come and chat the first Saturday of each month at the market. 309 Breezes Road Christchurch.

I design Introduction Videos for client presentation. View the video example and Put Me To Work For You.
My NEW PROJECT Designing videos to list at our Online Shopping Page to introduce our Community to our Members Stores.


My Etsy Store is a great portal to view the designs I offer at My Home Viewings.
Check out the services I provide!
Global Digital Products to learn the A-Z for Business Branding And Selling.

Check out my Maree Designs Starter Kit to jump start your online income..
In to win Fab Prize Giveaways and Cash Back Rewards at our Face Book Page NZKiwitalk


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