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With the way the Global Market is getting affected with the terrible China Corona Virus epidemic.
Things will be changing, businesses will be closing, exports and imports are already being effected.
March the 4th 2020 we have 2 cases reported in New Zealand.
Interest rates are being cut to help the global economy.  Panic shopping has started.

This is why it pays to be a SFI member.

View my badges all the proof you need for online success. Platinum Team Leader sharing the way.
If you are willing to follow instructions, have the vision for future  goal setting.
We all promote SFI at the same sites on the same day gaining massive exposure to our promotions.
We are a community working together.

SFI offers so many different ways to generate a real income online.
I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.
Listen to the video click the sign up button.  JOIN SFI FREE.
Jump Start Your Business and activate your Reseller Website to blast at face book etc.  


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I also share new PSA sign ups with my SFI Team Leaders.

 In to win daily even if you lose. Listen to the video.

When members set this ECA Store Gig up as an Auto Renewal then they receive this bonus video with their Astro Bid Link Inserted to blast their website at face book.

After you purchase any of the packages above at my ECA Store clients need to email me to redeem their personalized videos with their SFI Or Astro link to insert.


Maree Designs Online E Book Resellers. 

All purchases at my ECA Store Include E Books relevant to each topic.

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I decided to invest in a new app to design members own personalized websites.

Where I offer unique video creations, with a proven down line building process to follow.
Social media automation sharing your personalized videos I design to face book.
Ideal to add to G Mail as your signature.
Add your business To Maree Designs.  Includes your Banner added to our business directory.



No BUSINESS No Problem.  Join Our Face Book Social Media Santa Club Promotions.
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Add $125.00 to bitcoin payment to generate your own Affiliate Marketing Program.

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Every purchase will activate one share to be shared on the 15th of Dec.


View my Video Creating Collection.

I update the page often Lock in at TMP Special Offer 1  

I have been using an email follow up series for different programs for years using an auto responder.

I love SFI in New Zealand Instead of buying Lotto Tickets Weekly.

I decided to invest with SFI instead.  Win Win Situation.

I love the hours of entertainment.

When you buy a lotto ticket you only get the one occasion to participate with the Saturday Weekly draw.  With SFI I spend less and am winning all the time. 


 In New Zealand we play lotto Weekly. 

Millions spend hundreds in the hope to become a millionaire.

I prefer to play games and bid with the Auctions at Triple Clicks.

Even when I lose I win rewardicals I can redeem into cash bitcoin VP etc.


No Excuse Not To Success.  SFI Offer All the Training 


At the beginning of each new month click the win tab and activate ENTRY.

This is how I climb to Platinum Team Leader Monthly. 

I make SFI my number 1 priority. My network grows larger month in month out.


Grab the attention of online store owners to show them how they can grow their sales, expand their customer base and improve customer loyalty by plugging the Rewardical program into their website.

BE AHEAD OF THE PLAY!  Organize your online store today all the instructions are in the back office at SFI.    Turn your hobby into a paying opportunity.

I am so thankful for SFI as members can check out the Rewardical Stores that are based in the United States Etc and feel confident their purchases will arrive.
Businesses are asking workers to stay at home.  Shifting to Online Sales.
I see a Global Shift where a lot of individuals will be staying and working from the safety of their own homes.  Setting up there own Online Store Ventures.  Massive changes are about to occur.

Find all the training videos and articles in the back office of my Down line building working from home on line program.



PROJECT FOR MARCH. Setting up my All In One Profit Network.



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