Moving Forward.

The Corona Virus is here and spreading.

In order to best adapt to the situation at hand, we all are heading into unknown territory with the spread of COVID-19.  

They predict it will take 6-12 months of uncertain times as they work to develop a working vaccine....  Lets turn this negative into a positive.

We all need to adapt to a new way of life for the time being.

Starting today it will not be about the commissions I earn, but about the friendships I will make, the entertainment, the shopping opportunities, getting rid of the boredom blues and keeping my mind distracted and occupied ready for the re-boot.

I will be using the down time to build my knowledge, design more clothing ready to list at my ECA and Trade Me Stores when my sites re-boot once we come out the other side.  At the moment all my stores are in Limbo.

I will be organizing a new budget forecast, building a new business planner, my Plan of attack is to use my time wisely, building my Remote on line business.

Be sure to check in often for the new digital products I will be designing.

The beauty is everyone will be earning from all sales if a member with SFI.


Online affiliate programs are closing down their networks at an alarming rate.

I have revamped Maree Designs and Traffic Marketer Pro! 

Lock in at my EcWid Store. Place your order then check emails for the invoice with payment instructions.  Kiwi's can earn commissions paid via online banking, world wide members start building your bitcoin portfolio.

Apply for your FREE EcWid Store use the spare time to study and design your shop.   Clean out the house turning those unwanted treasures into income.

I wrote this article many moons ago.

My introduction to the world of affiliate marketing.

It was refreshing to read again as it shows we can come out the other side of this Lock Down with Goals and Ambitions set in place.

Stay positive like this Wellington Family In New Zealand.


Read my closing statement at the bottom of the page.

Their is a lot of panic, with doom and gloom posts throughout social media.  

A lot of misinformed information is spreading like wild fire.

BEST TIP!  Stay informed with reading your Government updates, or authorized sites for the virus with real news.  Take everything else you read with a grain of salt.

We have 20 Cases in New Zealand with the virus, our first case reported in Christchurch March 18th 2020.

March 28th it has climbed to 451 cases.

They are setting up testing hubs in Christchurch.  

It is only normal to feel a sense of panic. 

Social distancing will be the new norm. 

I will be supporting online shopping throughout my local community.

We all need to do this, to keep a strong economy cash flow generating.

In New Zealand we are trying to slow down the spread, so our hospitals will be able to handle the influx of patients.

REMEMBER the NZ restrictions affects People Not Products.  

Air and Ship Cargo are still functioning.

After the Christchurch Earthquake in 2011 I transferred my Store online to Triple Clicks.  

Designing my own E commerce Store and network of sites for advertising.

I recommend to buy this package, click the SFI Tool Box to see the benefits...

Did you know? Gaming is a billion $$$$ Industry which is going to grow in this time of uncertainty as more people will have spare time on their hands going stir crazy.
This week I did a little experiment spending around $50 on playing our NZ lotto games at the online website, with no returns.

I invested the same amount on TCredits to play games and Astro bid at Triple Clicks. The beauty is when you lose you also win. 

Check this out.  I am building my Bitcoin Portfolio.

Our thoughts go towards keeping our families and communities health and well being with bringing awareness to how we can all achieve this together.

I am designing A business continuity plan (BCP) to help prepare my team and our businesses for disruptions and emergencies, I will be updating the back office at

I will not be lured to join new programs, instead I will be promoting ABC4Income teaching my team how and where to advertise SFI.

In this down time.  Now is the perfect opportunity to build your knowledge.

I am disgusted how some people are using the virus to their advantage.

Setting up new sites with outrageous hype for people to sign up.

More and more people will start to interact through face book to stay updated.

REMEMBER Stress lowers your immune system. 

YOU need to keep your mind occupied, interact with our community via face book. 

We all need a support network who are sharing funny video's, playing and competing weekly with the league games at Triple Clicks.  

Lets all share inspirational posts with our vision for moving forward.

My plan is to be so busy online, I will not have time to dwell on what is happening around me.  

Their simply will not be enough hours in the day for all I have planned.

View the video on how to make payments with buying products at Triple Clicks.


Be sure to subscribe FREE to my U Tube Channel.

Today the NZ Government are urging all Travelers to return HOME to New Zealand in case of boarder closures.  I see this happening very soon.


I have decided I will be turning something negative into something positive.

More people will be staying indoors to stop the spread of infection.

Online shopping is going through the roof. Most important support local businesses.

For me it has its silver lining as I am already operating online.

I will be ready for when everything re-boots. At the moment my stores are in limbo.

Did you know Amazon are employing over 150,000 new people for the influx of new orders.


Check into our Face Book And LinkedIn Groups Often to view the Real FACTS.

I have activated my LinkedIn Group. 

More than ever we need to connect and support each other in these times ahead.

Listen to the video on how I set up Instragram.



I am designing an online shopping page for our community. 

A lot of us will have a lot of spare time on our hands with self isolation.  

Body mind and wellness are the essence of well being.

View my badges all the proof you need for online success.

I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.

Check into our private team forum and introduce yourself.
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SFI and Triple Clicks will be the place to work from home online.

Since 1998, more than 20 million people worldwide have become SFI affiliates. During this time, SFI and its affiliates have invested millions of dollars and millions of hours in trial and error. What has emerged is a very clear picture of what does and what does not lead to success. We have distilled for you all of this into the SFI Rules Of Success. If you want to SUCCEED in SFI, you must follow these rules. If you want to risk FAILURE, ignore them. 

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I recommend to fill in those spare hours with some fun entertainment.

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Yes A World Wide pandemic has been declared.
How each individual deals with the situation will determine their mental state.
We all need to stay calm and support each other.

Exercise is so important. View my videos in the back office of TrafficMarketerPro. 

Learn how to promote one link generating numerous different income resources with using our Down line builder advertising porthole.

I suggest Boost your Immune System while generating commissions.

You can see my Id is 5839, I have watched the site grow to over 145,000 members.

We need to read the real facts not listen to the mass hysteria occurring online.

Feeling overwhelmed just do a google search to find the correct information.

Example when I type in Corona virus updates in New Zealand.

When I am overwhelmed I will do some exercise in the comfort of my own home.

Have a thought for the elderly as it is affecting them the most.
What we should be doing
If you feel unwell, if in doubt THEN do not go out.
It will be good for you and for the safety of the community to simply stay at home.

Border changes
On Saturday 14 March 2020 it was announced that we are stepping up protective measures to keep individuals, families and our communities safe and healthy in the current global environment through upgraded border control measures.

Changes have been made to border measures. Details of these can be found on the Health website and Immigration's website.

Support for impacted business
These new border controls are based on the precautionary principle to slow the spread of the virus – and they are vital to helping us to contain COVID-19. But there will be a significant impact on people wanting to come to New Zealand, for Kiwi’s looking to return to New Zealand, and businesses who rely on an open border.

If you are having difficulties or concerns about meeting your normal tax obligations due to the effects of COVID-19, Inland Revenue has a range of ways to help depending on your circumstances. 

We are in the mix of a keep it out and stamp it out phase to slow down and stop the spread throughout the community.
As of March 13th Disneyland is shutting down.

In New Zealand we have been luckier than most other countries.
Our Government is dealing well with the situation. We have 5 Cases so far.             

March 12th we have had no new cases reported in the last 6 days.
The effort to slow it down is vital, isolate contacted victims is essential. 
Keep your mind occupied so you do not have time to dwell on things.

Tues March 17th. 3 more cases 2 in wellington and 2 in Dunedin = 12 so far in NZ.
$12.1 billion support for New Zealander's and business.
View if you can redeem support here.

"This package is one of the largest in the world on a per capita basis. It represents 4.0% of GDP and is more than the total of all three Budgets’ new operating spending in this term of Government put together."

“The global economic impact of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s economy is going to be significant, so we are acting now to soften that impact."
“By running surpluses and keeping debt under control, New Zealand is in one of the strongest positions of any country to respond strongly through our public health and economic stimulus packages,” Grant Robertson said.

First step is very easy wash your hands.  Do not touch your face.

Stay away from large crowds and avoid flying for the time being.
Nestle in at home for a while, make a safe living environment. 

Keep your mind active, socialize via social media.                                              

Use ABC4Income to keep all your referrals updated.

The financial markets have plunged into a 2008-style crash.
We can not be certain with what the future holds.
A lot of people have been asked to start working from home.
A lot of spare time sitting at home I predict.
I will be making the most of things with developing my SFI Business.
I always try to see the good that can be generated from something bad.
Changing my circumstances to suit the environment. 

There is to much fake articles online full of scare tatic news.
Remember their is no miracle pill that will cure you.
I will be sharing all the articles I find for community support here.

Join our support group and when you find yourself a little over whelmed chat to someone or go and escape with playing games at SFI.
Join discussions at the SFI forum.
Check messenger at face book to see if anyone is on line to chat with.
Keep your mind occupied so you do not have time to dwell on things.
First step is very easy wash your hands.  Do not touch your face.
Stay away from large crowds and avoid flying for the time being.
Nestle in at home for a while, make a safe living environment.

Panic shopping is making the situation worse because people like me are dependant on panadol. (This is restricted in NZ as some of the compondents are not accessible for manufactoring)
So I will be stock piling when I see them as there were none on the shelf last week.
Stock markets are down with huge percentage losses.
It is time to start thinking about our well being and health.

We are moving into a period of confusion, but the fear of things is a bigger problem.
No more hand shaking instead we do elbow banging or ankle taps.
It is seriously affecting businesses in different ways online.
On the upside Local Stores will benefit as there is no delay is supplying.

THIS is why NOW is the time to connect with ECA Rewardical Stores that are local. The Corona Virus will affect the economy possibly for the full year.
Perks of working from home?  Less chance to catch the corona virus.

Learn all their is to know on how to set up your Online Remote Business.

The secret will be when we come out of the lock down to keep our boarders closed.  This will be a time of growth for New Zealand Online businesses.

Did you know there has been a drop in corona beer sales produced in Mexico.
Just because of the name.
As of March the 10th 60 million are locked down in Italy.
Yes this is scary but a necessity to stop the spread.  Well Done I say.

The world is a changing for the moment but their is no need to panic.
We just need to change our situations to suit the global environment.
What annoys me is the media do not share the success stories.
Over 70% of the people in China that contracted the virus have now recovered.

Be aware their will be a lot of scams going on trying to scare the shit out of you to sign up and buy some miracle product to cure the virus.
Do not get sucked in.  You can find all my recommended programs I use for promoting on a daily basis.
Listed at the down line builder program in the back office at

Trade commissions for points to do some promoting. 

TIP! 19/90 It takes 19 days to form a habit, and 90 days to build a business.

Yes Bitcoin took a drastic dive yesterday, 10,000 dropping down to under 5,000.

I took full advantage and purchased bitcoin, as it will become stable again in a few months.   BE sure to join our Leadership Club in the back office of Traffic Marketer Pro.  I have used my experience to design a great crowd funding platform.

This virus knows no boundary, rich and poor countries are now facing the same dilemma of how to contain it to prevent from spreading among it's residents

New Zealand has not yet started implementing community quarantine which requires limited traveling inside and outside a certain community.

Government agencies and companies like Air New Zealand are forced to reduce their manpower to a bare minimum thus requiring other employees to go on unpaid forced leave.
In worst cases, some companies will be forced to shut down or forced to terminate some of their employee's as a result of the on going health crisis . 

Great read from the SFI Forum Today.

"To all SFI Affiliates around the world, these (unfortunate) situation offers us an opportunity to help other people to learn how to build a source of income without leaving their homes."

"SFI may not be a "GET RICH QUICK" opportunity but it will give people hope that that they can still earn money without exposing themselves to the hazard outside their homes.  And since we all do our business thru the internet (online), we can reach out to as many people around the world to give them hope that losing their job, or forcing them to stay at home will not stop them from earning an income."

"All they need is an open mind and the willingness to LEARN, TAKE ACTION and TEACH other people to LEARN and TAKE ACTION .
Financially, building a profitable business in SFI is cheaper than the money we spend while going to a regular job . 

We can build our SFI business anywhere and anytime we want and with a very minimum length of time everyday. And the best thing is that we can build our business at the very comfort of our home ."

I finished the financial year in 2020 as a platinum team leader with SFI

HOW? I followed the working on line schedule day in day out you will see listed in the back office at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Earning bitcoin while simply promoting SFI at all the down line builder programs.

We bought our own house and updated our car. YES 2019 was a great year.

I do not spread my wings to far joining other programs as their is not enough hours in the day after I do my daily to do actions.

Leveraging my income from all my referral spending within this network.

Sales will drop as some members in my team are in bad financial situations.  

I have had to remove all my fashion range from my ECA Store.

I foresee dropping back to Gold. BUT I am not worried, as long as we all keep our subscriptions active we will come out the other side stronger. 

Buy AT MY ECA Store!   Set up as auto renewal.

These products sell themselves. Share your story and step up your game.

Use the Social Media Interactive Video pages to build your list of followers.

Use GDI as the domain provider.

Use Traffic Wave for your autoresponder.

Start building your client list with repeat sales with introducing them to your splash pages. Updating with regular news letters.

Receive Skrill bank payments from Traffic Wave and bank transfer with GDI.

The Magic Of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, PH.D Best book ever.

..  You are what you think, believe you can succeed and you will

..  Cure your self of the fear of failure, do what your fear and it will disappear.

..  Think and dream creativity stretch your minds limits

..  See what can be and not just what is

..  Make your attitudes into allies, broadcast good news.

Turn defeat and failure into victory, if you fail just try try again until you succeed.

Act upon your dreams setting goals to achieve them

Think like a leader, you are lifted to success by those around you.


"Many times all it takes is the right kind of mentor ship & process
to push you to the right direction and make great progress, so
that together you grow and scale your business rather than
trying it all alone and getting left behind or stuck.

If you are on the fence, take confidence on the fact that we
are both in this together, our team and I will be working hard
for YOU and have an incentive in you succeeding and that's
a commitment NO ONE else will provide for you at ANY price."

Find all the training videos and articles in the back office of our Dollar Wise Network of sites.

Stay strong and when in doubt check out my updates at our Face Book Groups.

Participate daily redeeming  Admin Watch Points.

 Great move from Facebook.

Facebook Coronavirus Update on March 6, 2020 at 6:25PM PT:
"We are temporarily banning advertisements and commerce listings, like those on Marketplace, that sell medical face masks. 
We’ll begin to enforce this change over the next few days. 
We already prohibit people from making health or medical claims related to the coronavirus in product listings on commerce surfaces, including those listings that guarantee a product will prevent someone from contracting it.
We also have a dedicated channel for local governments to share listings they believe violate local laws. Our teams are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will make necessary updates to our policies if we see people trying to exploit this public health emergency"
Stay safe, respect the rules and don't make claims about the Heal Products even if they are your own personal experience.
Facebook will enforce this vigorously and you wouldn't want to waste your good efforts in legitimately marketing our business on the platform.

A lot has changed since the designing of this video in 2017. 
I have invested thousands evolving my websites.
Closing my DWSEarner Website and incorporating it into my new website trafficmarketer pro. 

Replacing my Fiverr store with my Ecwid store as things were getting very busy.
You can now buy great Kick Starter Packages at my ECA Store.

I moved our Leadership Club over to Traffic Marketer Pro in 2017.
Be sure to lock into the offer you will see when logging in.

I am like your personal watch dog, keeping an eye on all sites, as they can change with the wind.  I have been following the same plan day in day out.

I am working on designing a community shopping page in the back office at Maree Designs.  Be sure to send me your store listings.

I will also be designing a shopping page here at my blog.


Closing Statement.

All week I have been logging into sites to view the same statements.

The Worldwide lock down and recession due to the COVID-19 outbreak
created an unprecedented situation never seen before in the whole World.
Currently the whole world is in a standby mode that created fear
in every single market, and bringing every Country into unbelievable before
and incredibly unique conditions.
Neither Crypto nor our Industry is different.

Our own Industry has changed too.
BTC plummed 60% while Coin base locked our account, making it
impossible for us to use their exchange.

THESE sites were not coin payment verified

(My Bitcoin Store at Traffic Marketer Pro is verified so we are operational.)

(YES bitcoin dropped but then they bounced back. )
The emails continued to state.

Part of our capital was invested in online Investment sites.
Many of them are still working fine and producing (smaller) returns
to us. Returns that we used (together with our own sites) to pay you.
You may know that we own a big advertising network that usually produce
a decent influx of money and we are currently facing days with ZERO purchases.
Part of our Network income was also dedicated to pay profits
on our various sites such as this very one.

All these VALID reasons constrain us to temporarily suspend
all our revenue sites and halt earnings and withdrawals until
this global situation resumes.
We want you to know how hard this decision has been, but it currently seems
to the the only possible road to take.

We do not know how long we will need to keep the site locked, we don't know
if this will take 1 month, 2 or more, but we want to tell all our members that when we will reopen we will take care of everyone as we have always done, starting from the members who are currently in the worst situation.
We will keep you posted
Stay Tuned!

MY suggestion in this time of confusion!

Do not go joining any new programs, as to many are preying on the elderly using the  virus as an excuse to part members with their money.

YOU are best to participate daily at SFI Playing Games, Astro bidding, shopping throughout the local community.

Check in often to our face book groups to stay updated.

Follow my daily work schedule I will keep updated in the back office of Traffic Marketer Pro.

Kiwi's check out my Ecwid Store and join our Leadership club.

Earning commissions paid to your Kiwi online bank account.

World wide members sign up via the offer you will see at TMP. 

I will continue to add all updates HERE>  

Since designing of this article one hour later 11 new cases reported. Now 39.

Two weeks ago there were no reported cases of the Corona Virus in New Zealand.

We had 5 Cases then  Tues March 17th. 3 more cases 2 in wellington and 2 in Dunedin = 12 so far in NZ. Then 28 reported cases March the 20th spread throughout our Islands.

Today Sat 21st of March 14 new cases have been recorded, now we have hit over 50. 
2 of these cases have not been linked to traveling so community spreading is developing.
Every Saturday we visit Bryan's Mum. Last Saturday there was only 6 cases. 
On Sat  the 28th  we now have 451 Reported Cases.
The sad thing is that the highest age group that is getting infected is the age group between
20-29..   They did not take the circumstances seriously.

I went and did my first grocery shop on Saturday 28th.  I was confused with the way I felt.
I had to hold tears back as I really wanted to cry when I saw all the staff with their big helmets and protection clothing.  I just wanted to go and hug everyone of them.
I decided I would not take my camera as I really did not want to take any more photos.
As we all are seeing the same distressing images. 
I had decided all my posts at Face Book are going to be positive and inspirational.

Big bulky bouncer like men at the doorways with bottles of  sanitizer to wash our hands before we entered the supermarket.   One person from per household is allowed to go and do the shopping.
There was a group of stupid people fighting with this man. 
When he told them only 1 was allowed to enter.

Sadly Sunday the 29th we were informed of the first death in New Zealand. 

TUES March the 31st
Just finished listening to the daily Government updates.
I am so proud of how they are dealing with the situation.
The National State Of Emergency has been extended for another 7 days.

REMEMBER the lock down gives a breather for the health system to prepare.
The AIM is to break the chain of transmission.
"In the worse case scenario modelled, almost 150,00 NZers would be hospitalised with Covid-19 and more than 35,000 lives would be lost."
"Ministry of Health mathematical model delivers  a clear warning of the consequences on not acting swiftly and decisively."
The key value of modelling like this is to assist with planning and decision making in the early stages.
WE can stop this happening if we all just STAY AT HOME.

They have also allowed the food packs to operate.
The Govt will make sure that they are stocked up with food.
Paying all costs. How cool is that.

STOP Flushing wet wipes down the toilet.
4000 people reported within the first day people flaunting the system to the new contact address the police set up yesterday.

NEW! starting today you can report price gouging here.

Kiwi's are uniting but sadly we have to get rid of the kiwi tradition. Passing something over the next door Neighbour's fence.
If we were not being proactive dire results would eventuate.
BUT we can turn these results around if we all stay patient.



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