NZ Level 4 Lock Down

In New Zealand our last lock down was 18 months ago.
But as of August 17th at Midnight we have gone into Level 4 Lock down.
We had one case when I went to bed. When I woke Weds morning we now have 5 cases.
YES my son got a flight from Auckland to return home to Christchurch. So thankful.

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Bryan is still going to work as he is an emergency worker. One of his work mates had spent the weekend at the coromandel. The Auckland hospital is in lock down as they have a nurse with covid. Bummer it is the Delta Variant. Linked to NSWs out break.
Day one we have 7 cases when I woke up. Then by 6pm we have 10 cases. They are teachers, nurses, tradesmen who have visited churches and the casino. Masks must now be worn when leaving the house.
We are told to go to our vaccine shot appointment if we do not receive an email before the 16th of September. Our second shot is booked for the 10th of october.
Day 2 August the 19th there are now 21 cases. 95 locations of interest, the list is growing larger every hour. By evening there are over 125. CHECK BACK OFTEN AS I KEEP THIS PAGE UPDATED. STAY SAFE EVERYONE.

Day Three! Sadly we are staying in Lock Down until midnight next Tuesday. There are 31 cases with three being in Wellington Bummer.


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