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SFI Prosper in 2019

Welcome! I hope 2018 was a prosperous year for you. It was for me. I am starting 2019 as a Platinum Team leader. The key is not to be lured away.  Stick to a plan day in day out. Celebrating six years with SFI. Join our winning team and prosper. it is very simple. Instead of flicking here there and everywhere. In search for that quick dollar. Make SFI your first priority. WITH the NEW Launch of the E Commergy. I changed my Auto Renewals to ECommergy Standard Subscription.$9.97 100 t credit package  $35.00!   $29 if you set it up as an Auto Renewal. When you activate the purchase a box will open reading. Save With Auto-Delivery!   Activate your Auto Renewal. Study, learn, promote duplicate.   The Headlines page will appear immediately after you log in (and before you see the SFI homepage). It will feature five c