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SFI Prosper in 2019

Welcome! I hope 2018 was a prosperous year for you.It was for me. I am starting 2019 as a Platinum Team leader. The key is not to be lured away.  Stick to a plan day in day out.SFI have announced great new incentives to start 2019 with a bang. Check out my ECA Store, to kick start your SFI business.
1.  We are very excited today to unveil STARTER INCENTIVES, a powerful new suite of team-building tools that every affiliate can put to work for them, starting today!

2.  100% Direct Commissions every day!
Last November, we introduced our Special Compensation Package featuring 100% CV Direct Commissions. This special package was set to expire at the end of this month, but we have now decided to make the 100% Direct Commissions a formal feature of our compensation plan! That’s 5x the normal 20% PSA Direct Commission and will allow you to get in profit faster than ever!…