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Social Media

See how I achieve being listed at the top of Google Day In Day Out FREE!   Google Search Maree Wells New Zealand.    Make sure to start each day at ABC4Income viewing community links and posting yours. START with listening to the video then joining us At ABC4income .  Remember the good old days, when the expression “You’ve Got Mail” was something that excited you.. It did me.    Then the Nigerian schemes, lottery scams, and piles of unsolicited spam and junk mail started to fill up our inboxes.. Annoying as we were left in doubt as who to trust. People were emailing all sorts of rubbish, introducing the next best thing since sliced bread.. Which normally just turned out to be Pie In the sky fairy tale's. Instead of flicking here there and everywhere wasting your hard earned cash. Learn how to promote SFI. I Use Social Media FREE Which allows me to create custom circles, like Customers, Colleagues, Family, Friends etc. Sharing posts relevant to a specific set of people. Making my t