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Welcome to Maree Designs. I love the affiliate marketing lifestyle working from home. I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years. I specialize in Originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection. No mass production. All garments are individually crafted then priced accordingly to cost of fabric and time to produce the finished result. Over 1500 sales at Trade Me, with great customer feedback since 2003. Great online side hustle to win FREE STUFF. Start FREE with joining us at Triple Clicks. Then show my store to all your family and friends. Connect with my ECA Store and start shopping. In to win fab prize giveaways at our face book Page NZKiwitalk Apply to be a Maree Designs Sales Representative FREE. Follow the instructions and set up y


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Welcome to SFI I am in my 8th year starting September 2021 as a successful Level 20 Triple Diamond team leader. That is me in the Black Tee With my SFI bag listed as A Top Enroller. HOW did I achieve this? I do not stray, being lured away from SFI, wasting my money. My earnings grow larger month by month with all the new CSA reassignments I receive monthly. Imagine your growth in a years time. In NZ we are so lucky as we are able to celebrate xmas with our family and friends. Most important read and view all the video links to explode your earnings in 2022. Make 2022 a great year join us at SFI. Leadership club 2022. Lock in at my ECA Store your A-Z Covid Set up Guide. Post Covid things have become a real struggle online. In a year unlike any other, every customer can be rewarded for their support. I am looking for passionate individual's and entrepreneurs to help our Community Businesses grow online. Jump


Today, September 1, 2021, is a BIG, BIG day because today we are unveiling A sleek, modern, and massively-simplified new SFI system! The new, simplified SFI system is here! I always say you need to read and study to succeed moving forward! IF YOU LEFT SFI! Now is the time to return. Be excited when you log in and See your New Building Block Level. Now you can climb at your own pace without depending on referrals. Click each block to view. Earnings include referral spending. AT THE BEGINNING of each new month be sure to enter the Leadership Challenge. View where to find it to enter. VersaPoints are no longer a part of the SFI system. I have not missed a day logging into SFI since 2013. Post covid they were my life saver paying my commissions monthly. Post Covid SFI is the place to be if you left now is the time to return. Click View Earning Sharing Signups since 2013 My Mont