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My SFI Review.

Why I Recommend SFI as the Best Online working from home business. This is the progress I have made with building my team since joining SFI in 2013. VIEW my badges all the proof you need for online success. To return to this page after viewing links.  Just click the back Arrow on your computer at the top left.  I really like the fact that no individual can make false statements, as the promotional link shows all individual achievements.   I discovered when I first started my journey, that the internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies with very little understanding of what Affiliate Marketing Involves. I designed this video to help everyone avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning. If you see the big Picture with working towards understanding how to progress forward with SFI you can achieve amazing results.  I have watched SFI evolve over the years. Refining the back office and making it a lot e

GDI. My Beginning.

Today lets talk GDI .  I love this domain provider. I use them to design all my training articles.   My Life line was  GDI and SFI .  When housebound and bored in 2009. Personally I love the fact that when you click SFI. It will show the year I joined plus the badges I have achieved.  Proof of my writings. A day I shall never forget the 26th August 2009. I remember waking in a hospital bed , the fear, looking around the room, totally unfamiliar of where I was. Bewildered and confused, I just burst into tears, screaming from the bottom of my soul, so loud I am sure the whole hospital shook. I underwent major life saving surgery, forced to shut shop and concentrate on my recovery. Waking up with a colostomy due to a Doctors Blunder. My bowel had ruptured. Not eating for 21 days, all the nurses told me how lucky I was to be alive. Once I was home I was determined not to feel sorry for myself. My new saying was. Illness is not a disability. Just a challenge.  I deci

Pros and Cons With Affiliate Marketing.

My thoughts about the pro and cons with affiliate marketing. People ask how do I achieve earning an income online. My answer!  I have a proven Down Liner Builder Sales funnel System I developed over the years. (View my site links above.) I spent years researching scripts and designing my own on line websites. Sharing with my members throughout the universe a proven program to follow daily. THE GOAL. Daily Participation = down line and cash. "DID you know by the end of 2015, the worldwide number of Internet users had grown to include more than 40% of ALL the people on the planet!" Affiliate marketing is not easy. But there are many proven strategies which will put you on the path towards success. Life can be a great mystery. Discovering hidden opportunities on line as you start to investigate with google searches and exploring all the wonders on offer.   My story is this …Nothing to something within 2 years. The key is to select the right business to work w

Starting my Blog Journey. April 14th 2018

Welcome to my very first article at my Dollar wise Blog. This is very exciting as I explore the wonders with Google Blogger online. Watch as my blog evolves as I navigate my way around the apps provided. Sharing all my news and updates with all my team from the numerous different online ventures I belong with. Join me as I begin my journey. When you click View Profile you will be directed to my Google+ listings. Simply click the back arrow to return to my Dollarwise blog.   I have been exploring the wonders of the internet for the past nine years.  Gaining a wealth of knowledge as each new year passes. Read my reviews and thoughts I will be listing on numerous different topics.