My SFI Review.

Why I Recommend SFI as the Best Online working from home business.

This is the progress I have made with building my team since joining SFI in 2013.

VIEW my badges all the proof you need for online success.

To return to this page after viewing links. 

Just click the back Arrow on your computer at the top left. 

I really like the fact that no individual can make false statements, as the promotional link shows all individual achievements.  

I discovered when I first started my journey, that the internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies with very little understanding of what Affiliate Marketing Involves.

I designed this video to help everyone avoid the mistakes I made in the beginning.

If you see the big Picture with working towards understanding how to progress forward with SFI you can achieve amazing results. 

I have watched SFI evolve over the years. Refining the back office and making it a lot easier today for new members to follow. Everything is their for members advancement if they are willing to daily log in and participate, reading new launch pad training lessons. Taking the time to understand while broadening their knowledge.  

Members will become experienced old hands in no time, sharing with their new members how to follow and duplicate the same system.

I enjoy referring to my Genealogy Report found in the back office at SFI.

Gen           2014         Feb 2017           BIG O April 2017
1 (PSAs)       5                164                            5
2               1860            2522                      1838   
3               1089              950                      3704    
4                 529              132                      4382    
5                   26                  8                      2643    
6                    7                                           4364    
7                    1                                             973    
8                                                                   250    
9                                                                   466    
10                                                                   42    
11                                                                     2    
CSAs           660            599                         675    
TOTALS    4178           4355                    19344 

WHY People failed in the past when joining SFI.
I have found when communicating with people at SFI and Facebook  ETC.
That many had signed up with SFI years ago then left.
WHY because they lacked the knowledge or support from their sponsor.
They were overwhelmed when first logging into SFI.  
New Smart Start Teamed with Rewardicals WIN WIN.
SFI has done it again. Adding Smart Start in April 2018.
This is so cool! The first thing I did was to click the link and start to review The updates for Transfer Buying, Online Sales, Affiliate Actions.
With clicking the Learn More Buttons. As Easy as 1.2.3
This is a great newsletter with everything located at the one location for reference.
Quick Access! Click

I am very impressed with the New Set Up. There is no reason for members to fail with the SFI Program. Everything they need to know is now at their fingertips.
New members View the countdown For Smart Start bonuses.
Already with SFI this is so great to check your progress with the Launch pad lessons. After I reviewed it I was able to grab VP Points I had not redeemed.

CLICK Where it Reads HERE to open your Launch Pad Training.
YOU will see 14 Main Titles. At the Far RIGHT in the blue box you will see the related articles to each topic. ( This is very easy to follow, a great marketing strategy platform.)
Be sure to click and view each topic that is not showing a green arrow beside each heading. Read it, at the bottom of the page click the box where it reads I've read this review to generate the green arrow.
CLICK the back Arrow to return. Repeat.
SFI offers Many Different Gateway Links. My favorite is the new RECA Link. I blast this everywhere grabbing the attention of online store owners to show them how they can grow their sales, expand their customer base and improve customer loyalty by plugging the Rewardical program into their website.

WHY join copy cat sites, when you can join the Original Working From Home On Line Program.
SFI isn't just leading people into the future.
They are creating it with their ground breaking business model that has made it possible for thousands of people all over the world to profit from the Internet revolution.

This video I paid to be designed in 2015 before I started designing my own video's so I have no way of updating it. As a team leader I reinvested my commissions in supplying support videos and articles for all my SFI Team and Friends.

Have the video link open in a second browser window to refer to when YOU are setting up Advertising for SFI at any advertising Port Hole.

SFI Basics!

I am in my 5th year as a successful SFI gold team leader.
HOW did I achieve this? I did not stray wasted my money.
INSTEAD I invested in T Credits locking in my Auto Renewal Monthly.
Like planting a tree you need to plant the seed then
nurture it to make it grow.
Today March the 21st 2017 was a day we Kiwi's Domanated the E365 Championship.
Yes Mary was the Winner and Sandra Runner Up.
See what sticking to a Plan Can Achieve.
Best Tip! See the Big Picture.
Set your goals for the year. Then work towards achieving those goals.
So be sure to grab some T Credits and start today.
Cheers Maree.


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